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The best sneakers of spring/summer 2021. Take your pick!

The best sneakers of spring/summer 2021. Take your pick!

Comfortable and stylish sneakers are at an all-time high these days. Since we’re nearly halfway through 2021, we’ve taken our time to pick out the very best sneakers and now present them to you. We’re sure that each one of you will find the perfect pair according to your personality, style, and mood. Happy shopping!

In this article, we’ll cover sneakers that are:

  • Modern-shaped;
  • Stylish and extremely comfortable;
  • Futuristic;
  • Retro style;
  • And, of course, the most stylish models for men!

Italian brand Premiata has got lots to say: their experience of over 100 years creating handmade footwear and the use of the newest technologies and design innovations are reason enough to be considered a manufacturer of luxury footwear. All of this is embodied in one of their most popular models called “Sharky”. The outside of these shoes is made from many connected pieces of leather, suede, and textile. The soles are made from several combined types of rubber. The inside of the shoes is made with natural leather but despite this and thanks to the newest technologies, the shoes are light as a feather. These sneakers are perfect to finish off a casual outfit and go great with ankle-length jeans and oversized classical blazers.


The brand Flower Mountain has Japanese designers and the Eastern esthetic and connection with nature is evident in their shoes. These white sneakers with an expressive and colorful sole reminiscent of origami will give some color and life to even the simplest of outfits. Match these shoes with some neutral-colored pants or a midi dress. The outside of these shoes is made from technical nylon and glossy leather, and the inside is made from natural leather and the cork insole Agion with antibacterial technology and mineral compounds that protect from dirt and germs.

Flower Mountain

Del Carlo remains faithful to conceptualism and refined lines, and the construction of the shoe is always at the forefront. These baby pink sneakers are no exception. They’re made from extra soft suede and feature the patented Vibram sole, which offers excellent grip and amazing thermoregulation properties. On a cooler day, combine these sneakers with a straight-cut pink or gray coat, and for a cozy weekend, choose a similarly colored loose sweatshirt or an oversized sweater with black leggings.

Del Carlo

Banu, which translates to Branding A New Universe, strives to expand the boundaries of unisex footwear.  3D printers are used in the production of these exclusive and futuristic sneakers, which is what makes their style so unique. The outside of the shoes is made from a mesh fabric, rubber and leather details, and the inside is made from a comfortable combination of mesh fabric and leather. Match these shoes with mom jeans or a lightweight maxi dress.


The brand Phillippe Model combines the best traditions of both French and Italian fashion. The never-ending creativity and imagination of its founder Philippe Model is evident in each model. You’ll find a stylized coat of arms of Paris on each of their shoes because this is the city in which the brand was born. White sneakers are at the forefront of this year’s wide selection and these classic French shoes are certainly worthy of fashion experts’ applause. Combine these retro shoes with midi skirts or dresses, slacks, or jeans. Comfort will be guaranteed by the leather, suede, and textile on the outside, and the leather and textile on the inside of the shoes.

Philippe Model

Italian footwear master Moma is famous for its high-quality leather products and the ability to combine natural leather with the most modern materials. What do you think of these beige and baby pink retro shoes? Their outside is made from aged leather, laminated leather, and raffia strips – natural palm fiber. The inside of these shoes is made from pure leather and the soles from aged rubber. This year, the “back in time” trends are more relevant than ever in footwear, so these sneakers will make your wardrobe as trendy as ever. Combine them with wide or sporty pants, classic shirts, and v-line sweaters.


The young and modern brand P448 draws creative inspiration from skateboarders and hip-hoppers, which is reflected in their footwear models. A modern lifestyle, street fashion, and original materials – all of this is embodied in these classic sneakers. Their outside is made from specially embossed natural leather that creates animal prints, and the inside of these shoes is made from eco-leather and textile. Combine them with straight and wide pants, jumpsuits, or lightweight midi skirts.


