What should you do and what should you avoid in order to enjoy your new pair of shoes for as long as possible? This question commonly arises when the rainy season begins. Dolita introduces the new “Collonil Carbon LAB” product collection. Five brand new products produced in Germany.

The first hints of rain and the cold are signs that it’s time to take care of your footwear. The most important rule to follow is to not dry your wet shoes on or next to heaters! The leather will shrink and may crack up, and the shape of the sole may become distorted. These are just a few unpleasant outcomes of drying your footwear with a heater. For drying your shoes, use the “Collonil” natural wooden shoe trees which will absorb the moisture and preserve the shape and elasticity of the shoes. It is recommended to dry the shoes in a ventilated room.

Wooden Collonil shoe-trees

Paradoxically, shoe leather must also be cleaned, impregnated, nourished, given shine by polishing them or just renewed and prepared for the new season. But what should you do in order to preserve or revive the color? To answer any possible questions concerning shoe care, we will share all the recommended products and tips with you.


Premiata Sneakers shoes

Vic Matie shoes

Water is an element of nature that must be adapted to. Water is powerful both in terms of natural phenomena and footwear care. Too much moisture can ruin your shoes in the blink of an eye. Although most leather is soaked in oil to naturally impregnate it (this tactic was actually used back in Ancient Egypt), it must still be covered in an invisible, breathable and, most importantly, waterproof membrane layer and renewed, given elasticity and shine.


Rocco P. shoes

Modern leather processing technology transforms the upper layer of the leather into a true piece of art. Sometimes, we wonder how to take care of and impregnate shiny, laminated leathers, how to renew laser cut leather layers and how to enjoy new eco-leather or textile shoes for as long as possible. Innovative technological solutions in the market of footwear care are making miracles happen.

Step #ONE – clean the sole and renew its color!

Sneakers with fur! Yup, that’s right! This is the ideal choice for those who can’t imagine their lives and everyday wardrobe without lightweight, comfortable sneakers. It seems that the imagination of footwear designers is endless. Now, hybrid shoes, as well as sneakers are becoming popular. They’re called hybrid shoes because they feature a classicly-shaped but sporty sole. We often wonder how to quickly and easily renew them for the upcoming season. Well, we’re about to tell you simply and in detail how to prepare your beloved or new (or maybe even your must-have) sneakers or leisure shoes for the next season. Let’s get into it!

Collonil Carbon Midsole Cleaner + Collonil sponge

Cleaning with Collonil Carbon Midsole Cleaner

Premiata Sneakers shoes

High-quality and innovative footwear products from Germany are the ideal choice. For cleaning the sole, we offer the “Collonil Carbon Midsole Cleaner”. This is a universal product, suitable for all materials.

Benefits of this product:

  • helps remove dirt;
  • renews the color of the sole;
  • cleans white soles perfectly;
  • a universal product, suitable for all materials. Both for rubber foam and crepe rubber soles.


  • spray a small amount on a cotton “Collonil” cloth;
  • evenly spread it out on the surface;
  • wipe off the remaining dirt with a damp cloth;

Today’s fashion is pretty much unimaginable without sneakers, no matter what kind. However, certain products are required in the care for these shoes. No matter if your shoes are made from textile or partly from leather, cleaning them with water will definitely harm or completely ruin your shoes. Water will not only harden the leather but it may also cause your soles to peel off as the glue will start to melt from high quantities of water (or washing in high temperature). Take care of your footwear with “Collonil Carbon LAB” products.

Step #TWO – clean any surface!

Our recommended product “Collonil Carbon Cleaning Foam” is suitable for cleaning footwear or handbags made from any materials. This is high-quality cleaning foam for cleaning your shoes comfortably and quickly. The foam soaks into the deepest layers of your footwear and removes all accumulated dirt. This product is suitable not only for cleaning the surface of leather and textile but also for renewing the color. All you need is a small amount of the foam and a cleaning cloth or sponge. This is a universal and new product.


Collonil Carbon Cleaning Foam - a universal product, suitable for all materials

Benefits of this product:

  • removes dirt even from the deepest layers;
  • cleans white shoes perfectly;
  • a universal product, suitable for all materials: leather, eco-leather, fur, textile, nylon, etc.;
  • renews the color;
  • fast and comfortable to use.


