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The most beautiful celebrations with Dolita shoes

The most beautiful celebrations with Dolita shoes

With summer comes the wedding season. If you have already chosen your one-of-a-kind dress, Dolita will be happy to help you match it with your shoes. When choosing stylish footwear for your wedding celebration, take inspiration from your style, wedding dress, and the wedding venue. Remember: there is no wrong type of shoe for a wedding – we say yes to high heels, flats and sneakers. 

For the bride

Every girl dreams of being unique on her wedding day, and wedding shoes successfully complement a bride's look as they are the second most crucial element of the whole look. This season's choice of wedding shoes is as wide as ever: pumps, heeled sandals, and ballerina flats. This year, classics predominate the wedding shoe palette, not for the first time. White, pearl, champagne, or ivory shoes continue to be at the top of the trend.

When choosing wedding shoes, comfort and practicality are essential considerations as the bride will have a long and active day ahead of her. The experienced shoe designers at Del Carlo manage to combine comfort and aesthetics, making these shoes comfortable for any bride. The pumps have a specially embossed and engraved patent leather upper, a decorative buckle of the same leather, and a leather lining and sole. In addition, the heel will guarantee comfort thanks to its shape and its comfortable height of 5 cm.

Del Carlo

The 3JUIN footwear manufacturers suggest completing the bridal look with shoes that combine energy with romance and modernity with sentimentality. Of course, 3JUIN shoes are based on the long-standing traditions of Italian shoemaking and meticulous craftsmanship, so a bride will be able to enjoy the celebration without any foot fatigue. The upper is smooth leather, while the sole and insole are leather. The comfortable 5.5 cm heel will keep you dancing till the morning!


Vittorio Virgili builds bridges between the past and future as it creates handmade shoes of the highest quality. Its long-standing traditions, the experience it has fostered in the family, and its drive and constant need for innovation consistently lead Vittorio Virgili forward. With a metal toecap embellishment, these shoes are made of ultra-soft leather and have elasticized rubber gussets. Their lining and sole will not tire your feet during this beautiful summer celebration.

Vittorio Virgili

High heels and heeled sandals make legs appear longer and add elegance to the bride's entire look. Halmanera designs convey a message about the unique woman wearing them. And the same goes for the bride who chooses these draped leather sandals. The extra-soft leather upper, the leather lining, and the combined rubber sole will keep your feet feeling firm and comfortable throughout the celebration.


A mix of the best elements of Italian shoemaking – style, quality, and comfort. makes footwear for a dynamic and emotional urban woman. These heeled sandals are the perfect addition to the wedding wardrobe of a girl with the same values. The upper is made of ultra-soft suede leather and decorated with studs. The lining and insole are leather, and the flared heel is 8.5 cm high.

The shoes you choose for your festive look must first and foremost match your personality and style, so there is no one rule, and that choice is solely up to you. If you are in the mood to wear a short and minimalist dress, match it with platform sandals to create a harmonious look. Vittorio Virgili offers you soft leather slip-on sandals with elastic gussets. The firm heel and comfortable platform height will make your feet feel stable and comfortable.

Vittorio Virgili

Is your wedding planner in the city? So slip-on shoes are the perfect choice for your wedding look! These white loafers complement a white trouser suit and add a little more edge to the whole ensemble. These Vittorio Virgili shoes are made of unique grained patent leather, with a leather lining and insole.

Vittorio Virgili

If you cannot imagine yourself in high heels and prefer a sporty look, you can also stay true to it on the most important day of your life. The Primabase footwear designs are the perfect blend of sporty style, luxury, and craftsmanship. The aesthetic concept of these sneakers will make you feel uplifted and comfortable at the same time. The upper is made of leather, guipure-effect technical textile, and the glittery front is vinyl. In addition, the leather lining and rubber sole will make your feet feel light and comfortable.


Let the colors bloom!

If you have decided to add a splash of color to your wedding look, there is no better option than to shine with colorful or glittery shoes. But, of course, these shoes will complement any other celebratory outfit, so let's see what Dolita offers.

Nude tone high heels are one of the most accessible shoes to match different outfits. Perfect with a white dress, they optically elongate your silhouette and make it look lighter. But no matter what color or pattern you choose, these elegant Del Carlo shoes will become a valid signature of your style. The upper is carefully stitched with leather strips, and the insole and lining are also made of soft genuine leather.

