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Shoes that every gentleman must have

Shoes that every gentleman must have

They say that each O’Keeffe shoe is hand polished for about 3 hours before being sent off to the stores! O’Keeffe shoes are famous for their patented Goodyear construction ‒ a cork filler is added to the sole and the sole is then additionally hemmed around. This improves comfort. The shoes are handmade in Italy in limited quantities.

O'Keeffe is a new men’s brand at DOLITA. This is a brand that combines Italian quality with Irish traditions. O'Keeffe speaks about style, not fashion and doesn’t emphasize trends but rather focuses on durable constructions and time-tested designs.

These are shoes that every gentleman must have!

O'Keefe for men

It’s a story about a small group of people who are interconnected by their talents and trust one another’s devotion to footwear.


O'Keeffe for men


O'Keeffe for men


O'Keeffe for men

This is a footwear brand for those who value authenticity.

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