During the summer, people often forget to take care of their shoes. But it’s extremely important to take care of your shoes during the warm time of the year. In the summer, natural leather is dried by UV rays which cause the leather to lose its elasticity and shine, so shoes need a certain amount of humidity in order to maintain them. Also, don’t forget that summers aren’t always dry and they’re often rainy. The rains cause shoes to become wet and damaged, making them lose their former beauty. We’d like to give you some tips on how to take care of your sandals and keep them looking brand new.

Clean. Impregnate. Maintain

STEP 1. Cleaning

Before impregnating or using any shoe maintenance products, you should clean the dirt off the surface of the shoes. Firstly, using a sponge or a brush, clean the dirt off the surface of the shoes.
For a deeper clean, we recommend wet cleaning. Directions: After cleaning off the dirt and dust, spray the “Collonil” product “Clean & Care Classic“ on the shoes, wipe it off with a cloth and let it dry (example no. 1). This product is universal and suitable for cleaning and maintaining different materials.

1 step. Cleaning

We recommend cleaning your sandals once a week, depending on how often they’re worn.

STEP 2. Impregnation

Impregnation products are very useful in rainy or humid areas. In order to maintain your leather footwear for as long as possible, this product should definitely find its place in your home.

Before putting on your new shoes for the first time, don’t forget to impregnate them. By impregnating them, you will give your shoes an extra layer of protection against water and dirt and you’ll make it easier to take care of them.
In example no. 2 you can see the impregnation of sandals. The “Collonil Nanopro“ impregnation product is made using nanotechnologies. Leather, sprayed by this product with nanoparticles, becomes dust and water resistant. The surface and air permeability of the leather remain unchanged. If you use this product regularly, the surface will look brand new for a much longer period of time. This is because impregnation products make water and dust just fall off of the surface instead of soaking in.
Directions: Before usage, shake the bottle. Spray a few times from a 30 cm distance and let it dry. After this, you can polish the leather (optional). During the summer, we recommend impregnating your shoes once a month.

2 step. Impregnation

Don’t forget to impregnate the sole of your leather shoes, too. The protection against humidity of a leather shoe sole is similar. Protection is extremely important in order to maintain leather wrinkles, soles and stitches. The liquid „Collonil Sohlen Tonic“ product is meant specifically for protecting leather soles. This products impregnates the sole and makes it more water-resistant. It ensures that the water doesn’t make it to the upper part of the shoe and it doesn’t hinder the breathing of the leather.
Directions: Apply a few thin layers of the Collonil Sohlen Tonic“ to the surface of a clean and dry leather sole. Let it soak in and dry (example 3). We recommend using this product once a week.

3 step. Shoe sole impregnation

STEP 3. Maintenance

During the summer, leather becomes extremely dry which means shoes need constant care. So start taking care of your shoes from the day you get them. It isn’t enough to just clean off the dirt, you also need to use some maintenance products. By protecting your shoes and taking care of them properly, you will lengthen their lifespan. Pamper the leather with natural waxes and oils which protect it from drying out and losing color (Example 4). The “Collonil” product ”WATERSTOP COLOURS“ enriched with almond and jojoba oil will feed the leather and revive the color.
Directions: apply a small amount of the product and spread evenly. Let it dry for 20 minutes, then polish (example 4).

4 step. Maintenance

On hot summer days, the foot gets hot, wet and sweaty. So we recommend using deodorant ”SHOE DEO SEA BREEZE“ which eliminates unpleasant odors and makes your shoes fresh.
Directions: spray the inside of your shoes with this product, then wipe with a cloth and let it dry (example 5)

5 step. Eliminate unpleasant odors

Often, when the foot becomes warm, the leather inside of the shoes begins to stain your socks or feet. In order to avoid this, we recommend using the  ”Colour Stop“ product which will keep your feet and socks clean and stain-free.
Directions: spray the inside of your shoes evenly and let them dry for about 30 minutes. Use as often as needed.

6 step. Keep your feet and socks clean and stain-free

10 footwear maintenance tips

1. By regularly taking care of your shoes, the leather and other parts of the footwear will be protected from outside effects, water and dirt for a longer period of time;

2. Let your shoes rest for at least 24 hours. Have alternatives. Use suitable shoe stretchers made from natural wood;

3. Dry your wet shoes at room temperature. Never dry on heaters or radiators;

4. Apply a suitable shoe maintenance product to the leather at least once a week. Don’t forget the stitches;

5. Avoid products that “make your shoes shine right away”. The best option is to wipe with a cloth or brush, then polish;

6. Don’t use shoe polish on nubuck leather! Only use suitable sprayable or liquid maintenance products;

7. When taking off shoes, always untie and unbuckle them. Never step on the heel with the other foot;

8. Use a shoe horn when putting on shoes;

9. If you’re not sure about the maintenance of shoes when buying them, always ask how to take care of them properly;

10. Follow the directions of every shoe maintenance product.

Why “Collonil”?

Even the most expensive and high-quality shoes may lose their primary look and beauty because of humidity, rain, intense sunlight, dirt or sweat. That’s why it’s important to take care of your shoes and clean them properly. High quality and reliability are precisely why DOLITA has been selling “Collonil” products for over 20 years.

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