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SINCE 1993

The first Dolita store opened in 1993. From the very beginning, our company focused on finding exclusive footwear collections in their quality and style. Over the years, we have developed a bond with Italian footwear manufacturers and brilliant designers. 

Since 2004 DOLITA launched an online store


The stores and online sector present their own individual interpretation of the style, trend, luxury, redefining the perception of modern retailing in a personally curated and considered a way of beautiful, unique and handcrafted footwear collections for stylish men and women. Our shoes and accessories are meant for people free of the standard way of thought, the ones who seek innovations and have their style.


I love masculine-style shoes. My recommendation – timeless design lace-up shoes for women!  - RASA 22 years with DOLITA

VALDAS together with DOLITA since 1993! And today, he is a real sneakerhead!

"Winning doesn't always mean being first. Winning means you're doing better than you've ever done before" - GIEDRĖ 25 years with DOLITA.

"My second home DOLITA became when I was 25 years old. I have grown up with extraordinary design and aesthetics of the shoes and Italian quality" - VILMA 26 years with DOLITA.

"When you're in doubt - wear red!" - AISTĖ 7 years with DOLITA.

DOLITA today

Today we are well respected multi-brand shoe stores chain. We are experts in the local high-end shoe market and currently operate 4 stores in the main cities of Lithuania, all set in prestigious locations.


We love our customers and are committed to offering them only top-quality products in our salons and online. As an authorized retailer of all brands DOLITA guarantees complete authenticity of each and every item featured.


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