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Look stylish at the office with DOLITA shoes!

Look stylish at the office with DOLITA shoes!

Have you ever thought about what an important role stylish and high-quality shoes play in your life? Or how your outfit and shoes may affect your business meeting? Either way, your outfit represents you whether you’re at work, at a business meeting, or just spending time with friends.

What kind of shoes do you wear at work? How do you choose shoes that are not only stylish but also comfortable? How can you make sure that you look flawless? We’ll answer these and similar questions in this article, along with some fashion tips.

Office attire is not boring! It’s important to not only look professional, refined, and elegant but also to look fun and interesting. Don’t let snobbish and boring rules stand in the way of revealing your true self. We know that our wardrobes say a lot about us and scientists have already proven that what we wear greatly influences our behavior and the way we think. The shoes and clothing that we wear determine how we feel. One outfit may make us feel more confident and creative, while another may make us feel stronger, smarter, and unparalleled. Now let’s check out the office shoes that DOLITA offers for this fall season.


An unconfined and comfortable image with slip-ons. Wear them with wide pants and a blazer. It’s also worth mentioning that a very trendy element of the season is a mini handbag. But if you’re used to going to work with larger handbags, try going with a more minimalist and timeless black handbag.

Slip-ons are not only comfortable but they’re also very stylish. Plus, they’ll go great not only with office clothes but also with your casual jeans. This season, white shoes are especially popular. It’s becoming somewhat of an accent that goes great with gray, pastel pink, or black shades. And an ultra-light rubber foam sole will ensure comfort plus aesthetics.


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The most important details here are color, texture, height, and maximum comfort. If you want to look stylish while rushing from one meeting to another, you need to choose shoes that guarantee maximum comfort. A great option is Spanish Chie Mihara models which have special padding on the inside and the heels aren’t too high and are stable and comfortable.

Do you find it difficult to decide what to wear in the morning? Well, the answer is simple. If you put on some bright high heels with a black suit, paint your nails in a new color and wear matching lipstick - everyone will appreciate your new look. The main accents would be your heels and their unique colors. Ocean blue worn with a classic black outfit will give you a whole new look. Compliments guaranteed!

You can easily create an image like this by wearing pointed shoes, which have proven themselves to be timeless. They’ll perfectly complement your whole office look. Comfortable “Made in Italy“ shoes are great even for everyday wear.


Different shoes, different images, different emotions. It would be impossible to choose just one pair of shoes for the office… You just need to have some high heels and lace-ups, which can easily be matched with pants, skirts, suits, or large blazers. If you had to choose a few pairs, we’d recommend some dark elegant shoes with a timeless color, which will never disappoint and will give you lots of confidence, as well as a unique and playful pair decorated with details, textures, or a unique sole, and some light and comfortable sneakers great for any occasion.


There’s a huge selection of lace-up shoes in the DOLITA collection this season: from polished leather with massive soles and comfortable heels to masculine studded models.



Pointed ankle boots, a high-quality cashmere coat, a stylish handbag… Simply impeccable! These types of ankle boots from Premiata will create the image of a strong woman, which, believe us, can be crucial for your business meeting.

Italian Pomme D‘Or offers handmade models with a low heel, extra soft leather, and a flexible and almost seamless construction. or Halmanera ankle boots are great for those who don’t have a very strict dress code at work. Colorful heels or two-tone models can create a truly unique accent.

Square noses are also very popular this season, as well as embossed leather imitating snakeskin.




Smooth leather shoes will always look official, which is why every man working at an office should have a pair in his closet. It’s a timeless Italian classic and the quality is crystal clear at first glance. For this season of transition, choose shoes with a leather sole, and for the colder period, choose a rubber sole. Investing in some classic, handmade Italian shoes is the right step to take. Your feet deserve it.




This year, brands at DOLITA offer massive shapes and stylish details for men: buckles, waxed leather, serrated soles. We suggest that men pay attention to burgundy leather shoes. Designers offer lace-up, aged leather shoes for men, which go great with gray-toned suits, tweed jackets or coats, and checkered details.

Giampieronicola and Pantanetti are the perfect choice for those looking for some aesthetics, comfort, functionality, but also a fairly unconfined style. Perfect for those who want safe but also stylish and high-quality footwear to wear to work daily.



For men who would rather choose a bright pocket square or blazer rather than a black suit and tie – we recommend models by Italian designer Mattia Capezzani, which are the true reflection of the “Made in Italy“ quality and style: impeccable quality, untraditional leather, modern shapes, and sewing methods passed down from generation to generation. Tradition meets this generation’s sense of freedom and fashion.

Premiata and Moma offer models with a thick sole and aged leather: an illusion of combat boots, which go great with various types of pants. If your work environment and meetings don’t impose strict standards, choose footwear with a twist: a unique shape, leather, sole, details, etc.


Friday at work? Oh yeah! Time for sneakers. For this season of transition, choose earth-colored models, which go great with jeans and a blazer. Sneakers from DOLITA will give you a comfortable, unique, subtle, and modest accent for your Friday outfit. Here are a few of our recommendations:

For women, to wear with pants or jeans, we recommend choosing autumn colors, a low platform, and comfortable leather shoes. Leather sneakers will always look more elegant than suede (which is great for your free time). Don’t overdo it with the details. Plus, these shoes will also be great for meeting up with friends after work. Comfortable, trendy, practical. Friday is the day when you can maneuver between “official” and “trendy”.


Unique and high-quality DOLITA footwear is the best accessory you can get! If you don’t like experimenting with clothing, experiment with footwear.

Elegant and high-quality Italian or Spanish shoes not only add to or emphasize your style and personality, but at the same time show that those who wear them appreciate quality and understand the style, resulting in hardworking, demanding, responsible professionals in their field.

The ideal option is to have at least two pairs of shoes: high heels for formal meetings and low heels with which you would feel comfortable at your desk.

This season, trendy and falling nose-shaped shoes and shoes with a thicker heel are fashionable. Black is a true classic, but blue or emerald, as well as shades of burgundy wine and brown, are also suitable for the work.

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