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How to extend the life of your sneakers? | DO’S and DON’Ts

How to extend the life of your sneakers? | DO’S and DON’Ts

Today's fashion is no longer imaginable without sneakers, no matter what they look like. This type of footwear requires dedicated care. Whether your shoes are made of textiles or only part of the leather, the way you clean them is crucial. We have been Collonil representatives in Lithuania for many years and can confidently recommend Collonil Carbon LAB products!

Do's for lengthening the life of a new pair of shoes. This is a common issue at the start of the rainy season or after a snowfall. Dolita delivers the best on the market.

CARBON LAB is a range of shoe care products developed by sneaker designer Hikmet Sugoer. He shares his passion for shoes and his desire to offer only the best with Collonil.

All product development expertise is combined into one product line - CARBON LAB. Sneakers are the shoes of our time. They have become an irreplaceable part of our everyday footwear and the highlight of our outfits. With our extensive experience in leather and textile care, we have developed a range of products that protect, clean, and care for sneakers from sole to top.

With these CARBON LAB products: 

1. Clean the sole and remove other dirt

Depending on footwear and material, we use Collonil Carbon Cleaner foam, Carbon Midsole Cleaner, Carbon Cleaner Solution, Carbon Nubuck, and Suede Cleaner.

Collonil Carbon Cleaner Foam

Carbon Midsole Cleaner

Carbon Cleaner Solution

Carbon Nubuck ir Suede Cleaner

Carbon Spot Cleaner

2. Impregnate with Carbon Protecting Spray

Long-lasting, high-quality protection for all materials. The protective spray creates an invisible, breathable, and resistant protective shield on all surfaces. Protects against moisture and dirt.

Water is a natural element that needs to be tamed. Water is powerful, both in terms of natural disasters and shoe care. Too much moisture can instantly damage your shoes. Although most leathers are soaked in oils to naturally impregnate them (in fact, this method was used in Ancient Egypt), they still need to be coated with an invisible, breathable, and, most importantly, waterproof membrane film to renew them to give them elasticity and shine. 

Carbon Protecting Spray

Nourish with Carbon Sneaker Care. Moisturizes the leather.

Perfect for smooth and rough leather. Also, for footwear with technical textile mesh and leather combinations. More than 90% natural and aerosol-free.

Carbon Sneaker Care

Do's if the sole or edges of my shoes are worn out. We recommend Collonil Carbon Midsole Cleaner or Collonil Carbon Cleaning Solution for cleaning the sole.

The product helps remove dirt, refreshes the color of the sole, and perfectly cleans white soles; it is a universal product suitable for all materials: both rubber foam and crepe rubber soles.

Apply a small amount of the product to a cotton cloth and spread it evenly over the surface. Then, wipe off dirt and product residues with a damp cloth.



Do's for cleaning when you are not sure what materials your shoes are made of. Or renewing the color. We recommend the versatile Collonil Carbon Cleaning Foam for cleaning footwear or handbags made of any material. This is a high-quality cleaning foam for convenient and quick cleaning. The foam penetrates the deepest layers of the material and removes the dirt accumulated there. This product is not only for cleaning surfaces (leather and textiles) but also for renewing their colors. A small amount of foam and a cleaning wipe or sponge is sufficient. This is a new product.

Flower Mountain

The advantages of this product: it helps to remove dirt even from the deepest layers, it cleans white shoes perfectly, it is a versatile product suitable for all materials: leather, eco-leather, fur, textile, nylon, etc., it refreshes the color, and it is quick and easy to use.

Application. Hold the spray head vertically downwards, spray a small amount onto a damp Collonil sponge, use the sponge to spread the product evenly on the surface in a circular motion, and wipe off dirt and residue with a damp cloth.

Do's if the shoes are made of nubuck or suede leather. We recommend Collonil Carbon Nubuck & Suede Cleaner for dry cleaning of suede and nubuck. You'll easily and quickly remove stains and minor scratches.

Voile Blanche


Do's for unpleasant odors. Bad odor can be easily overcome by spraying your shoes with Collonil Carbon Odor Cleaner occasionally before and after wearing them. This is another innovation we offer! This is one of the most important stages, as a proper fight against bacteria and unpleasant odors ensures hygiene and a fresh smell.

We recommend Carbon Odor Cleaner. A pleasantly fresh scent! A few occasional sprays are all it takes, and the results immediately appear.

Philippe Model

The advantages of this product. The product prevents the unpleasant odor of sweat and prevents bacteria, provides a pleasant smell, and eliminates odors such as sweat, tobacco and cigarette smoke, kitchen odors, etc. This makes it suitable not only for footwear but also for handbags, sports bags, suitcases, outdoor clothing, car interiors, etc.

Application. Spray the product on the inside of the footwear, spray for about 5 seconds, wipe with a cotton cloth and let dry for about 30 seconds.

Whether the inside is leather, partly textile, natural, or faux fur, it's always good to have in your shoe care kit.

Impregnation! One of the essential care products for footwear is a protection spray. The right choice is Collonil Carbon Protecting Spray, a new structured formula that creates long-lasting protection for all types of leather and fabrics. This new generation of protection spray coats the surface with an invisible membrane, forming a protective net that prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating the deeper layers of the leather. Most footwear, handbags, and clothing are made from coarser, textured leather or textiles. This measure protects against the infiltration of dust and dirt. So not only does this protection spray perform its primary function of protecting against moisture, but it also prevents the build-up of dirt. These are the latest discoveries made by Collonil in their products. It is the use of these technologies that are revolutionizing shoe care. 


Why impregnate? Surfaces coated with Collonil Carbon LAB's Collonil Carbon Protecting Spray have the following properties: become resistant to oily materials, water, dirt does not penetrate the deep layers of the products, surfaces are protected for a long time with an invisible, breathable coating, less susceptible to bacteria, mold, better UV protection, suitable for all types of materials, suitable not only for footwear but also for textiles, haberdashery, eco-leather, vegan leather, leather, fur.

Do's for keeping the leather supple and soft. We recommend Collonil Carbon Sneaker Care, another new product, to keep the leather soft and moisturized. Natural looks are not a thing of exclusivity or fashion these days but a necessity.

The advantages of this product. 90% of the product's ingredients are natural. Rich in aloe vera and valuable oils that nourish the leather and revitalize its color, the product is suitable for smooth leather, suede, nubuck, short natural fur, and protects the leather against moisture loss and dryness.

Application. Shake before use, spray 20 cm from the surface of the footwear, allow to soak in, and dry for approx. 10 minutes.


We recommend buying a few new pairs of shoes for spring/summer. And to protect your shoes from moisture, rain, and other environmental factors, all you need to do is follow our tips, clean, waterproof and polish them properly. We recommend the best products from Collonil. With more than 100 years of experience as a shoe care manufacturer, the effectiveness of its products is evident.

DOLITA is the official distributor of Collonil Carbon LAB products in Lithuania. You can buy these products at Dolita Stores: Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda.

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