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Comfort is one of the biggest pleasures in life and wearing cozy slippers is a daily pleasure. Not long ago, slippers were only worn at home, but today they are one of the brightest summer fashion trends and give your whole outfit a relaxed and enchanting look.

Slippers are just as comfortable as sneakers, so no wonder they’re taking over the closets of both men and women. When there’s such a huge selection, how else could it be? The fast pace of life, meetings, events and holiday marathons require you not only to spend a lot of time on your feet but also to maintain a certain dress code. Well, shoes with an open back are absolutely THE RIGHT choice as they guarantee both style and comfort.

But before we get into slipper trends of the 21st century, I’d like to tell you a bit about how, where and when they appeared.


Although it is believed that the homeland of slippers and slip-on shoes is the Far East, these shoes were actually worn in all cultures. One of the oldest sources about slippers is from an author of the 12th century who saw shoes with a strap over the toes and leather slippers. In fact, in the East, these shoes weren’t a symbol of wealth and luxury. They were actually a symbol of captivity as they were worn by servants of wealthy sultans.

I should also mention Japan and other Eastern countries in which, to these days, people always take their shoes off before entering a home. This is a tradition and a sign of respect towards the home. However, people needed some kind of footwear indoors so their feet wouldn’t become cold. This is how the idea of slippers was born and they’re still used in every Eastern home to this day. The slippers are usually silk, embroidered or decorated with Japanese prints.

The first slippers in history come from the East: the Moroccan “babouche” slippers which evolved from the Persian “papush”. These Moroccan slippers have become a classic and bring a lot of pride to the Moroccan people. The slippers are made from very soft leather, have an open back and a long nose. In Morocco, they were only worn by the noble and later spread to Europe.


The 15th century marks the beginning of slippers and slip-on shoes in Europe. In England, the concept of these shoes was defined for the first time and the noble saw these shoes as an attribute of luxury and style. Although I should mention that they were heavy and made from wood and cork at the beginning in order to protect the foot from dirt. That’s right, from dirt. During the 15th century, European cities were very dirty so it’s no wonder that “Chopine” shoes with a 50-cm-thick sole became very popular.

By the 17th century, noble men wore slippers made from soft leather, silk or velvet and combined them with luxurious and fancy clothing. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about Renaissance, which was an era of luxury and style. This reflects not only in architecture but in the wardrobe of the noble. Although slipper fashion was most popular among men and particularly dandies, slipper trends were continued by women. 

During the Baroque era, shoes were decorated with ribbons and gemstones. In order to keep them clean while outside, people wore “Chopine” shoes which I mentioned earlier. They helped avoid the dirt gathered on the streets.

The 18th century is when men stopped wearing slippers and women only wore them at home, behind closed doors. This is how the concept of home slippers was finally formed. Pretty, printed mules were liked among noble women. They were also called toilet slippers and were seductive, made from silk or satin and decorated with ribbons.

By the nineties, slippers were worn by everyone and everywhere. During this time, “Shower shoes” came to style with a bang and found their place in every stylish person’s closet. In 2018, slippers became more fancy, decorated with flowers or beads and embroidered.

This season, Halmanera is introducing their slippers while maintaining the key accent of the brand: a red heel. This is almost like going back to the times when noblemen’s feet were decorated with heeled shoes. It’s hard to believe today but men were actually the ones to begin the fashion of high heels and the size of their wardrobe wasn’t far off from that of women.

Halmanera model

Strategia takes us back to the times of Renaissance and Baroque, the times of luxury and sophistication. Geometric prints, metalized and exotically printed leather create a mysterious mood.

Strategia models

In the Pomme D’or collection, you will find elegant, unique suede and satin ribbons. They take us back to the distant past when dandies and all self-respecting women wore ribbons and various prints. In the Pretty Ballerinas collection, you will find decorated leather and unique flower motifs. In this collection, extra attention is given to the handmade, meticulous embroidery which takes up a lot of time and makes each pair of shoes different and unique.

Pomme D'or models

Pretty Ballerinas models

Premiata decorated their collection with feathers and it is one of the most common decorative elements everywhere this season: from head to toes.

Premiata models

In the Tippe e Tacchi collection, colorful buckles are decorated with crystals which give the slipper design a luxurious and fancy look, so if you combine them with suitable clothing, you can even go to a party with them!

Tippe e Tacchi models

Strategia and Fiori Francei models take us to the last decades of the twentieth century. Freedom, independence, bright colors and interesting shapes.

Strategia and Fiori Francesi models

Fiori Francesi models

The Bruno Bordese slippers are must-haves this year with the sculptured rubber sole and laminated leather. Black, white, gray, gold are the dominant colors in this collection. 

Bruno Bordese models

If you thought slippers are only suitable for taking a shower and going to the beach, the Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto collection will prove otherwise! These stylish slippers can be worn with a dress, skirt and you can wear them on absolutely any occasion!

Y-3 for men and women

As the fashion industry leaves its creativity frames behind, it often looks back at trends and materials popular throughout history and combines them with modern and innovative decisions. History keeps repeating itself but every time it’s from another designer’s perspective, so who knows what the future holds?

In 2016, when models wearing beach slippers started to take over magazine covers, it was questionable whether this fashion trend won’t just fade away since it seemed very odd and not always appropriate. But today, slippers are combined with dresses, jeans and costumes. Little by little, people are becoming hyped up at stylish sandals and slippers, and leisure shoes aren’t always just everyday shoes but they can even be suitable with a formal evening outfit!

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