Sneakers. As good as new!

We cannot imagine today's fashion without sneakers, no matter what kind they are: canvas, fabric, leather, decorated with various details, colored or white as a sheet of paper. Fashion fans are encouraged by that because footwear designers present more interesting sports shoes than others every season - they stand out for different skin textures and styles - from retro to futuristic.

Soon it will be time to pull your most loved sneakers out of the closet or maybe it's time for some stylish new ones? Most of us wonder how to update them for the upcoming season quickly and without much hassle. And we will answer how to prepare your beloved or new (maybe even from your „must have“ list) sneakers for the new season briefly and simply. Let‘s begin!

First of all, do not wash your sneakers in a washing machine and do not use large amounts of water and soap. Whether your shoes are made of textile or only partly made of skin, such treatment will damage or completely ruin your shoes. Water will not only harden the leather, but there is a good chance that your shoes will start to peel off as the glue will start to melt from the large amount of water (or hot water temperature).

Step One. Cleaning.

Use a special eraser „COLLONIL Soft Gum“. With the help of this gum you will easily wipe off the sole or rubber-covered areas of the sneaker. It‘s an ideal tool to clean „black streaks“ resulting from frictions or other mechanical scratches.

Step Two. Shoes almost as new.

Wipe the surface of the sneaker with a dry sponge, then spray „COLLONIL Clean & Care“ foam on a napkin or a sponge and slowly and gently clean the surface. This product is used not only for cleaning the surface (leather and textile) but also for color renewal. It is also an excellent product for cleaning the inside of the shoe (to protect it from bad smell and bacteria). Only a small amount of foam and a cleaning cloth or a sponge is needed.

Step Three. Maintenance.

To keep the leather shiny and maintain its elasticity and moisture we suggest using „COLLONIL Bamboo Lotion“. This lotion with bamboo extract, containing no chemicals, not only prevents the leather from losing its moisture and protects it against drying, but also helps to remove dirt. This product is also suitable for nubuck, suede and textiles. Allow the product to soak in after spraying and polish the sneaker with a soft „COLLONIL“ tissue if necessary.

Step Four. Waterproofing spray protects not only from rain.

Before wearing your shoes - spray them with waterproofing spray. A lot of people believe that the only function of these sprays is protection against humidity but it‘s not true. We suggest trying out the „COLLONIL Carbon Pro“ waterproofing spray which not only protects from humidity but also: 

      • Provides a long-term protection for the surface of the shoe by covering it with an invisible, harmless coating;

      • The surface of the shoe becomes less susceptible to bacteria and mold; 

      • Protects the shoe from fatty substances and acids; 

Protects the shoe from UV rays and losing color.

        Step Five. No unpleasant odors!

        This step is one of the most important because fighting bacteria and unpleasant odors the right way ensures hygiene and fresh odor. We often do not realize how much bacteria lies on various surfaces. Odor-causing bacteria is extremely harmful, especially when in contact with skin. Bad odor can be easily overcome if you spray the shoes with „COLLONIL Inside Fresh & Clean“ deodorant before and after wearing. This product will not only protect from unpleasant odor and bacteria. This new generation product is not an aerosol, therefore, does no harm to the environment.

        These are the 5 steps that do not require a lot of time and the products which will renew your sneakers so that you could enjoy them as long as possible. You will also become a real sneaker care expert and will be able to share these tips with your friends!

        Below is a video about „COLLONIL“ cleaning and maintenance products in English:


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