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Summertime is a true wedding marathon. If you’ve been invited to a wedding but all the shoes you have are classic work shoes and casual sandals, it’s time to dive into the search for the perfect footwear! Don’t worry, searching for festive shoes is always nice and exciting!

Before starting to consider which shoes you should buy, you have to figure out two things: whether there’s a wedding theme and where the wedding ceremony and celebration will take place. So read more here about:

  • a vintage style wedding;
  • a royal and contemporary wedding;
  • a romantic wedding;
  • a rustic style wedding;
  • a beach wedding.

You’re wrong if you think that the place of the wedding shouldn’t affect your choice of shoes! After all, you wouldn’t want to walk down a stone path surrounded by ponds with swans while wearing 10-centimeter-high pointed heels? That’s why there must be appropriate clothing and footwear for every theme and place. And to look charming with such a huge selection of shoes is mission possible! 

Different newlyweds mean different wedding themes. But to come to a wedding wearing boring shoes that don’t match the theme which the newlyweds have put so much thought and effort into would be a true sin. Weddings with a certain theme often make us feel obligated and restrained but at the same time they give us new experiences and allow us to express our creativity and playfulness. After all, wouldn’t you want to see your partner in a non-restraining bohemian outfit for once? Or your woman in a pink dress, perfect high heels and with a big ribbon in her hair! So a wedding theme is just another new opportunity to improvise and discover yourself again.

A vintage style wedding

One of the most popular wedding themes is a vintage-style wedding. This style really never goes out of fashion and it isn’t subject to any trends. It’s like fashion that comes from the past. Weddings like this are usually organized in nature. Decorations, tables and even chairs almost whisper to you about the interesting and mysterious past and the main details of such weddings are in the colors and textures. Brown, yellowish and golden shades are dominant. In the presence of a vintage-style wedding, you should include glitter, lace, and pearls in your wardrobe. You can turn your footwear into the main detail of your outfit by choosing shoes with a round nose, a Cuban heel, a minimalistic and decorative buckle, full grain leather or suede. And don't forget coral tone!

Chie Mihara

The Chie Mihara footwear with a comfortable shape, sturdy and thick heels will undoubtedly allow you to dance until the morning! And the exclusive retro-spirited design, textures and color combinations will leave every guest charmed.

Chie Mihara


Chie Mihara

You must be thinking: but what should a man wear to match this wedding theme? We recommend the true Italian modern classic footwear Moma, Premiata, Lemargo. These shoes are made from aged leather and they have a classic but also modern shape which makes them the perfect choice for a man’s vintage image!

Chie Mihara

Premiata and Lemargo

Premiata and Moma


Moma and Premiata

A royal and contemporary wedding

A luxurious and refined wedding that often takes place in the heart of the city. A fancy and stylish setting, crystals, burgundy roses, plenty of candles and lights. The celebration is planned out very precisely to the smallest detail. Choose a minimalist but elegant image at such a fancy wedding. Give up any unnecessary accessories, boring prints, and materials. Choose lace, velvet and other luxurious materials. High heels are an absolute must at such a wedding as they emphasize femininity, highlight your figure and make you look very elegant.



Greymer and Bruno Bordese

This season, shiny leather, metalized details and strangely-shaped heels predominate. Feel free to create a colorful look which will fit right in with all the happy wedding emotions.

Malloni and Rocco P.

Rocco P. and Premiata

Dear brides, don’t be afraid to choose black or silver ankle boots to go with your short wedding dress - you’ll not only receive tons of compliments but you’ll also look like you’re from the cover of “Vogue”.


Tipe e Tacchi

A romantic wedding

A romantic wedding consists of plenty of candles, a sea of flowers and a cozy and exciting dusk. Fairy lights, lanterns, candles make it feel like love is in the air! Loose dresses, pastel colors and light shades- that’s how the guests should look. Keep your red lipstick at home, switch over to a soft lip gloss. Choose cozy shoes or sandals. Lose the image of an anxious woman or an ambitious man. Give in to true sincerity and romance. 

Mascaro and Greymer


Pomme D'Or and Pretty Ballerinas

Premiata and Greymer

Let’s not forget sneakers which will not only emphasize your youthfulness but will allow you to feel comfortable all day long.

Philippe Model and Premiata

Bruno Bordese and Premiata

A rustic style wedding

This is a wedding theme that grew in popularity just a few years ago and since then is being discovered by more and more couples. A country-style barn, wildflowers, hay, elements of the village and living nature. Beautiful, romantic, and uncanny. This wedding theme doesn’t restrict you. The wedding carries a sense of freedom and viability, your outfit and shoes shouldn’t restrain your movements. Maybe you’ll weave crowns for the bride and let them go in the river at night making wishes...

Rocco P.

Gianfranco Butteri and

Tipe e Tacchi and Lemargo

Moma and Ink

Premiata and Del Carlo

Giampiernonicola and Ink

Strategia and Rocco P.

A beach wedding

Oh… what could be more romantic than getting married on a seafront. Beach weddings are not subject to any trends or styles. The crunching golden sand beneath your feet, the rustle of the sea, the light and warm breeze. Blue shades, hats, light shoes and sandals that are easy to take off when rushing out to see the sunset with your feet dipped into the wavy sea.


Ixos and

Rocco P. and Laura Bellariva

Premiata and Voile Blanche

There will never be enough weddings so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out different styles. But never forget that there are certain rules that must be followed. Never choose anything extreme or excessive. We wish you an unforgettable, playful and eventful wedding!

All mentioned designers and their brands can be found here: DOLITASHOES.COM

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