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TOP 10 footwear models for HER

TOP 10 footwear models for HER

After observing the season’s main footwear trends, we’d like to share with you the #DOLITAtop10 that are a complete must for the wardrobe of every stylish woman. Whether you’re going to work, a nightclub, or on vacation, stylish footwear is always the key element to your look and will always make you stand out. There’s no such thing as too many shoes… So what are you waiting for?

  1. WESTERN-inspired ankle boots
  2. SNEAKERS with focus on the sole!
  4. Up high! OVER-THE-KNEE boots
  5. SQUARE TOE ankle boots
  6. MILITARY style
  8. Footwear for OUR WINTERS
  9. HEELS are a girl’s best friend
  10. RIVETS


  1. WESTERN-inspired ankle boots

Western-style footwear has remained on top of fashion trend lists for several consecutive seasons. Designers, stylists, well-known bloggers, and city fashionistas have all been combining these shoes with the most unexpected elements: fur, bomber jackets, raincoats, oversized sweaters, etc.

This season,, Halmanera, Del Carlo, and Laura Bellariva dominate with these models along with unique laminated leather, leather-textile combinations, a modern shape of the classic heel, and various decorative details. Italians are dictating a whole different western history and footwear interpretation with their unique identity and style along with the quality and philosophy of “made in Italy”.

P.S. Here’s a little secret… These shoes will also dominate in the 2020 spring/summer collection. A fashion tribute to the wild west.

1. Laura Bellariva 2. Elena Iachi 3. 4. Del Carlo

  1. SNEAKERS with focus on the sole!

Technocouture. This is the perfect word to describe the current fashion of sneakers. The focus of sneakers is completely on the SOLE: geometric, massive, futuristic.

All you need is a pair of exclusive shoes from the DOLITA collection and your wardrobe will take on a whole different image. Become a true fashion icon in the city!

These shoes dominate in Premiata, Laura Bellariva,, Y-3, Deplace, MyGrey collections.

1. Premiata 2. Y-3 3. Premiata 4. Vic Matie 5. MyGrey 6.


Fashion chaos and eclecticism dominate in both classic models and sneakers: Voile Blance, Del Carlo, Chie Mihara, Laura Bellariva, Pomme D’Or, Sebastian, Strategia.

Reptile prints are extremely popular for leather, whereas cheetah patterns are popular for fur. Animal prints are really a timeless classic when it comes to footwear, but this season, designers are playing around with colors and giving shoes very unique optical shapes and colors.

1. Laura Bellariva 2. Strategia 3. Vic Matie 4. Voile Blanche

  1. Up high! OVER-THE-KNEE boots

When models stepped onto the cold season’s catwalks wearing just long blazers with thigh-high boots, they caught the eye of most people and became the absolute must-have shoes of the season.

These boots have come a long way since the 15th century when they were used mainly for fishing and horse-back-riding. Ever since 1962, they have been an absolute must on catwalks. This season, Greymer, Strategia,, Elena Iachi, and Emanuelle Vee dominate with over-the-knee boots in their collections.

But how can you choose the most suitable over-the-knee boots for you? Well, avoid unnecessary details – focus on the texture, color, and especially on the sole and heel. Shoes with too many details can make your thighs look visually larger. Feel free to choose these shoes for parties: combine over-the-knee boots with silk dresses but wherever you go, always remember to dress accordingly.

1. Strategia 2. 3. Strategia

1. 2. Ixos

SQUARE TOE ankle boots

    Competition for pointed toes? Maybe. Square toe boots originated in Versailles at about the same time and were originally designed for none other than male fashionistas.

    This season, these shoes dominate in, Laura Bellariva, Halmanera, and Malloni collections. A modern shape plus a modern, architectural heel is all you need for an exclusive and catwalk-worthy look.

    1. Paloma Barcelo 2. 3. Ixos 4. Halmanera

    1. MILITARY style

    Punk and grunge style footwear have not only been must-haves but also absolute best-sellers. These are timeless models that will definitely make anyone look stylish.

    DOLITA collections subtly combine punk elements with Italian philosophy and aesthetics. In our footwear and accessory collections, you’ll find massive zippers and black leather complemented with silver laminated leather, which screams out Love Is Like Punk.

    They strongly dominate in Premiata, McQ, Laura Bellariva, collections.

    1. Malloni 2. 3. Elena Iachi 4. Premiata


    Architecturally-formed knee-high boots, ankle boots with 60s style platforms, and sneakers with double soles! These models will never go out of style and are especially bright in the collection of Spanish Paloma Barcelo.

    Italian Premiata and Strategia offer Japanese and military interpretations as well.

    1. Paloma Barcelo 2. Voile Blanche 3. Premiata 4. Paloma Barcelo

    1. Footwear for OUR WINTERS

    -5°C..-10°C…-20°C!? Snow, frost, humidity, sleet… These are just a few words to describe the cold time of the year. The best way to overcome all of this is to get proper footwear.

    We often hear people say that it’s nearly impossible to find stylish and also warm shoes. That can’t be further from the truth and we’re here to prove it. In the DOLITA winter collection, you’ll find sneakers with fur, knee-high and ankle boots with leather and nylon, knee-high and heeled ankle boots with fur.

    When choosing winter shoes, pay attention to the sole, materiality, brand, design, and feel free to consult with us.

    1. Jog Dog 2. NOCLAIM 3. Voile Blanche 4. Halmanera

    1. HEELS are a girl’s best friend

    To rephrase the famous saying about diamonds, heels can also be a girl’s best friend. High heels add elegance and charm to your look… Give you confidence… Bring out your figure… Add a few centimeters to your height… And can sometimes help you conquer the world.

    From the classic pointed shape to ultra-trendy shapes decorated with faux fur: Chie Mihara, Del Carlo, Halmanera, Premiata, and new to DOLITA – Sebastian.

    1. Halmanera 2. Del Carlo 3. Sebastian 4. Chie Mihara

    1. RIVETS

    Footwear decorated with rivets will never leave the shelves of top footwear stores or the catwalk. For a fashion house like McQ, rivets are an iconic decorative element for everything from couture dresses to footwear and accessories. You’d be surprised to see how much character a few rivets can give to a seemingly boring classic shoe.

    This type of footwear dominates in McQ, Moma,, Laura Bellariva, and other collections.

    1. Laura Bellariva 2. McQ 3. Halmanera 4. Moma

    Find more stylish models for women here.

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