We often think: how can we revive and maintain our sneakers easily and fast? And how can we prepare our favorite or new (or maybe our must-have) shoes for the new season?

In order to keep your sneakers as good as new for the longest period of time, we recommend following the steps below:

STEP 1. Cleaning

Before impregnating or using any other leather shoe maintenance products, it’s important to remove all dirt and dust from the surface of the shoes. There are two ways to do this: dry cleaning or wet cleaning.
Dry cleaning is meant for the shoes you wear constantly and daily. All you need to do is wipe the dirt off the surface of the shoes with a sponge or brush. Wet cleaning is recommended for a deeper clean of your shoes.
Directions: Spray the “Collonil” product “Carbon Complete“ on your sneakers, clean the surface of the shoes and let them dry (example 1). This product preserves the softness of the fabric and renews the colors.

1 step. Cleaning

STEP 2. Impregnation

Before wearing your shoes for the first time, it’s important to impregnate them first. Impregnation gives your shoes a layer of protection against humidity and dirt and it will be easier to take care of the shoes in the future. We recommend the “Collonil Carbon Pro” impregnator. Not only does it protect against humidity but it also:

- gives the surface long-term protection: the shoes are covered with an invisible, non-toxic coating;

- makes the surface less susceptible to bacteria and mold;

- protects against oils and acids;

- protects against UV rays and color loss.

Directions: spray the “Collonil Carbon Pro“ impregnator from a 20-30 cm distance (example 2) outside or in good ventilation.

2 step. Impregnation

STEP 3. Maintenance

In order to maintain the shine, elasticity and humidity of leather shoes, we recommend using the “Collonil Bamboo Lotion’’. This lotion is loaded with bamboo extract and no chemicals and helps preserve the humidity of leather, protects against drying out and removes dirt. This product is also suitable for nubuck, suede and textile footwear.
Directions: spray the “Collonil Bamboo Lotion’’ on the shoes, let it soak in and polish with a soft “Collonil” cloth (optional) (example 3).

3 step. Maintenance

On hot summer days, the foot gets hot, wet and sweaty. For this time of the year, we recommend using shoe deodorant Outdoor Shoe Deo“. This product eliminates unpleasant odors and gives your shoes freshness.
Directions: spray the inside of the shoes, wipe with a cloth and let it dry (example 4).4 step. Eliminate unpleasant odors

10 shoe maintenance tips

1. By taking care of your shoes regularly, the leather and other parts of the shoes will be protected from outside effects, water and dirt for a longer period of time;

2. Let your shoes rest for at least 24 hours and have alternatives. Use suitable shoe stretchers made from natural wood;

3. Dry your wet shoes at room temperature. Never dry them on a radiator;

4. Use a shoe maintenance product at least once a week. Don’t forget the stitches;

5. Avoid the products that “make your shoes shine right away”. The best option is to wipe with a cloth or a brush first, then polish;

6. Don’t use polish on nubuck leather! Only use suitable sprayable or liquid products;

7. When taking off your shoes, always untie and unbuckle them. Never take them off by stepping one foot on the other;

8. Put your shoes on with a shoe horn;

9. If you’re not sure about the maintenance of the shoes when buying them, always ask how to properly take care of them;

10. Follow the instructions of every shoe maintenance product.

Why “Collonil”?

Even the most expensive and high-quality shoes can lose their former beauty and look because of humidity, rain, intense sunlight, dirt and sweat. This is why it’s very important to properly clean and take care of them. High quality and reliability are precisely the reasons why DOLITA has been selling “Collonil” products for over 20 years.

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