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Knee-high boots: the cold season’s symbol of comfort and elegance

Knee-high boots: the cold season’s symbol of comfort and elegance

You probably couldn’t imagine a single cold season without knee-high boots, which are always the most eye-catching detail of any outfit. Knee-high boots are simply irreplaceable for those who wish to remain elegant and stylish even on the gloomiest fall and winter days.

Mattia Capezzani

From the battlefield to the runways. The history of knee-high boots

The oldest known depiction of knee-high boots is in a cave painting from Spain dated between 12,000 and 15,000 B.C.E. This painting depicts a man in leather boots and a woman in fur boots. At around 3000 B.C.E., Persians made funerary jars shaped like boots. Knee-high boots were also found in the tomb of Khnumhotep (2140-1785 B.C.E. ) in Egypt. The Scythians, who lived at around 1000 B.C.E., were reported by the Greeks to have worn simple untanned leather boots with fur on the inside. These simple bag-like boots were then tied to the leg using a string of leather. This basic shape can also be found in the traditional wardrobes of Asiatic and Arctic cultures.

Knee-high boots have been worn by hunters, fishermen, and horseback riders for centuries to protect their feet from moisture and dirt or to help them feel stable on their horses. So practicality was the very first and only motive that led to such wide use of this footwear. However, the history of over the knee-high boots is somewhat different. This punk footwear stormed the runways in the 70s, although they appeared in paintings long before - in the middle ages. Stiff leather over the knee-high boots were first worn by soldiers in the 15th century when they replaced their heavy and restraining armour. Over the knee-high boots allowed soldiers to move more quickly while still keeping their feet protected. This footwear was referred to as “cuissardes”, which is the French word for boots. Later, in the 19th century, women began to wear over the knee-high boots, which isn’t surprising considering how many male trends have been adopted by women in the past. However, the public wasn’t very happy about this.

It wasn’t until 1963 that over the knee-high boots truly received their spotlight. This is when Yves Saint-Laurent, along with Roger Vivier, presented slim over the knee-high boots decorated in fancy details, like crocodile leather. After this rebirth of the “cuissardes“, these shoes didn’t take long to grow in popularity, and production of not only leather but also vinyl over the knee-high boots began. They went perfectly with the then-popular mini skirts and became a true fashion icon. In the 80s, the popularity of over the knee-high boots slowed down a bit. They got a little bit shorter and the thick leather and vinyl were replaced by thin suede, giving the shoes a bit of a bohemian image. However, this short break in popularity came to an end in the 80s when Madonna began wearing over the knee-high boots in her music videos and at concerts. This gave the shoes back their “must-have” label. This autumn-winter season over the knee-high boots are once again storming the runways and store shelves.

Laura Bellariva

Knee-high boots are a timeless footwear classic, so it’s always a good time for a new pair!

Whether you’re looking for some black knee-high boots to fit into your wardrobe or are looking into beige shoes to brighten up your winter outfits, Dolita has got plenty in store.

History has shown that riding boots are by no means new in the fashion world, but this season, there are more racetrack-inspired trends on the runways than usual. During this autumn-winter season, shoemakers are offering classic stiff leather knee-high jockey boots with a low heel for those who love the classics and chunky knee-high boots for those who like to follow the newest fashion trends.

Classic knee-high boots

This year, Mattia Capezzani, a manufacturer of handmade footwear in the Marche region, pays tribute to traditional riding boots. These exclusive boots are made of smooth leather. The inside features leather and a zipper, and the sole is leather with rubber details.

Mattia Capezzani

3JUIN knee-high boots are wide and extra trendy, making them the true gem of the season. The wide and stiff boot is shaped like a cylinder, and the squared nose and mint detail at the top of the shoes is what makes them so unique. Match this model with mini or midi skirts or dresses.


For those looking for elegance and comfort, Pretty Ballerinas is offering classic laconic knee-high boots made from elastic, waterproof textile. The low heel and slim boot make a perfect choice for lovers of the classics. The inside of the shoe is made from leather and textile, and the sole is rubber. 

