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Sandals that we cannot imagine the summer of 2021 without

Sandals that we cannot imagine the summer of 2021 without

“Do you know what the true sound of summer is?”, - my friend once asked me. – “The sound of flip-flops, of course!“ We wholeheartedly agree with this. To anyone who already misses the warmth and sunlight of the summer, we recommend checking out the top sandals of this year that will reign in the streets and beaches. After all, it’s never too early to start preparing for the summer, right?

Here are the most popular summer sandal trends that have made their way from the runways to this year’s list of must-haves:

  • Sandals with massive soles;
  • Platform sandals;
  •  Woven leather sandals;
  • A dash of the classics;
  • Square toe sandals;
  • Sandals for men.

Sandals with massive soles

Sandals with massive soles, which recently made their way to the top of summer footwear trends, aren’t going anywhere this year. This year, you’ll find lots of different colors, decorations, sole designs, and materials  –  which will make them suitable for an even wider circle of fashionistas. The beauty of these sandals is that their comfort is impeccable and the possibilities with them are endless. They’ll make even the most casual of summer outfits look modern, letting everyone know that the woman wearing them is no stranger to the newest fashion trends.


Elena Iachi

Vic Matie


Laura Bellariva

Laura Bellariva

Platform sandals

Let’s get a little fancy with platform sandals! The tall and chunky sole of these sandals is a true summer classic that keeps finding its way back into fashion. Platforms covered in esparto grass can easily be crowned as this summer’s must-haves. Lightweight sandals with cord soles will perfectly complete any summer outfit. If you’re wondering about what kind of clothes to match these sandals with, we recommend culottes, mom jeans, and midi or maxi dresses.

Paloma Barcelo

Vic Matie



Paloma Barcelo

Chie Mihara


Del Carlo

Woven leather sandals

Sandals with overlaid thin leather straps made their way into fashion at the end of the 90s. Now, they’re back with new colors. Designers have given some of these models some asymmetric motives, which will make your style even more unique. Match them with slacks, summer jumpsuits, or dresses, and let them prepare you for a long and warm summer day!

Mattia Capezzani and Rocco P.

Chie Mihara and Laura Bellariva

Pretty Ballerinas

Vic Matie

Premiata and Strategia

A dash of the classics

Even in the summer, there are days when we need some classics. To those of you rushing to a meeting or business lunch, we recommend choosing some classic shoes. These slip-ons with relevant decorative elements will give your classic look some freshness and will highlight your style. Wear them with blue ankle-length pants or a light suit and don’t forget to complete the look with a silk scarf.

Laura Bellariva


Chie Mihara


Square toe sandals

Square toe sandals are yet another type of sandals that remain at the top of summer trends. So if you didn’t get these sandals last year, now is your time. Wondering if they’ll fit into your summer wardrobe? Don’t worry, square toe sandals can easily blend into any type of closet. Combine them with some straight jeans or midi shorts, a loose-fitting blazer, and a bright-colored handbag, and you’ll be prepared for another perfect summer day.



Vic Matie and Ixos

Laura Bellariva and D·Milano

Paloma Barcelo

Sandals for men – here’s what you need to know

Although they haven’t been very popular among men lately, sandals are once again a must for every stylish man’s wardrobe. Sandals and shorts make the perfect duo for a hot summer day. Whether you’re on your way to the city or a party at a fancy resort, you’ll always feel comfortable and stylish wearing this combo. However, always choose shorts according to your taste and body type and match the sandals to your shorts. For example, if you choose Bermuda shorts, you should go for leather sandals with a bit of a chunkier sole, and if you choose lightweight shorts, you should go for lightweight slip-ons. If shorts are not an option for you but you still want a hint of summer in your outfit, you can match leather sandals with faded jeans or cotton pants and a casual shirt.

Mattia Capezzani and Rocco P.



After reviewing all of the summer sandal trends of this year, it’s clear that today’s footwear fashion is democratic and multifaceted. Each of us is free to choose whatever is closest to our taste of fashion and lifestyle and we can create our own unique style with DOLITA.

Flower Mountain

Comfort is now one of the most important factors to consider when choosing summer footwear, so before making your final decision, always make sure that the leather on the sandals is soft, there’s leather on the inside of the sandals, the heel of the sandals is stable, and the shape of the sandals fit your foot well. Pay attention to the inner seams and make sure they don’t stick out too much. Also, remember that your foot can swell up a bit from the summer heat, so choose your size accordingly.

We sincerely hope that with our help, you’ll finish your stylish summer wardrobe off with some exclusive and comfortable Dolita sandals.

Sandals for women & men.

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