THEME | #colours spring/summer 2018

“Pantone” colour institute has announced the list of the trendiest colours this season. We are going to name a few of them: Ultra Violet, Cherry Tomato, Palace Blue, Ash Rose, Nile Green, Meadowlark, Dusty Rose, Spiced Apple, Pink Lavender, Rapture Rose, Almost Mauve, Lime Punch, Sailor Blue, Coconut Milk, Warm Sand, Harbour Mist, Silver, Neon Blue, and many more…

Remember the boom of Marsala wine colour? This colour reminds of red bricks and it was so popular that people used it not only for painting their home or decorating interiors, but also in footwear. After all, pink and red are really promising. In the centre of attention this time we can see Cherry Tomato colour. 

This colour is popular in many collections: “Vic Matie”, “Strategia”, “Premiata”, “Premiata Sneakers”, and others.

Srategia models

Premiata Sneakers and Ixos models

Dusty Rose.
This colour is especially romantic and aristocratic. It is popular for designing Victorian interior, while in apparel it helps to create romantic and flirtatious look.

Vic Matie and Premiata Sneakers models


Vintage Rose. Retro Rose Pink is very common in “Pomme D’or” and “Laura Bellariva” collections. It is a timeless classic which looks great on tanned body. 

Pomme D’or and Laura Bellariva models 


Powder and hundreds of its shades. From light to more solid which resembles peach. Nude colour trend has been in for several seasons now. 

Officine Creative and Vic Matie models

Warm Sand.
Inspired by travels and safari stylistics. Very common colour in men’s footwear. Match it with jeans or shorts. 

Pomme D’or and Moma models

Coconut Milk or Off-white.
Notably light and summery. Goes nicely with all other colours.

Officine Creative and Vic Matie models 

Intensive Rose.
Brave, but not too sweet. Vivid, but not shocking. Playful colour in a duo together with black or white creates a very modern look.

Flower Mountain and Premiata Sneakers models

Fluorescent colours are very popular in footwear collections this season. “Premiata Sneakers” and “Voile Blanche” dictate a modern 90s look.

Premiata models


Jeans Blue. It seems that this colour, the same as black, is trendy every season. Highly popular among men, but also appreciated by and suitable for women.

Pemiata Sneakers and Premiata models

Ultra Violet.
“Pantone” colour institute has announced it to be the colour of the year. It is more common in interiors than in fashion, but after stylistically composing it together with other colours, it obtains a completely new mood.

Premiata Sneakers and Tipe e Tacchi models

Harbour Mist. Make no mistake, this colour is definitely not for the modest ones. You must have heard of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, right? 

Premiata Sneakers and Officine Creative models


Cognac. Very common colour in western style footwear fashion. Aged it reminds of metal affected by time. Perfectly matches navy blue outfit or a leather jacket.

Pantanetti models


Even more colours and models can be found in all DOLITA shops and online here. 


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