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When all we see through the window is snow, frost, dampness, rain, sleet, and snow again, we often ask ourselves: which shoes should we wear in order to keep our feet warm and to look stylish? -10°C -30°C!? The best way to overcome the cold is to have proper footwear in advance. It’s easy to choose warm and stylish shoes during the winter, if:

- you’re choosing shoes of the same brand for many seasons because you know what works for you!;

- you’re buying the shoes at a store which gives you all the needed information about the product;

- you got a recommendation, which makes it much easier to choose;

- you pay attention to the country in which the footwear was made and the materials.

When choosing footwear online for women and men, pay close attention to the size. Models with fur are often actually smaller. To find out how to choose the correct size when shopping online, click here.

We also pay attention to the most important aspects of winter footwear: the sole, the materials inside the footwear, the sewing and the design.

THE SOLE. For winter footwear the materiality of the sole is extremely important. Soles for winter footwear include crepe rubber, rubber foam, Vibram and St. Moritz, and the new-generation BASF’s elastopan®.

Vibram and Himalaya soles

THE INSIDE OF THE FOOTWEAR. Warmth-ensuring materials: sheepskin, wool, Thinsulate® textile, wool tartan, natural and faux fur.

Voile Blanche | Fully fur lined sneakers

Premiata and Jog Dog | Fully wool and fur lined

MATERIALITY. Choose footwear made with durable and not necessarily thick leather. Most leather is soaked in oil for additional impregnation. Also, don’t avoid nylon and textile.

Jog Dog | Windproof and waterproof textile

SEWING TECHNOLOGIES. This is an extremely important aspect when it comes to heavy humidity or direct precipitation. Italians use old and well-tested footwear sewing technologies and combine them with innovative ideas and designer decisions.

Jog Dog ankle high boots


DESIGN. Extremely warm footwear with fur on the inside and also stylish?! It’s like an oxymoron, often used to describe winter footwear for men and women. Designer footwear, modern materials and production technologies allow warm footwear to be of high quality, lightweight, long-lasting and extremely stylish.

Halmanera heeled shoes

Gianfranco Butteri boots

Soles with protectors

One of the most important aspects when choosing footwear for the cold season is paying lots of attention to the sole. Often, the main accent of the shoe is precisely the sole. Its lightness allows you to move freely. Soles from rubber foam are not only lightweight but also ensure impact absorption and thermoregulation. Warm + comfortable + stylish!

Premiata for men

NOCLAIM for women

Most of them have protectors and a militaristic shape. Such footwear is one of the most suitable for the winter not only because of its physical qualities but also because of its great traction. These models predominate in Laura Bellariva, Premiata, NOCLAIM,, Attimonelli's, Giampieronicola, Voile Blanche, Jod Dog and other models. The heavy, massive sole has changed and transformed with time due to innovative technologies. Comfort and design have become the most important objectives of footwear producers when transforming the original image of heavy military footwear without changing its essential functions and qualities. So, traction, resistance to friction, the cold, and humidity are the most important qualities of footwear with sole protectors! Protect your feet!

Halmanera fully fur lined

Winter footwear with these soles:

- protect against slipping;

- guarantee comfort and warmth;

- guarantee longevity.

New-generation soles! Specially for our winter weather!

These are new-generation soles which are offered in Jog Dog models. Models with BASF’s elastopan® soles protect in temperatures down to -30°C! They protect not only against the frost and slipping but also against many other external factors: salts, acids, oils and other harmful substances. They have been eagerly-awaited and loved by customers for many seasons!

Jog Dog for women

These soles are used not only in everyday footwear but also in footwear for winter expeditions. So believe us when we say that you’ll feel like you’re walking on a warm summer beach during the winter.

Winter footwear with these soles:

- protect in temperatures down to –30°C;

- have an extremely light and long-lasting sole;

- the sole absorbs the impact of wearing the shoes which is extremely important for your joints;

- has ideal thermoregulation qualities, so your foot will remain dry at all times.

Footwear with rubber foam soles

EVA or EXTRA LIGHT – a flexible, soft sole made using a special technology reduces the impact on your feet, absorbs the impact and reduces the load on your feet.

These soles:

- ensure water resistance;

- ensure stability;

- guarantee warmth;

- guarantee friction resistance;

- the Extra light sole is more flexible, which allows your feet to move naturally;

- ensure maximum comfort;

- are extremely stylish!

Voile Blanche and Premiata

Voile Blanche and Premiata

Footwear with Vibram and St. Moritz soles

The founder of Vibram created shoes which ensure stability, durability, and traction. The reason behind this is the fact that his friend had recently slipped and died on a snowy mountain due to slippery soles. This acted as an incentive to create soles which would guarantee excellent traction and which would not only be friction-resistant but would also have extremely good thermoregulation qualities.

Premiata with Vibram sole

At first, these soles were only used for mountaineering footwear. Later, they were used not only for mountain sports but also for winter and water sport footwear. Now, these soles are increasingly used by designers when creating footwear. And not only because of the great technical qualities but also because the used molding technology allows designers to create truly unique soles. This sole is the guarantor of longevity and high quality.

St. Moritz soles feature the same qualities as Vibram soles. The primary goal was similar - to create soles suitable for skiers and other athletes visiting winter resorts.

Benefits of Vibram and St. Moritz soles:

- one-hundred-percent sustainability of friction and impact;

- resistance to the cold and changes in temperature (rain, snow, ice, heat etc.);

- comfort;

- lightness;

- traction (protection against slipping);

Footwear with wool and sheepskin

Sheepskin features ideal resistance to the cold in temperatures all the way down to –30°C! This is one of the best materials for thermal insulation. At low temperatures, it keeps you warm and at high temperatures, it makes sure you don’t heat up. Sheep fur also perfectly absorbs humidity and makes it evaporate. Most sheepskin is covered in lanolin which protects against bacteria and soothes your skin.

Vic Matie for women for women

We probably don’t need to prove to you that footwear with fur is ideal for our winter weather. For many years, fur has been used for protection against the cold. This is the oldest tool which was used even in the harshest, coldest places around the globe. This season, Dolita offers extremely stylish models with fur for her and him.

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