  • hold vertically with spray nozzle downward;
  • spray a small amount on a damp “Collonil” sponge;
  • in circular movements, evenly spread out the product on the surface;
  • wipe off the remaining dirt with a damp cloth;
  • once the product has completely dried, other “Collonil” nourishing or impregnation products may be used.

Step #THREE – stop unpleasant smells!

A bad smell can easily be tackled if you spray your shoes with the deodorant “Collonil Carbon Odor Cleaner” before and after wearing. This is another one of our new offerings! Stop unpleasant smells. This step is one of the most important ones because fighting bacteria and unpleasant smells ensure hygiene and a fresh smell. Most people have no idea how many bacteria hide on various surfaces. Bacteria that cause bad smells are very harmful, especially in contact with skin.

Collonil Carbon Odor Cleaner - "2 in 1"

Benefits of this product:

  • protects both against bad smells and bacteria;
  • provides a pleasant scent, removes unpleasant smells, such as sweat, tobacco and cigarette smoke, kitchen smells, etc. It is suitable not only for footwear but for handbags, sports bags, suitcases, clothes, car interior, etc;
  • bad smells are removed even with everyday wear and they are stopped before they even start to spread.


  • spray the inside of the shoes;
  • spray for about 5 seconds;
  • wipe with a cotton “Collonil” cloth and let dry for about 30 s.

No matter whether the inside of your shoes is leather, partly covered with textile, natural or faux leather - this product is a complete must-have in your footwear care collection.

Step #FOUR  – impregnation!

One of the most important footwear care products is an impregnator. The “Collonil Carbon Protecting Spray” is a new formula providing long-lasting protection for all types of leather and fabrics. This next-generation impregnator covers the surface in an invisible membrane which doesn’t allow any moisture or dirt to be absorbed in the deeper layers of leather. Most models of footwear, handbags, clothes are made from rougher, textured leather or textile. This product will protect against the absorption of dust and dirt. So, this impregnator not only performs its main function- protection against moisture, but it also prevents dirt accumulation. This reflects the newest discoveries used in “Collonil” products. Precisely due to the use of these technologies, this is a revolution in the footwear care industry.

Inovative impregnator Collonil Carbon Protecting Spray

Surfaces covered with the “Collonil Carbon LAB” impregnator “Collonil Carbon Protecting Spray” obtain these features:

  • oil and water resistant;
  • dirt is not absorbed into the deeper layers;
  • protected with a long-lasting, breathable layer;
  • less sensitive to bacteria and mold;
  • protected against UV rays;
  • suitable for all materials;
  • suitable not only for footwear but also for textile products, haberdashery, eco-leather, vegan leather, fur.


  • shake well before using;
  • spray at a 30 cm distance in a well-ventilated room;
  • evenly spray the surface a few times and let dry for about 10 min;
  • repeat impregnation after wearing 12-15 times.

Step #FIVE – leather care!

In order to preserve the elasticity and moisture balance of the footwear, as well as the shine of the fur, we recommend another new product, “Collonil Carbon Leather Care”. These days, naturalness is no longer exclusive or fashionable, it is a necessity.

Collonil Carbon Leather Care

Benefits of this product:

  • the product is conducted of 90% natural materials. It is rich in aloe vera and valuable oils which will not only nourish the leather but also revive the color;
  • suitable for smooth leather, suede, nubuck, and short natural fur;
  • protects the leather from loss of moisture and drying out.


  • shake well before using;
  • spray at a 20 cm distance from the surface;
  • let the product soak in and dry for about 10 minutes;
  • enjoy your renewed shoes or handbag.

For autumn and winter, we recommend buying a few new pairs of shoes: leisure sneakers (especially those with fur on the inside!), ankle boots or rougher militaristic boots and, of course, super warm shoes with fur or wool on the inside, which are perfect for our cold winters. In order to protect your shoes from moisture, rain, snow, and other external factors, all you need to do is follow our tips, properly clean, impregnate, polish and enjoy your shoes for a very long time. We recommend the best products from “Collonil”. The effectiveness of the products of this footwear care product manufacturer with over 100 years of experience is evident.

DOLITA is an official distributor of “Collonil Carbon LAB“ products in Lithuania. These products are available at Dolita stores in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda.

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