Vic Matie designers aim to combine modern trends with luxury and avoid standard clichés in their collections. These shoes are filled with the city spirit and their leather and transparent outside, clearly-defined rubber soles, and leather and textile inside create a combination of style and comfort. Wear them with some classic pants and a classic white shirt and enjoy modern elegance.

Vic Matie

Here’s another great candidate for stylish summer outfits. the classic 2Star sneakers with an aged effect are made from laminated leather and their inside is also made from leather. The aged texture of these shoes makes each pair and, of course, each woman wearing them, unique. The gold shoes will easily give some luxury to even the simplest of outfits. Match them with neutral-colored skirts or pants, or just wear them with straight jeans and a solid-colored cotton shirt.


Behind the young and energetic brand 3JUIN stand firmly three women - the creators of the brand. The footwear they create is no stranger to vibrance combined with romance, and modernity combined with sensuality. These two-tone sneakers are made from Nappa leather. They’ll easily go with any outfit but you should avoid tight clothing because they can make your look a bit bulky. These shoes go best with loose clothing.


Of course, we’ve also picked out the best sneakers for men!

Attimonelli’s designers know how to combine comfort with luxury and are familiar with the needs of a stylish man who values quality. The outside of these exclusively designed sneakers is made from soft leather and technical textile, and the inside is made from leather. We can probably all agree that sneakers are the most democratic shoes of all but if you choose bright-colored sneakers, you should combine them with neutral-colored clothing. After all, a man’s style begins with exclusive shoes.


We’ve already mentioned Premiata but we’d like to add that this is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort for exceptional personalities. This model is made from aged suede, mesh textile, and lacquered leather details. The sole, made from different types of rubber and with special imprints, is what makes these shoes so unique. Again, when trying to decide what to wear, opt for clothing with calmer tones.

When Italian shoemakers and a Japanese designer combine their creative powers, these Flower Mountain sneakers are born. The outside of these shoes is made from leather and technical mesh fabric, and the inside is made from natural leather and a cork insole called Agion, which features antibacterial technology and mineral compounds that protect against dirt and bacteria. The bright colors of these shoes will enrich your everyday wardrobe.

Flower Mountain

As you can see, the Premiata name can frequently be found on the lists of the top sneakers. These calm-colored shoes are made from leather, suede, and mesh textile. The inside of the shoes is, of course, made from leather. The sole is made from various types of rubber, and is hand-painted and marked with the exclusive Premiata prints. An excellent choice for spring that will go perfectly with cotton pants or jeans.


Now let’s get to the impeccable design of Philippe Model sneakers, which are marked with the stylized coat of arms of Paris. The outside of these shoes is made from leather, suede, and technical textile, and the inside is made from comfortable leather and textile. The piece of translucent rubber in the sole gives the shoes a modern hint and ensures better amortization when walking. Match them with neutral-colored pants or dark jeans.

Philippe Model

Footwear producer Banu successfully creates unisex shoes that are great for both men and women. The exclusive and futuristic design of these sneakers is made using 3D printers, which is what makes them so unique. The outside of these shoes is made from canvas, rubber, and epoxy resin. The sole of the shoes is also covered in epoxy resin, which makes them look even more exclusive. Comfort is guaranteed by the leather and canvas on the inside of these shoes. These futuristic shoes will go great with some joggers or dark chino pants.


The skateboarder subculture heavily influences street fashion and even dictates runway trends. These P448 sneakers are perfect for the city fashionista who values individuality and likes to create his or her own rules of fashion. A classic silhouette with a white sole and colorful leather on the outside is a true dedication to modern fashion.


These classic white Italian 2Star sneakers with a special aged effect are made from natural leather on both the inside and the outside. It doesn’t take much skill to know that white sneakers go with pretty much any type of clothing: whether it’s a suit, a turtleneck sweater, jeans, or shorts. You can wear them in the spring, summer, and fall  –  all you need to do is pick an outfit.


Find all of these sneakers and more at our Online or Dolita stores. We can’t wait to see you! Sneakers for men and women.

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