Pretty Ballerinas

A modern improvisation of knee-high boots

Laura Bellariva presents modernized riding boots with a large brown sole. These knee-high leather boots have a zipper up to the knees, genuine leather on the inside, and a chunky rubber sole. This modern interpretation of classic riding boots will smoothly complete any outfit.

Laura Bellariva

Elena Iachi's futuristic and avant-garde capsule collection “Aki” gives knee-high boots a brand new image. The lightweight and seemingly intangible models of this collection are made of technical textiles filled with faux feathers. The black glossy Elena Iachi knee-high boots with a zipper on the front and an extra-light rubber sole are extremely comfortable and warm, designed just for cold winters. The unique style of these knee-high boots will allow you to create numerous different images while also enjoying comfort.

Elena Iachi

Modern knee-high boots by Ixos feature a chunky sole and extra soft leather, and the subtle drapery on them gives them some extravagance. The elastic lining over the entire length of the boot and the zipper on the inside allows the boot to fit snugly over the leg, and the large textured rubber sole not only protects the feet from the cold but also makes them look super trendy.


For those missing light colours

It’s difficult to imagine a woman who would wear only black shoes during the winter. Would you like to put your black shoes to rest this autumn-winter season and would rather go for nude or pastel colours? Light-coloured knee-high boots are an important wardrobe element from autumn to spring, and matching them with the right clothing will help create an elegant and unique image. But you might be wondering - what should you wear them with?

Vittorio Virgili

If you’re planning on wearing light-coloured boots at the office, match them with a beige or grey suit with a skirt. They also go great with pants, jeans, chunky sweaters, dresses, or big scarves. Wear them with soft colour combinations. Just don’t forget that the true secret to a good outfit is layers.


Jaime Mascaro

Over the knee-high boots

If you’re tired of traditional knee-high boots or want to make your image a bit more feminine and refined, consider over the knee-high boots. A harmonious image can be created by combining these shoes with loose, oversized clothing. They also go great with both casual and formal wear. These shoes may have stirred up some anger within the public a hundred years ago, but today’s trends show that they’re universal and comfortable and deserve some extra attention.

This year, platform over the knee-high boots received a standing ovation when they appeared on the runways. It’s like they came straight from the 2000s. It doesn’t matter which model you choose: heeled or not, snug over the knee-high boots will make your legs look longer and help keep them warm. Combine them with knitted dresses, leather skirts, or thick shorts. Just don’t forget to compensate for the slimness of your boots with some loose clothing.

This Laura Bellariva model perfectly reflects the idea of being comfortable and democratic over knee-high boots. The shoes are made from leather and neoprene, have a partial zipper, and the extra trendy chunky sole is super lightweight. The upper part of the boot is minimally decorated with metal rivets.

Laura Bellariva boots go a bit over the knees, so they’d go perfectly with pants or jeans (tucked in the shoes, of course).

And now on to Premiata, who always remains faithful to the hottest trends of the season. The platform sole is 6-9 cm tall – a tribute to the now-popular 2000s trends. They feature extra soft leather on the surface, leather on the inside with a partial zipper, and the sole is made from extra-lightweight rubber.


Ixos knee-high boots are a gift from Italian shoemakers to a dynamic, self-confident woman who uses fashion to express herself. The upper part is made from very soft leather with an elastic technical textile part, and there’s a partial zipper on the inside. The comfortable and stable heel and rubber-leather sole will ensure maximum comfort. A true combination of esthetics and expression!


Strategia over the knee-high boots are an example of comfort and elegance that a young and sophisticated girl would never miss out on. The shoes made of smooth leather and elastic eco-leather fit snugly on the foot, and the large but lightweight rubber sole serves as a tribute to fashion trends and comfort.


Elena Iachi sends greetings from the trendy 2000s! As we mentioned above, platform boots are at an all-time high this season, and they’re likely to remain so for many years to come. This Elena Iachi model conveys the hottest trends of the season while at the same time remaining concise, making them easy to blend into any outfit for some extra charm.

Elena Iachi

We can probably all agree that knee-high boots deserve to be called favourites by many women, regardless of their preferred style. This article demonstrated how easily these shoes can blend into a business, sports, leisure, or formal outfit, so go ahead and choose your pair at our stores or shop online here.

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