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If you caught a little goldfish could make 3 of your wishes come true, what would you wish for? Well, we have no doubt that you have some serious and well-considered plans and dreams for the future but maybe you could fit them into the first two wishes and leave the third wish for your deeply hidden dream, the fulfillment of which is restricted by your rational mindset which always keeps you from buying a hundred pairs of new shoes. Oh… how wonderful it would be to start every day with a new pair of shoes, a new dress, new jeans, new sneakers… But we don’t believe in fairy tales, so we need to consider all logical reasons to get a new pair of shoes. You can never have enough pairs of shoes but sometimes purchasing them comes with a feeling of guilt that is greater than the beauty of the shoes and the huge desire to finally wear them. To avoid this guilt, you need to know all the clever and wise justifications that you can tell your conscience or your doubtful friend.

Buying new shoes is like high-quality therapy

Everyone is fully aware that shopping is like great, high-quality therapy and buying new shoes is a true bliss. Laughing doesn’t always help you get over a bad mood but a new pair of shoes surely does. Plus, if you laugh while shopping, you’ll likely get so many happiness hormones that you’ll even be able to share them with others.

Premiata and Strategia models

You have a lot of free space in your closet

It’s recommended to clean out and view the contents of your closet from time to time to get rid of any negative space and unnecessary things. After running over the contents of your closet, you will discover many new clothing combinations for different occasions and also empty out a lot of space which could be filled with new pairs of shoes. After all, doesn’t empty space in your closet look a bit sad? Well, you’ll have to hurry to fill it up!

Premiata models

Your dream shoes are on sale

Oh come on, this is a very serious reason to buy them. If while walking through shoe stores, showcases or while shopping online you find an amazing pair of high heels that seem to be made for your beautiful feet and they just happen to be 50% off? Enchanting shoes which have been sitting on the shelf way too long waiting for you to buy them are finally on sale! What could there possibly be left to consider? One, two… And off to the store to buy them!

Premiata Sneakers and Voile Blanche models

Shoes to emphasize your image

Sometimes, when you take a look at your closet, you realize that it’s all dark, grey and gloomy. Maybe your work etiquette requires you to wear a classic outfit and monochrome colors. How do you fix this situation? There’s only one answer: choose an interesting pair of shoes. Believe me, they will enliven your outfit and enhance your image.

Premiata and Strategia models

My cousin, sister, colleague is getting married! The wedding should be happening in the near future, right?

This is probably one of the oldest and most well-known reasons why people buy new shoes. After all, it would be quite rude to come to a wedding with boring shoes that you bought a hundred years ago. Plus, think about all the pictures that will be taken and shown to family, friends, relatives, and everyone else! So make sure that your shoes look beautiful in the pictures. Don’t ruin the wedding photos!

Chie Mihara and Chie models

It’s an investment in your career

Coco Chanel said that you will not have a second chance to make a first impression. A well-dressed person makes themselves look much more trustworthy than one who doesn’t care about their appearance. Always remember this rule, both when discussing promotion and when going to an important meeting on which the success of the company depends. After all, you won’t get promoted wearing four-year-old flats. A professional woman should be ready and she should be wearing stylish, high-quality footwear in order to make difficult days filled with meetings easier and to maintain a reliable image.

Ixos and Officine Creative models

You wear the same shoe model everywhere and always

Although you may have a favorite pair of shoes to wear to a wedding or to be in nature with, a stylish woman shouldn’t always wear the same shoes. Not only because you’re torturing your feet by squeezing them in the same pair of shoes for days but because you can often find yourself in some sticky situations. For example, your high heels won’t look stylish or appropriate while camping. So we recommend choosing your clothes and shoes according to the situation. Also, you should look over your closet and make a plan of what shoes you need to buy for different occasions and make sure you don’t only have high heels and sneakers. You can read about must-have shoes for him and her here.

McQ by Alexander McQueen and Bruno Bordese models

I don’t need new shoes now but what if someone buys them before I do?

Think about it, you want those beautiful and most attractive shoes and you want them NOW. You can already imagine how you’ll wear them to the premiere of that show and will later go out for dinner in the city with your friends who will compliment your shoes all night and women will be dying of jealousy and won’t be able to take their eyes off of your shoes. But now your inner voice keeps telling you that you already have enough shoes, now is not the time to get a new pair and many other excuses not to buy them. While considering the pros and cons of buying the shoes, another woman comes up and grabs the shoes that were just right in front of you. And you’re left standing like a fool. No shoes, no premieres… Don’t let this happen to you!

Tipe e Tacchi models

People say that there are two things you can never have too many of: good friends and good shoes. So be a good friend and help out those who are struggling with doubt on whether or not to buy another new pair of shoes. Always suggest buying them! Because there truly are plenty of reasons to buy a new pair of shoes! 

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