Del Carlo

The secret to the perfect look with shiny high heels is that they are the central elements of the whole outfit and must not be overshadowed by other factors. These Del Carlo sandals are divas of the night, made of glossy smooth leather specially embossed. The delicately crossed strips and elegant heels add grace and lightness. Furthermore, the leather insole and lining are made for a comfortable fit.

Del Carlo

Designer Chie Mihara makes no secret that sometimes she creates crazy designs that become true bestsellers. So, this says a lot about how people pursue the fulfillment and happiness we all constantly seek. These suede heeled sandals decorated with a black leather flower will bring good emotions and comfort. The leather lining and comfortable firm heel cushion will allow your foot to land comfortably, whether walking or dancing. 

Chie Mihara

"I think every woman should have at least one pair of red shoes," Terry Tempest Williams, an American writer, once said. We cannot disagree, especially when these red shoes are made by the Italian shoemaker Mara Bini and based on the Sacchetto construction. This shoemaking method requires a great deal of thoroughness, knowledge, and precision. Each piece of leather is hand-cut, sewn into a leather pouch which is then turned inside out and hand-stitched to the shoe's sole. The almost seamless construction gives the shoe softness, flexibility, and lightness and ensures maximum comfort.

Mara Bini

In soft lilac, these elegant 3JUIN high heels are the perfect choice for those looking for a spring freshness in their festive look. Pair them with a monochrome dress or, for a brighter look, choose clothes in a similar color. The shoes have a soft, smooth leather upper and a sole made of leather, rubber, and plastic. 


"When I am out of red, I paint with blue," Pablo Picasso once explained the art he created in practical terms. But even if you do have a pair of red shoes, blue shoes can still find a place in your wardrobe. Wear them with a dress or suit in the same color if the solemn occasion calls for something a little more formal, and if you are looking for something a little more romantic, go for a floral dress, which is very fashionable this year. These Vittorio Virgili shoes are made of extra soft patent leather and have elasticized rubber gussets and a leather lining and insole to ensure a comfortable fit. 

Vittorio Virgili

For men

You will probably agree that the most noticeable thing about a man's outfit is his shoes. They tell people not only about their preferred style but also about their lifestyle or even values. On this special wedding day, shoes also send a silent message to everyone gathered. So, of course, the first thing to consider is the ceremony venue and the concept of the celebration itself, be it a park, the seaside, or a cathedral, and then decide on the footwear that will become part of your look. 

Classic English-style shoes are a sure choice for a meaningful ceremony. Green George, a manufacturer of handmade footwear, is most appreciated for this model type. Incredibly meticulous craftsmanship, the finest materials, and a focus on style and trends have made this brand a benchmark for men's footwear worldwide. These lace-up shoes have a polished leather upper, leather lining, and a leather sole with a rubber heel cap.

Green George

For a more casual celebration, a stylish urban man can opt for less formal shoes, such as these Premiata shoes with elasticized rubber gussets. As for the highest-class footwear makers, Premiata gives each model exceptional proportions that keep it relevant and on-trend. You can see for yourself when you choose this model. The upper is made of extra soft polished leather, and the lining is natural leather, while the sole is ultra-flexible and made of patented natural LACTAE HEVEA® rubber. 


Suede shoes are usually seen as more casual than shoes made of polished leather. But no matter what, a pair of suede shoes will always go with a suit or smart-casual outfit. Pantanetti footwear, every bit of detail, reflects the personality of its wearer – the shoemakers call themselves an atelier for a reason. The upper of these lace-up shoes are made of extra-soft suede leather and finished with a special dyeing and distressing technique, making each pair different and unique.


Blue slip-on shoes, or loafers, are easier to match men's clothing than people think. For example, pair them with a white blazer and beige chinos or a navy-blue blazer and white trousers. These Alexander Hotto slip-on loafers are made of soft perforated leather with elasticized rubber gussets. The leather lining and extra-light porous sole will keep your feet comfortable from morning till dusk.
These and many more shoe models are waiting for you at Dolita's physical and online stores.

Alexander Hotto

These and many more shoe models are waiting for you at Dolita Stores and Online

Wishing you the most beautiful moments – Your Dolita

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