If you could only have a certain amount of shoes, which ones would they be? We’ve given much thought to this question and we’d like to share some precise information on how much and which types of shoes are must-haves in the wardrobes of both and men and women. Follow our tips and you won’t have to restlessly stand in front of your shoe closet every morning thinking you don’t have anything to wear!

According to statistics, the average woman these days has about 21 pairs of shoes, whereas the average man has about 12. But only 3 pairs of shoes are worn constantly! Could it be that you wear the same sports shoes on a hot summer day and at meetings or dates? We recommend matching your outfit and footwear according to the situation. If your closet is completely full of shoes, we suggest checking out which models they are. Maybe you’re absolutely crazy about high heels and out of the 21 pairs of shoes you have… 20 are high heels? And when your friends invite you to a trip, you blush and say no because your high heels aren’t suitable for the trip? To avoid this from happening, we suggest revising your closet.

Although one woman may need 101 pairs of shoes and for another 4 pairs are enough, everything depends on your lifestyle, love for fashion and your opportunities. So we’ve given much thought and decided on which shoes every person from the western world absolutely needs in their closet. And we’re not talking about people who just spend their days relaxing, sitting under palm trees listening to the ocean. We’re talking about people who work, spend time with friends, family, go on vacations and go to various events. You need different shoes for every different situation. Below, you will find exactly which shoes are crucial for HIM and HER so that you’d never experience the problem of not having what to wear on a certain occasion!

Footwear for HER


There’s nothing more long-lasting than classic pumps. These shoes have a narrow and short front and a medium heel. This is a comfortable model for women, easy to put on and take off. Pumps aren’t extravagant and don’t catch the eyes too much so you can feel more free with your outfit. These shoes are a great option for women who work at an office. During the warm time of the year, we suggest choosing nude pumps which are different from the already boring darker pumps. Just have some of the classic-colored pumps in your closet and you’ll always be ready for every occasion. With these shoes, you’ll always look elegant and stylish. Plus, pumps even make your legs visually longer, so why not? Some women wear these shoes on a daily basis, others only wear them on special occasions. Either way, pumps are a complete must-have in a woman’s closet!

Vic Matie, Premiata and Chie Mihara models


Long, romantic walks, warm holiday evenings or relaxing after completely dancing your feet off. Ballerinas must be present in every woman’s closet. Asking why? Well, not only are these shoes comfortable and universal, they’re very elegant and feminine. Let your feet relax from grueling high heels and put on ballerinas. The selection is huge- the nose can be round or pointed, with buckles and laces, with a small heel, decorated with various prints and textures. Even the pickiest woman will find a suitable pair of ballerinas for herself. And who knows, maybe you’ll love these shoes so much that you’ll even start ballet?

This is footwear for the warm time of the year and it’s great for resting tired feet and matches perfectly with leisure clothes: Bohemian-styled dresses, leggings, sweatshirts or jeans. You can wear these shoes barefoot or with sheer tights. This is a beautiful shoe model usually having a modest style.

Pomme’Dor and Pretty Ballerinas models


There are women who are absolutely loyal to classy shoes and wear sneakers reluctantly, only when they work out. But are they right to be this strict and loyal only to classy shoes? The variety of sneakers these days is so wide that even the biggest shoe critic will find a suitable pair. Because they match everything! A midi skirt, classy pants, a maxi dress or shorts. Don’t be afraid to improvise!

It’s amazing how important sneakers are to most people these days and how normal it has become to wear them at offices, matching a classy outfit. So if you’re still questioning whether or not to wear sneakers, we strongly recommend you DO. This is a new footwear must-have in a woman’s closet.

Vic Matie, O.X.S. Rubber Soul and Premiata Sneakers models


An official meeting or conference. There’s always going to be a situation when pumps aren’t the best idea, the weather isn’t suitable to wear ballerinas, and you have a busy and intense day ahead of you. In this case, what do you do? Well, this is why every woman should have at least one or two pairs of official lace-up shoes in their closet. Oxfords and Brogues completely scream class. The strict lines and style of these shoes make it clear to other people that you’re here on serious matters. The ideal collection of shoes in your closet is when you balance the classics with trendy shoes. This way you can complement your closet with interesting and unique combinations. Lace-up shoes go great with classy pants, dresses and skirts. They’s universal, formal and stylish.

Moma, and Pantanetti models


Sandals are worn on warm and sunny days in order to let the feet breathe. This footwear model goes great with light summer clothes, long skirts and simple, light shirts. Sandals are a must-have when going on vacation to warmer places. If you don’t like wearing flats, you can choose sandals with a platform or a heel. If you’re a fan of high heels, we recommend trying out flat sandals which will feel amazing on your exhausted feet. If you’re someone who only wears high heels on special occasions, you should try out wearing them more often. Even a small heel gives so much trust in yourself! Don’t be afraid to reveal your femininity!

