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What could possibly be comfortable, cute AND stylish? Can fashion really be both comfortable and match with hundreds of outfits? Absolutely! This is well-known by the modern person who aims for clothing which is not only stylish but also comfortable, especially considering footwear. But why? Because it’s our feet that bring us through adventurous and exciting journeys every day. No matter the occasion, we usually spend most of our time on our feet. That’s why a comfortable footwear choice is crucial to every single one of us.

There are hundreds of footwear variations and models. One of them is slip-ons. The term “slip-ons” covers a variety of shoe models both for men and women. What makes these shoes special? They do not oblige us, plus, the selection of textures, materials and shapes is so wide that you’ll be sure to find a suitable pair for any occasion.


During the Great French Revolution, high-heeled shoes were associated with aristocracy and were considered to be pretentious and vulgar. This situation was further aggravated by the historic event in which Marie Antoinette walked towards the guillotine in fancy high heels, demonstrating to the public that she belonged to the elite and aristocracy. After this, the popularity of high heels dropped and after men and women obtained equal rights, flats and low-heeled shoes were a practical choice for both genders. It is known that Oxfords and Brogues thrived in the 19th century and were worn by true gentlemen. Today, these shoes maintain their official and classic style and remain as one of the most popular choices for business meetings or other official occasions. But how exactly did laceless shoes become popular?

Laceless shoes are a classic, stylish and extremely comfortable choice, known as one of the most universal and versatile footwear types. For many years now, these shoes have been widely worn by men and women, mostly because of their versatility. They can be worn as leisure shoes, everyday shoes or work shoes.

Loafers are another slip-on shoe model. Interestingly, the verb “loaf” means to laze around, spend your time carelessly and aimlessly. So does this mean that Loafers are only meant for lazy people? We can create hundreds of theories but, unlike laced shoes, laceless shoes don’t oblige us and are much more suitable for the modern person. There are seven classic laceless shoe models created in the 20th century but there are countless styles and variations of them for both men and women.






MOMA model



Classic ballerinas have a flat or slightly heeled sole. Most often, they have a rounded or pointed nose. One of the most popular ballerinas are the so-called banana flats which are elastic and cover the foot almost like a sock.

Ballerinas are an irreplaceable part of a woman’s wardrobe. This everlasting classic shoe will always make a woman look elegant. The closed front and deep cut enhance the beauty of the foot. Most importantly, these shoes are inarguable versatile. The selection of styles, textures and materials is so wide that you’ll surely find a suitable ballerina model for every occasion. This model is everlastingly charming, comfortable, casual but also elegant, making them a serious rival to high heels.

POMME D'OR models

Ballerinas have caused a real renaissance in fashion history. This model, which surely will never go out of fashion, was created back in the 16th century when ballet dancers wore heeled shoes. The heel was abandoned in the 18th century for a very logical reason: so the dancers would demonstrate their dancing techniques during performances, rather than show off their shoes.

POMME D'OR models

Ballet shoes, as they are today, were created in Paris in 1947. The first classic ballet shoes were specially made for dancer and choreographer Roland Petit who taught at the Paris Opera Ballet School. This model soon spread to ballet schools and theaters. The year that ballerinas completely took over the public is 1956 when famous actress Brigitte Bardot requested durable and comfortable shoes to be made for her main role in the movie “And God Created Woman”. And so the red calfskin shoes appeared on the wide screens for the first time and became an iconic part of a temperamental French woman’s style. 



POMME D'OR models

Soon after, in 1957, English actress Audrey Hepburn appeared in the movie “Funny Face” with close-fitting pants and ballerinas, charming the public. She became another fashion icon wearing flats, rather than high heels. She proved that high heels aren’t necessary for an elegant lady.

In terms of comfort, attention must be paid to the construction and material of the shoe. Extremely soft calfskin, also used for making gloves, a durable but soft leather sole and, of course, the “Sacchetto” construction. In Italian, the word “Sacchetto” means a “small bag”. This sewing method requires lots of care, knowledge and accuracy. Each piece of leather is cut only by hand. After a small leather bag is sewn, it is turned inside out and hand sewn together with the sole. The nearly seamless construction gives the shoe softness, flexibility and ease. Not to mention, comfort while wearing these shoes is guaranteed.

FRU.IT models

The brand Pretty Ballerinas was born 100 years ago. Back in 1918, on the Mediterranean island Menorca, a family began creating hand-made shoes. Today, the 4th generation continues to maintain footwear production traditions and perfect handmade work.

Over the 100 years of life, Pretty Ballerinas has maintained it’s footwear form. Everything here is made with love and dedication, the highest quality Spanish and Italian leather is used, lots of attention is paid to comfort, quality, the health of workers and natural resources are used responsibly. This is why Pretty Ballerinas have been at Dolita stores for over 10 years!

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