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When warm air is tickling the back, there is a desire to pull out spring wardrobe from the closet and renew your footwear. However, what shoes to wear at work? Are the fashion and office two incompatible things? No no no, office style is not boring! You can look not only elegant, but also very interesting. So do not let boredom and rules conquer your true Self.

One footwear for everyday creates different stories!


“Elia Maurizi” perforated whitish patent leather shoes. Rounded front and leather laces simply radiate femininity. The vintage touches on the sole create the image of warm and romantic woman. She is thorough and tidy, thinks over every detail. She loves bright colours and convenient shoes.

“Pantanetti” rough golden-shaded shoes. Convenient, casual type shoes for a woman, who loves comfort and freedom. She is thrusting, restless, her work is dynamic and full of challenges, so soft and light footwear is very important to her.

“Premiata” shoes, mixture of modern and classics. Shoes worth of sin. They combine classic-breathing thick heel and modern metal rings. This woman is extravagant; she is careerist; she is strict and her word is last. The shoes matching her stringent and sleek classic suit show her courage, she is an independent and strong woman. She does not follow the rules created by others; she creates them herself.

“Moma” shoes.  The shoes of pastel strokes and sky shade is the footwear of a warm, sensitive and mature woman. She is elegant and creative, attentive to details, and performs each task with great love and passion.

“Pomme d’or” suede ballerina-type shoes. Expressive vinous shoes is the footwear of a woman with a clear purpose. She knows what she wants and knows how to achieve this. Decorative flower and suede also reveal a soft side of this woman. She is intelligent, feminine and stubborn.


“Elia Maurizi” shoes of exceptional design. Rounded front part and multi-coloured rivets provide shoes with originality. He is a creative person, agency manager. This is a man, who loves fashion. His wardrobe surprises and shows his refined taste to fashion. He is bold, individualistic, and his solutions are unconventional.

Lemargo is modern classics. This is a stylish mix – a combination of smooth and woven buffalo leather. The man wearing those shoes is a careerist; he is attentive and considerate, he is self-assured. He values the quality and loves classics, but the details are not less important to him.

"Pantanetti". Men’s rough leather shoes. Absence of laces brings a modern levity. This man likes to be in the centre of attention; he is self-confident, and the image and reliability in career are the most important things to him. He is a professional in his field.

“Moma” bluish ocean shade shoes. Exclusive pattern and thick crepe rubber sole for a man, who enjoys active leisure. He is restless and does not search for word in his pocket; he likes to dominate. He is organized and active. His work is constantly changing. Quality and style are the most important criteria when choosing footwear.

“Lemargo” are the shoes breathing with classics. Dark brown shade, old-fashioned, rubbed leather create an old-fashioned effect. This man is sentimental; he chooses classics and quality. His job requires a lot of mental efforts; he is lettered and calm. He is reliable, accurate person, weighing everything thoroughly.

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Even the most beautiful and stylish shoes wear off if they are dirty and untended. Therefore, when going to the office, do not forget to powder the nose of your shoes. “Collonil” cleansing foam and cream for smooth skin will ensure that your shoes will always look great.

„Collonil Clean&Care“. Cleaning foam for all leather types, synthetic fabrics and shoes made using TEX technology.

Usage: Spray an even layer over the entire area of shoes, clean off residues of dirt and foam with a cloth. Allow to dry out.

“Collonil 1909 CRÈME DE LUXE” shoe cream. Natural waxes and oils protect the footwear and provide shine. The product intensively nourishes the leather, provides it with elegant and nice shine. Designed to maintain perfect shine and texture of your shoes. (Please note that the product is colourless or coloured).

DOLITA is an official distributor of “Collonil” products in Lithuania. These products can be purchased in Dolita salons in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

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