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Prom is an unforgettable celebration crowning one stage of your life and starting off a whole new one, full of new impressions and experiences. For high school seniors, prom is the celebration of twelve years of hard work, wisdom, happiness and youth. For college seniors, prom is a firm step into adult life. That’s why it’s crucial to celebrate and enjoy moments like this!

At the end of the exam marathon, the new but pleasant concern is the search for prom attire. Which clothes and which shoes are best for THAT day? A long or short dress? High heels, or maybe sneakers? A slim fit suit, or maybe just jeans?

You’ve probably been given countless advice from parents, etiquette books, recommendations from teachers and professors on the “correct” style for prom. But what do You want? Here’s our advice: dress the way your heart tells you to! But firstly, you need to decide on how you want to look that evening. Bohemian, dreamy or crazy? Playful or elegant?

Ideally, the style you choose should reflect your personality. This way, you will definitely shine and feel comfortable all night. Remember, you will be with your classmates from dusk and dance with them until the sun rises the next day. So it’s very important to choose suitable footwear. After you purchase prom shoes, try them out first, break them in. Don’t wear high heels if you’ve never worn them before. Or start getting used to them now!

Bohemian goddess

The term “Bohemian style” comes from the historical region Bohemia (current Czech Republik) where the independent nation of gypsies settled in, who loved dancing, freedom and independence. And all of this clearly reflected in their wardrobe. Artists soon emerged, who called themselves Bohemians. They did not recognize the rules of the social environment, they appreciated freedom and harmony with nature.

This style carries the feeling of pastel romance. If you’re independent and spontaneous, if you love nature and have lots of love for art, choose the Bohemian style. Crochets, earth colors, tassels and ornaments. Match the Cowboy-styled Officine Creative shoes with a dress or tunic. Match light-colored or Fiori Francesi sandals with a crochet-decorated dress. And finish off an ornament-decorated dress with high platformed sandals.

Strategia and models

Fiori Francesi, Strategia and Officine Creative models

Dreamy hippie

Over 50 years ago, the “Summer of love”, which officially marked the beginning of the hippie era, took place in San Francisco. A period of nostalgia, extraordinary admiration. This is a style of unimaginable dizziness, freedom and remarkable admiration, with the smell of flowers and sounds of Janis Joplin.

Fashion houses periodically present hippie-style tendencies, which are characterized by these accents: feathers, tassels, leather accessories and, of course, hair straps.

Vivid earthly colors, prints with folk motifs, petal imitations, flower arrangements on footwear is everything you need in order to embody a dreamy hippie of the sixties.

Pretty Ballerinas and Halmanera models

Strategia and Chie Mihara models

Retro fan

Everything that comes back in a new form from the 20th century, or, more precisely, the period between the end of the Second World War and the 1980s, can be called Retro Fashion. It’s like fashion aimed towards the past.

Try the pin-up look which was popular among famous actresses and singers in the forties. A corset with a long, puffy skirt, decorated with an underskirt. Or embody an aristocratic and elegant look with a straight cut dress, a long pearl necklace which is often tied with a knot at the bottom. Or do you want to look playful and enchanting? Then, choose a polka-dotted or checked satin fabric with shining glitter.

Choose shoes with a rounded nose, a Cuban heel, a minimalistic decorative buckle, colorful leather, suede or nubuck leather.

The designer behind the Japanese brand Chie Mihara could be crowned as the reformer of retro shoes. The modern “retro chic” style is the key element of the brand. 

Chie Mihara models

Rock queen

Choose an unexpected duet, courageous, but delicately presented. Do not overload yourself with extra heavy, massive details. You can choose smaller accessories that will emphasize your rocker soul. Mix up the style and create some contrast. The romantically Bohemian and the sometimes aggressive rocker style with elements of glamour. The rock queen style is for a woman who isn’t afraid to challenge the community and lives here and now. Her principle is “rock and roll in life and soul”.

Yes to piercings on shoes, shiny crystals and black feathers!

Premiata models

Prom queen

Oh, those American dream movies, senior prom, prom king and queen elections. Elections of which the winners were clear from the start. Everyone is always jealous of the prom queen. So charismatic, stylish and always braced up because she knows that everyone’s looking at her. If you wish to embody the role of the most popular girl at school, choose a sweet, feminine and a bit of a flirtatious style. A puffy pastel dress, crochets, embroidery. Sweet but also mysterious.

Strategia and Chie models

Adventure seeker

Journeys, adventures and endless challenges. If you’re not able to stay in one spot, if you like to stand out, choose Premiata shoes with an exclusive design, coated with raffia palm fiber, or the Officine Creative, Moma models reminiscent of mysterious tribal ornaments and weaved prints.

Premiata, Officine Creative and Moma models

If you’re someone who loves comfort more than anything and dread taking off your sneakers, choose Artselab. Accurately calculated details, sculptural shapes make the shoes distinctive and the combination of black and white takes on a different shade.

Artselab models

Prom king

”Fashion comes and goes but style is forever”,- said Yves Saint Laurent. The truth is, the shape of classic men’s shoes is irreplaceable. So if you wish to become prom king, go for the classics. The classic wardrobe of a man should be finished off with high-quality and stylish shoes. For classic or narrow pants, single-colored or colorful suits, these shoes are always the right choice.

Moma and Pantanetti models

Different topics and hundreds of interpretations. Choose what is closest to your heart and what reflects your personality. There’s no such thing as one single vision, color or theme, so don’t mind established rules and opinions. Experiment, match the unmatchable and give in to creativity! Have an amazing celebration!

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