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The list of summer must-have shoes should be put together in your head already, just like you’d put together your holiday suitcase in your head. More precisely - warm, rich summery colors, ideas of the newest fashion trends, mega comfortable slippers, eye-catching, comfortable high-heels perfect for parties, and, of course, the always fashionable and comfortable holiday friends- sneakers.

And only when you find yourself in front of the mirror trying on summer shoes do you realize how little time there is left until the holidays. Let’s call this holiday fashion.


Imagine “Jazz Meditarranee” by Henri Salvador playing in the background. The idyllic view of the summer Riviera: white clay villas, the warm sun shining on your face, the blossoming flowers, the smell of picked oranges while you’re walking gently towards the sea. Your hat throws a shadow on the ground, your light dress is flittering from the wind and your tan legs are decorated with sandals.

Summer is unimaginable without sandals. They’re like the reflection of all footwear of the season. From a minimalistic design with only a few shiny strips of leather to an eclectic, luxurious design. The Chie line is dedicated to femininity. From minimalistic and extremely comfortable sandals to seductive, pastel high heels decorated with a massive ribbon.

Chie models

Chie model

The Chie Mihara collection is for those who enjoy the modern retro classic. Imagine an iced double espresso, lemon-flavored Italian ice, Italian poems and the wind blowing toward the yacht. Match these sandals with trapezoid skirts and dresses, big hats, crochet beach bags. A very fashionable and comfortable choice for this season is satin slippers.

Chie Mihara models

Fiori Francesi is an exclusive summer breakout. Inspired by the African tribes, traveling and discovering new things, designers are playing with shapes, materials and colors this season. Extremely soft calfskin and polished leather, pastel and black colors, crochet and perforated leather and extremely comfortable and long-lasting leather soles are dominant. This footwear goes ideally with wide linen pants, dresses and shorts. Some models are great for summer parties.

Fiori Francesi models

As if inspired by Henry Matisse's work, designer Gianluca Tombolini plays with accessories. In numerous interviews, the creator has said that his main source of inspiration is women. Although dominant colors in the collection are nude and black, there are lots of different and crucial decor details: metalized and leather flowers, rivets, buckles. This collection will be perfect both for your vacation at a remote Italian or French resort and for your vacation walking through the city from gallery to gallery. models models

Red-heeled models are the icon of Halmanera shoes. This time, the most popular model of the season is slip-on sandals. Sexy, innovative, stylish, exceptionally modern. A similar style is present in Ixos collections. Although they’re true masters of an eclectic design, this season, they’re playing with shapes, but not colors. However, everything is presented in a way that the classic combination of black and white seems unexpected, not seen before, newly discovered. Both high-heeled and flat sandals with buckles are dominant in the collection.

Halmanera models

Ixos models

Laura Bellariva have been decorating their sandals and slippers with beads for a few seasons now. By doing this, they show that slippers can be a very stylish and luxurious choice for the season. The extremely light rubber foam sole is ideal for long summer walks: the feet don’t get tired or sore while you’re also looking stylish. Wood fiber is also injected into the sole. This guarantees maximum comfort.

Laura Bellariva models

Shoes with some character are exactly what you need for your stylish vacation at a resort. Comfortable, with an iconic design and a Gothic feeling, the exceptional McQ by Alexander McQueen models: sandals, ballerinas, sneakers and platformed slippers. This brand is perfect for those who wish to remain stylish during vacation.

McQ by Alexander McQ models

Safari, traveling, jungles, dreams… Handmade Moma, Pantanetti, Officine Creative are exactly what you need for such a breathtaking vacation. Waxed leather, buffalo leather shoe soles, modern Italian classic styles, special aging of the leather. Made in Italy will accompany you throughout the summer, giving you maximum comfort and excitement.

Moma models

Pantanetti models

After our shelves were packed with slippers when the Autumn/Winter season wasn’t even over yet and photo shoots for fashion magazines were decorated with slippers, it was obvious which new and bright fashion trend would dominate in the upcoming season.

