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Must-have sales that will still be in style next year

Must-have sales that will still be in style next year

Some shoes light up like a comet in the fashion world, only to suddenly disappear without leaving a trace. Conversely, some shoes remain on the runways for many years and are continuously a crucial accent in the most trendy outfits. So let’s take a look at what’s worth investing in during the winter sales to not only save money but to also remain trendy next year.

High heels are queen at every party

Although parties have slowed down a bit lately, you should never stop preparing for them! After all, they’ll come back eventually. And there will still be plenty of special occasions in the future. You can turn any outfit into a fancy and uplifting one by adding stylish high heels to the mix. Combine them with dresses or jeans to create a beautiful image. Black high heels go great with any color of clothing but by going with bright-colored high heels, you’ll give your whole outfit some authenticity.

Premiata and D·Milano

Oh, and have you heard about Pantone’s new color of the year? In 2021, there will be two of them: light gray and optimistic yellow. So choose a refreshing yellow dress on a festive evening or wear a yellow accessory. Dolita will take care of the shoes.

Halmanera and Del Carlo

Ankle boots and knee-high boots aren’t just a short-lived fashion trend

If you’re familiar with the term combat boots, then you’re either in the military or you’re impeccably stylish. Military boots are a fashion success story like no other and they’ve established themselves firmly at the top of the fashion pyramid. These shoes truly deserve our utmost attention and admiration not only because of how comfortable they are but also because of how well they can convert any outfit into a unique and stylish one. Long knitted dresses, midi or mini skirts, skinny jeans – pretty much any type of clothing goes great with these reliable “combat buddies”.

Laura Bellariva and Moma

Laura Bellariva and Premiata

Mattia Capezzani and Vic Matie

Platform boots deserve some attention as well. These shoes are no longer a teenage attribute but rather a must-have detail in every city fashionista’s wardrobe. These punkish rough-sole shoes not only protect against wet and cold weather but can also create an uplifting mood if you wear them with floral or polka dot skirts or dresses.

Vic Matie and

Pantanetti and Ixos

Strategia and

Should you invest in knee-high boots? Without a doubt, YES! Choose Italian or Spanish models. The most important things to pay attention to when purchasing knee-high boots are comfortable soles and heels. If you’re looking for shoes that you can wear all day long, we invite you to shop smartly online right here.

Cowboy boots in the city rhythm

Due to how versatile cowboy boots are and how well they go with various styles of clothing, they are being referred to as “the new sneakers”. They go perfectly with suits just as much as they do with the baggy and always youthful grunge clothing. However, when choosing clothing to go with these shoes, avoid vintage dresses, hats, and excessive amounts of accessories. Keep in mind that more is less and consider animal prints or elegant and unique-fitting clothing instead.

Elena Iachi



Elena Iachi and Srategia

Exotic prints will keep you warm throughout the coldest of winters

The simplest way to add a modern and original touch to your wardrobe is to choose exotic animal printed shoes. During the cold season, they’ll complement and “warm up” any of your winter outfits. This type of footwear goes great with black, dark blue, beige, or burgundy colored clothing. Another advantage of these stylish shoes is that you can easily convert them from a casual day-time outfit to an evening outfit.

Pomme D’Or and


Mattia Capezzani

Shopping for men

Men usually care more about the value of a product rather than its fancy label, and Dolita sales are ideal for those looking to make wise choices. For men who have decided to update their shoe “arsenal”, we recommend taking a look at sneakers. Their popularity won’t be questioned any time in the near future, which is why it’s always worth investing in sneakers. Choose models decorated with bright colors and logos and combine them with any type of outfit.

Premiata and Banu


For those looking for an alternative for classic footwear models, we recommend looking at slip-ons, or loafers, also known as an elegant variety of moccasins. Of course, also pay attention to high-quality handmade Italian shoes. these shoes will perfectly complete any “smart casual” outfit and emphasize the uniqueness of their owner.

Moma and Mattia Capezzani

Vic Matie and RBRSL

Sale for men

Sale for women

Don’t be late! The best sales of the season are right now. And it never takes long for stylish shoes to find a new home.

Sales for HIM and HER


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