There are hundreds of shoe models and variations of their styles. Below are some of the most popular and most widely worn models. It will be easier for you to find certain shoes at a store or an e-shop when you know the name of the model. Plus, it will be easier to match your shoes to a certain outfit.

Ankle Boots

These are shoes with a high topline covering the ankles. Often, at the top of the topline there are metal loops helping to put the shoes on and take them off easier. There is a wide variety of ankle boots, including other shoe styles, such as Chelsea boots, Chukka boots or Frank boots.

This shoe model has grown in popularity over the past few decades because of its versatility and how diverse it can be: from casual shoes to elegant shoes to go with formal clothing.

Ankle boots for men and women

Chelsea Boots

Slip-on ankle boots with a small heel. The design element that really stands out in this shoe style is the elastic stripe on the sides of the shoes which helps to put the shoes on and take them off easily. The stripe also helps keep the foot stable while walking.

Chelsea boots are a comfortable and stylish choice. It isn’t too difficult to match them with your outfit. You can wear them with a formal outfit, a jacket, or with jeans.

Chelsea boots 

Chukka Boots

This is an ankle boot model with suede or leather covering. These shoes have two or three rows of holes for shoe laces which help put the shoes on and take them off comfortably, unlike shoes with a high topline. These shoes with a lower topline are usually made without any additional decorative fabrics or perforations (additional holes), inherent in brogue shoes.

Chukka boots are a comfortable and easy-to-lace shoe model, making them a great addition to your wardrobe.

Chukka boots

Frank Boots

Military style ankle boots with laces. The main design element is a rigid and jaggy sole.

Earlier, military shoes had a thick rubber sole and were very heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Frank shoes are a solution to this and have a completely different sole: more flexible, more sustainable and friction-resistant. So even visually massive shoes resembling military boots have become much lighter.

Frank boots

Moon Boots

These shoes are perfect for snowy winters in the city. They have great thermoregulation qualities, slip-resistant soles, water and dust resistance and a “breathable” material. Plus, these shoes are very light and comfortable to wear.

Moon boots became a true fashion icon in 1980. After astronauts landed on the moon, designer Giancarlo Zanatta was inspired by the shapes of aircrafts, technologies and astronaut shoes and costumes. Later, these shoes became a true legend and an important part of the history of fashion.

Moon boots


A classic flat shoe model. It may have a small heel or no heel at all, a rounded or sharp tip. Often, ballerinas are called banana flats. These are held together by some rubber and covers the foot like a sock. This is a feminine, elegant, diverse and comfortable shoe model. 


Knee High Boots

There is a huge diversity of knee high boots. Low heels, high heels or platforms. The topline can go halfway or completely up to your knee. Or they can be like the newest fashion trend and must-have boots which go up to your thighs. The use and purpose of ankle boots have changed quite a bit since the 15th century when they were used for horseback riding and fishing. Today, they are essential to runways.

Knee High Boots

Lace-up Shoes

Lace-up shoes is a wide definition which includes brogue shoes, derby shoes and oxford shoes. One of the most distinct qualities categorizing lace-up shoes is the way they are laced: open-laced or closed-laced. Fully tightened and tied closed-laced shoes completely close the shoes, pressing down on top of the feet, hiding the shoe tongue and leaving no gap. This is a more formal shoe type and matches with formal clothing. And when open-laced shoes are tightened and tied, the leather parts rest on the shoe tongue but the shoe doesn’t close all the way and some gaps remain.

Lace-up shoes for men and women

Brogue shoes

This is a shoe model for both men and women. It features a low heel and sharp tip. These shoes are often made from hard and differently colored leather. They are decorated with small holes and have laces. Brogue shoes originated in Ireland and Scotland. The main purpose of the first brogue shoes was to remove water and moisture from the shoes after walking in wetland by having them evaporate through the little holes. But today, their purpose is completely different and they can be worn with a formal or casual outfit.