Vic Matie and Premiata models


You may not agree that these slip-on shoes are a crucial part of your wardrobe but you won’t know if you won’t try. Not long ago, mule shoes were only worn to the beach or just at home. But these times are over because now, mule shoes can be worn whenever you desire. These shoes will undoubtedly give your outfit a spark of summer carelessness. They’re comfortable, beautiful and cozy and perfect for going to an outdoor concert or spending your evenings with friends. There’s such a variety of mule shoes. They can have feathers or prints reminding Victorian times. So many choices, could one pair possibly be enough?

Laura Bellariva, Premiata and Chie Mihara models


An elegant and refined woman takes care of her image not only at work but during her free time. So don’t underestimate your evening outfit and instead of jumping into comfortable and boring clothes and footwear, choose stilettos which will emphasize your femininity and embellish your legs. These shoes go perfectly with a Cocktail dress or other fancy evening clothes. Don’t forget to choose stilettos which feel comfortable both physically and emotionally. The height of the heel should be between 5 and 10 centimeters. The choice and variety of stilettos are very wide. We recommend open stilettos for the warm season and closed stilettos for the cold season. Those who love the classics should go with Mary-Jane-Styled stilettos. And those of you who don’t want your heel to be too high would love Kitten heels.

Strategia, Premiata and Chie Mihara models


There are so many different ankle boot models! Plus, they’re easy to match with your outfit so the possibilities are endless! Ankle boots have become so popular that people don’t only wear them during the cold time of the year, ankle boots are now widely worn with short dresses during the summer! During the cold season, wear them with jeans or pants, in the spring, wear them with a skirt, and in the summer, wear them with a dress in order to highlight your femininity.
They look fantastic and the variety is unimaginably wide! Plus, they’re just as comfortable as any leisure shoes. Nothing can finish up an outfit better than heeled shoes do. We don’t mean huge heels, just whatever suits your needs. It’s important to forget flats every once in a while and wear some heeled ankle boots! 

Moma, Paloma Barcelo, Officine Creative and Vic Matie models

Footwear for HIM


In the fall or in colder weather, always choose boots. Sneakers just won’t cut it, unless they cover your ankles or are heated on the inside. Do you want to look stylish? Well, then choose high-quality and comfortable boots. Make sure the sole is thick and waterproof. In order to keep your feet dry, choose shoes with a rigid or crepe sole. This footwear model is universal. Boots go great both with simple, everyday clothing and with an elegant, formal outfit.

PantanettiN°21 and Premiata models


Classic brogues or oxfords are shoes that every man must have at least one pair of. Oxfords have a pointed nose and a small heel. It’s one of the most popular classic shoe models and since every man owns at least one tuxedo, these shoes are a must-have in a man’s closet.

The selection and variety of Brogue shoes are wider than that of Oxfords. If you don’t prefer classic shoe models, we recommend choosing Brogues which are usually decorated with small holes. This footwear model can be both formal, official and also go great with sporty clothing. Brogues are also a great choice for everyday office shoes and can even be a perfect model to wear during a Friday night out with friends.

Moma models


You’re definitely going to need a pair of these universal shoes which match both leisure and formal clothing. There are so many different variations of loafers that it’s definitely worth it to have at least one or two pairs of them in your closet. If you’re going on a business trip with a small suitcase and want to check out the beauty of the city after meetings, these shoes are a must-have!

This footwear model is a great choice for the summer, during the dry weather. These universal and stylish shoes will be a great addition to your shoe shelf and they’ll go great with shorts and light linen clothing. Depending on the fabric and texture used to make loafers, they can be both formal and casual. During hot summer days, we suggest choosing moccasins made with soft leather. They are easy to put on, soft shoes with a rubber sole. For business meetings, we recommend monks which have one or two buckles, thinner belts and smaller buckles. They look particularly elegant and unique.

Officine Creative and Moma models


Sneakers are great for a day at the office, going to a bar or going for weekend walks… they’re very universal! Sneakers ensure comfort and they’re very easy to match with your outfit.  Sneakers are a very important part of a man’s wardrobe because there are so many different styles, colors and variations. Just don’t forget that you can’t wear them ALL the time! If you’re going to an official meeting or a premiere at a theatre, we suggest choosing reliable brogues or oxfords.

Y-3, O.X.S. and Officine Creative models


Sandals and mules shoes are the most popular and loved shoes for women during hot summer days. Men choose sandals much more rarely. But it’s definitely worth it to have at least one pair of these open summer shoes. Asking why? Well, during hot days, sneakers cause the feet to get hot and sweaty which causes unnecessary discomfort and can result in blisters. A pair of sandals or mules will not only be a lifesaver when its 30 degrees Celsius outside but they will also be great during vacations to warmer regions.

Y-3 and Giampieronicola models

Choose different footwear for different situations and never forget that correctly chosen footwear can be the key accent in your outfit.


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