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What to wear on a first date?

Relax, take a deep breath, calm down and begin searching for THOSE shoes for a first date. Carefully consider the details of your upcoming date: where you will go, what kind of weather it will be, and what kind of clothing you plan to wear. Although it's only one evening, and relationships depend on many things, self-confidence is definitely not the least of them. So take full advantage of an amazing pair of shoes.

The first meeting and time spent together is the first impression you will make of yourself. Don’t overdo it and don’t try to prove you’re something that you are not, but rather just be yourself and feel comfortable. It’s probably clear already that comfortable footwear shouldn’t restrict your movements and the way you walk, and sore feet shouldn’t ruin your evening. Although walking barefoot really is romantic, keep that for long walks on the beach. Speaking of walking, you probably don’t want to come up to your date looking like a horse in high heels that you’re wearing for the first time ever, repeating in your head that you’re not only wearing these heels for the first time but also for the last time ever. You’re probably thinking: so are high heels not suitable for a first date? Sure they are! But maybe with a smaller heel and only if you know how to walk in them. Are you afraid to be taller than your date? Relax, your date won’t grow any taller, so if you love high heels, you should start getting him used to it from the very first date.

Since your shoes will be noticed, try to keep them as clean as possible. Polish them and give them proper maintenance products. Clean and tidy shoes are like a cherry on top of a cake- if there’s no cherry, the cake is incomplete. Messy shoes make your positive image lack something. Many people value others according to their footwear which finishes off and complements the outfit, so make sure that your footwear is clean and tidy, chosen according to a certain time and place.

That’s right, the time and place of the date are also important things to consider when choosing your footwear. Think about where you will go on the first date, whether the date will be active and whether you’ll walk a lot, whether you’re going out for dinner at a restaurant or a concert at the Philharmonic, or maybe you’ll dance to Latin American dances all night long. Find out your evening plan and choose your shoes accordingly in order to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Fancy shoes that stick out a lot should probably be kept in the closet for your first date. Classy and minimalistic shoes are always a good idea, vulgarism- definitely not. Whether it’s ballerinas or high heels, choose what you feel best in. If you’ve never worn high heels before, don’t wear them on a first date. Do you hate classy shoes and clothes? Are you more of a punk or metallist? Great! Each style has something amazing to offer, so just try to find it! Do you love bright and attention-grabbing colors? Then choose them, just don’t create chaos by wearing everything you could find in your closet. Remember- less is more!

Officine Creative and Chie Mihara models

Consider what message you want to send to your lover. Are you going to be a careless and extravagant girl wearing ballerinas or sneakers? Or maybe you’re a fatal woman with a free soul who wears bold footwear that not every woman is brave enough to wear? Well, whatever style it is, make sure you look subtle, self-confident and, most importantly, comfortable!

Laura Bellariva and Philippe Model models

Footwear for women on a first date

For a warm summer evening, choose sandals. Whether it’s a stroll in the old town or a cozy evening by the sea, sandals are a feminine and safe option, suitable for women of many different styles. Don’t torture your beautiful feet in sneakers when it’s so hot outside that you don’t need a sweater even late in the evening. Beautiful low-heeled sandals go perfectly with different dresses and skirts.

Chie Mihara and Tipe e Tacchi models

Premiata and Vic Matie models

Can fashion be comfortable and match with everything? Definitely! Ballerina shoes are the most universal and comfortable model which became popular in the 20th century thanks to actress Bridget Bardot. Following her, well-known fashion icon Audrey Hepburn started wearing these shoes and proved that high heels are not necessary for a woman to look elegant. Pomme D’Orand Pretty Ballerinasmodels feature a wide range of textures, shades and styles. So if you’re planning on walking long miles while discussing interesting topics, make sure that you’re wearing reliable shoes.

Pomme D’Or models

Pretty Ballerinas models

High heels make you brace up, take a straight and strong step, highlight your gait and give you more confidence. The heels visually make your legs and waist skinnier, so can you name a good reason why not to wear them? Ar you going to a play or a classical music concert? Then, choose Chie Miharawhich is perfect for elegant and playful women.

Chie Mihara models

Jeans, a close-fitting skirt or dress? Complement a look like this with Laura Bellariva or Premiata high heels. A comfortable and thick heel, subtle colors which can easily be matched with clothing and accessories of different shades.

Premiata models

If being classy is extremely important to you and you only wear sneakers unwillingly and only to the gym, then we recommend taking a risk and trying out sneakers. If you believe that there are no elegant and romantic sneakers, you’re very wrong! The Laura Bellarivacollection features reddish and light shades and curl decorations, making them the perfect shoes for a dreamy date. The Philippe Modelcollections feature bird motifs and different textures which can easily be matched with a pleated midi skirt, a maxi dress or shorts. Just use your imagination!

Laura Bellariva models

Philippe Model models

Footwear for men on a first date

Men often don’t pay much attention to their footwear, although they should! After all, it is said that you just need to look at a man’s shoes to find out who he really is. We can’t exactly prove that this is true but a survey of 500 women confirmed that a man’s footwear is a very important part of his outfit and it influences whether or not a woman will agree to go on a date with him. And if she already agreed to go on a date with you, make sure it’s not the last one.

One pair of shoes that every man must have is laced shoes. Whether it’s Oxfords or Brogues or just a modern version of them, these shoes are a must-have in every man’s closet. Stylish and classy shoes are great for your image. Choose high quality laced shoes. And although socks aren’t the key element, make sure that they’re made from wool or cashmere.

Attimonelli’s and Premiata models

We’ve grown out of the age when wearing sneakers to a date was considered rude and a violation of etiquette rules. That’s not true at all! With such an abundance of shapes and textures, you can wear classic cut trousers, a wool sweater, and high-quality sneakers and look appealing and stylish.

O.X.S. and Premiata models

Laceless shoes are a great choice for a summer date. This universal and stylish model is most often worn in dry weather and matches perfectly with shorts or light linen clothing. Laceless shoes can be both fancy and casual. For sailing in a yacht or for a walk in the park, you can’t go wrong with laceless shoes!

Giampieronicola models 

We wish you an unforgettable date! However it turns out, carefully consider what to wear and choose your footwear wisely. Whichever style you choose, make sure it’s comfortable, allows you to feel free and gives you self-confidence!

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