Brogue style shoes

Oxford shoes

This model is similar to brogue shoes. These shoes have a slightly sharp tip, the heel is pretty low or there may be no heel at all. Oxford shoes are closed-laced. This is one of the most popular classic shoe models.

Oxford style shoes


Traditional non-laced shoes which are suitable both for men and women. Often, these shoes are referred to as elegant but casual. They have a rounded tip, flat sole and often have added elements on the shoe tongue. Loafers have no laces or buckles and have a long tongue. This model is similar to moccasins but is slightly different because of the thick sole and low heel.

Loafers for men and women


These are light shoes made from fabric, with rope shoe soles made from linen and jute. This is footwear for summer and is comfortable, light and long-lasting because of its physical and mechanical qualities. Espadrilles are sandals, platforms and non-laced shoes.



Moccasins are historic shoes made of leather which were first created and worn by Native Americans. Modern moccasins are made from soft leather, most often from deer. They are easy-to-put-on, soft shoes with a rubber sole. They are usually worn during the warm time of the year but there are some variations made for the colder season.

Moccasin style shoes

Monk shoes

These are shoes with one or two buckles. They look very elegant and unique with thinner belts and smaller buckles.

Monk style shoes


This is a classic high-heel shoe model with a medium-height heel. These shoes usually have no additional buckles or laces. They have a narrow and short front and a medium heel. A very comfortable shoe model for women,  easy to put on and take off.


Kitten Heel

This non-aging classic shoe model with a low heel is usually from 3.5 cm to 4.75 cm high. They were first made in the 6th decade of the 20th century. They were introduced as high-heels for teenagers because it was inappropriate for girls to wear shoes with a higher heel. Later, this shoe model came to fame because of actress Audrey Hepburn and today it is a classic model for differently-aged women, matching perfectly with pants, skirts, and dresses.

Kitten Heel

Mary Jane style shoes

These are shoes for women and feature a rounded tip and small belt on top of the foot. They were originally designed for children and had a flat sole, a belt on top of the foot, and a rounded tip. But they quickly grew in popularity among women. Today, there is a huge diversity of the playful Mary Jane shoes. They are made from different colors of leather and other materials and have heels of different heights.

Mary Jane style shoes


These high-heels feature a heel from 10 cm to 25 cm high. These shoes make the legs visually more elegant, the foot thinner and longer. The history of stiletto shoes goes back to 1955 when shoe designer R. Vivier from “Dior” introduced the first stiletto high-heels which would soon be adored by women.



Summer footwear for men and women with an open front and back. They can be flat or high-heeled.

The breakthrough in the fashion industry led designers to come out of their creation and fantasy frames. Sports shoes became sandals, and sandals were replaced by stylish slippers that had been forgotten and mostly worn at home. There is such a wide selection of sandals that each of you will surely find a pair suitable for you!

Sandals for men and women


This is a type of footwear which grew in popularity in the 18th century. These shoes usually have a closed front and open heel. The history of mules goes back to ancient Rome but at that time they weren’t very popular. In Europe, in the 18th century, these shoes were widely worn at home, behind closed doors. Beautiful, ornamented Mules were very popular among highborn ladies. Over the years, the shapes and styles of these shoes have changed quite a bit. But even today mules can still be found in many women’s closets.



These are casual and comfortable shoes to wear during your free time. The history of sneakers began in 1917 when the company “Converse” created sports shoes for basketball players. And today, 100 years later, sneakers have become such a classic that almost every single person has at least one pair in their closet. And more and more often classic and simple black or white sneakers are being swapped with sneakers covered with crystals or other decorative elements. And the sole is made not only from rubber, caoutchouc  but from plastic. So at times, it may seem questionable whether some sneakers are really just sports shoes.

Sneakers for men and women

Properly selected footwear can be the key accent in your outfit, so take care when planning your wardrobe. Whether you’re preparing for a trip or long walks, planning a business meeting or going to a friend’s wedding, it’s very important to choose high-quality footwear reflecting your personality and providing you with confidence. 

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