Extremely soft calfskin, suitable even for gloves, is used to make some footwear models. The exclusive, nearly seamless Sacchetto construction which requires a huge amount of work and accuracy, and exclusive, pastel, earthly, faded colors- all of this only in the Pomme D’Or collection. This is an ideal choice for those who wish to wear shoes while feeling barefoot.

Pomme D’Or models

Now, those, who care more about trends and fashionable looks more than a Brazilian tan, listen up. This season, Premiata offers all of the brightest trends: slippers, sexy high heels, neon colors, feathers and platforms.

Premiata model

The Pretty Ballerinas collaboration with Olivia Palermo pretty much brings us to a movie scene with an actress at a romantic resort. Inspired by Moroccan footwear, decorated with strelitzias and beads. Pointed slippers are perfect for those who could spend days sipping on cold drinks in the shade at a small Italian old town resort with a book in their hands, meanwhile watching the shoes through the tips of some stylish sunglasses. 

Pretty Ballerinas models

The Strategia collection reminds us of Moroccan gardens and hot summer days. Not only is metalized leather dominant here, but also crochet or snake-like leather. This collection carries the sense of sexiness, secrecy as if being covered in a silk scarf with Eastern music playing in the background.

Strategia models

Italian trademark Vic Matie announces a picture of a bright, self-confident woman with exceptional character. #Vicmatieladies is a manifesto for femininity, but it does not speak of weakness and exaggerated gentleness. Not without reason, the designer combines a romantic peplum detail with a massive metal heel. This year's collection is called Look at me. It’s like a small message revealing the unchanging concept and fashion design of the house since 1987.

Vic Matie models

When models wearing sandals, slippers and socks showed up on the podium, I believe this attracted many people’s attention. After a designer of Japanese trademark Suicoke was asked whether or not to wear socks with these shoes after all, he smiled and answered: “You choose yourself, but I’m for the socks”.

Suicoke models

Suicoke and Y-3 are two of the most popular trademarks for the summer. The footwear speaks for itself: fashion is combined with maximum comfort, and the most popular magazines, E-portals and bloggers write about these trademarks. Plus, stylists create some surprising combinations with long dresses. 

Well, when speaking of vacation, we should mention not only the comfort of these shoes but also the materials they’re made from.

Suicoke soles are long-lasting, comfortable, resistant to friction and chemical solutions. The iconic Adidas slippers, made with an orthopedic curved shape guarantees maximum comfort for the foot, but the logo of designer Yohji Yamamoto’s brand Y-3 guarantees fashion.

Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto models

“Ugly fashion – is big business” – writes the most influential fashion and fashion business magazine BOF (“The business of fashion”).  Believe it or not but these types of models are being wiped off of the shelves. The secret is simple here- it’s both different and very comfortable.

Giampieronicola and Attimonelli’s offer men the option of a modern black classic, keeping in mind only quality and comfort. 

Attimonelli’s and Giampieronicola models


If you were asked to name the most popular shoe model, you’d probably say sneakers, which have hundreds of pages in fashion magazines written about them with the most surprising and unexpected combinations.

Since the most beautiful high heels are worn only at events or more important occasions, every casual morning, our look is finished off with a pair of sneakers which match with almost anything. Often bright-colored, with an interesting design, and allowing us to stay on our feet the whole day. So it’s no surprise that not fancy high heels, but boxes of simple sneakers are lining up against our walls and under our beds.

Voile Blanche and Philippe Model models

Speaking of vacation footwear, I should mention not only sneaker trends but the materials they’re made from. Most of them are made from neoprene, textile, nylon. The sole is extra light, made from rubber or light, long-lasting rubber foam.

Pomme D’Or and Jog Dog models

Before choosing your vacation shoes, pay attention not only to comfort but to practicality. And remember, today’s fashion world has eliminated the rules dictating that you can’t wear sneakers to dinner or that you can’t wear slippers anywhere else other than to the beach or a pool. Today it’s a matter of both comfort and fantasy.

You can find all mentioned designers and their brands here:


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