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Gianluca Tombolini - with love from

Gianluca Tombolini - with love from

INTERVIEW | Although in recent years people often talk about ,,Made in Italy" philosophy and Italian quality, let's notice that unfortunately not every Italian brand can boast of such production and success stories. Since 1979 "" became world-famous shoes brand, telling customers not only the brand concept, but also footwear manufacturing traditions. "" designer Gianluca Tombolini and his unique design aesthetic offers a modern interpretation of femininity by creating thought-provoking forms of shoes. Friendship between "" and Dolita started 15 years ago.

Sant'Elpidio a Mare, Italy

"" factory and head office

At the "" factory


Gianluca Tombolini



The place you were born:

Sant'Elpidio a Mare, Italy.

Family for you...?


Credo of your life?


Your favourite city?


Your favourite perfume?

Dior ”Sauvage”. slippers

Tell us, how does your day begin?

Yogurt, coffee and going to work!

How was your first pair of shoes born? What kind of shoes it was?

It was an ankle boots, made of jeans and studs; it came from the picture I saw at Vogue. 

You live in a wonderful place: sun, sea, nature, wine… Could you tell us about inspiration? Maybe it is art? Architects? Other designer or singer?

Yes, for sure. The place where I live is a wonderful place and it gives me good mood every day. But I take good mood from music too, especially from Jazz music that I like to listen while drawing. I like painting too, especially the mix of colours that came from Mark Rothko paintings.

From factory to showroom

What does "” mean? How did you decide to give this name for your shoes brand?

Actually it was something that we decided in a few seconds. We like the sound of the word and the imagination that comes from it. And it makes me think about a colourful sunny day!

What does "’’ mean for you today?

It means hard work; passion and a task never give up!

Tell us about the changes of "’’ clients. For example, 10 years ago and now... How is she? How does she look?

We are a long story brand; so of course, the type of clients is different... But "” has identity, and we must stay true to it! We create urban design and contemporary, innovative products, so the " woman" must be stylish, sporty/rock and of course with a good taste of shoes! 

Iconic shoes

If someone invited you for collaboration, would you be interested in it?

It depends... I'm used to work with other collaborators, but most of the time I keep for myself the largest part of work.

If yes, whom or which brand would you like to collaborate with and create limited edition collection?

I would love to work with Givenchy!

Maybe you'll decide to create collection for men too?

Woman fashion is more interesting... And it gives me enough work for sure! shoes

"Made in Italy" today for you...?

“Made in Italy” is a guaranty of quality, work ethics and good materials.

"" shoes

3 ,,must have’’ shoes for this season?

Ankle boots, in all colours, heels in different materials!

What would you like to wish for our customers?

I would like to wish for all customers to live a good life wearing “” shoes!

Thank You,


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