There’s always snow, frost, humidity, and sleet during the cold season. So how can you choose suitable and stylish footwear during the winter? In this article, we will present the essential factors that ensure warmth and comfort for your feet and will help keep the image of your wardrobe.


When choosing footwear for winter, it is very important to pay attention to the sole. It should prevent slipping, ensure comfort, hydrophobic qualities, thermoregulation, and durability.


This is probably the newest trend in the field of footwear and accessory production.  Epoxy resin covers footwear or parts of it. Who else, if not the creative Italians, could offer such unique artistic masterpieces to the world by applying the latest technologies and old sewing technologies to footwear. It is artistic because each product covered with resin becomes unique.
Epoxy is a system that consists of two components - resin and hardeners. By mixing these two components, a chemical reaction begins to form a rigid plastic that is solid and very durable and is not harmful to our health. Epoxy is extremely strong and flexible at the same time.

O.X.S Rubber Soul boots for men


Treaded footwear is often associated with military footwear. This type of footwear is one of the most suitable for the winter, not only because of the physical qualities but also because of the sole’s good grip to the surface. Good grip, resistance to friction, cold, and water, are the most important qualities of treaded shoes.

Premiata and N°21 boots for men


Hevea brasiliensis, the so-called “rubber tree” is native in South America, the Amazon region, and in Southeast Asia. The bark of this tree releases a white liquid called latex. It is processed into natural rubber which is then processed into products made out of vulcanized crepe rubber.

Footwear with crepe rubber has not only special physical qualities: resistance to friction, hydrophobic qualities and thermoregulation, but it is also extremely stylish.

Comfort and quality. Footwear with a crepe rubber sole is comfortable because the weight is evenly divided over the exposed surface area, spreading evenly so that it does not overload your feet and also reduces tiredness. Since the crepe rubber soles are made out of vulcanized rubber and plasticizers, they become resistant not only to temperature differences but also to friction. ir Vic Matie ankle boots with crepe sole

Laura Bellariva ir Strategia ankle boots with crepe sole 


,,EVA” or ,,EXTRA LIGHT”– is a flexible, soft sole made with a special technique (a mixture of rubber and foam rubber). It reduces and absorbs pressure on the foot. These types of soles:
– ensure stability;
– have thermoregulation and thermal resistance;
– are friction-resistant;
– provide comfort and ease;
– The “extra light’’ sole makes the shoe more flexible and helps mimic natural foot movements;
– Provides mass center distribution and reduces pressure.

O.X.S. ankle boots with rubber foam sole


Initially, this type of sole was used only for mountaineering shoes. Today, such soles are used not only for mountain sports but also for winter and water sports, fishermen, runners or casual shoes. They are also used for footwear not only because of the technological features of the Vibram sole but also because the sole is exceptionally stylish, easy to transform and very comfortable. These soles ensure durability and quality.
Vibram sole advantages:
– 100% sustainability of friction, impact;
– resistance to the cold or change of temperature (rain, snow, ice, heat, etc.);
– comfort;
– ease;
– grip (slip-resistant);
– long-lasting.

Premiata with vibram soles 

Premiata Sneakers with vibram soles


Heels for winter? Yes! If you do not intend to quit heeled shoes in the winter, you should pay attention to those models with a thick, big and stable heel and the sole should be a platform. This footwear will undoubtedly decorate your winter wardrobe.

Strategia, Vic Matie and Premiata heeled shoes 


Thanks to their extremely good thermoregulation qualities, slip-resistant sole, comfort and ease of use, design and new technologies, these types of boots are ideal for snowy city winters.

NEW! JOG DOG moon boots are now available at Dolita stores and online. 

The joy of movement, the freedom to move and the true ease of a walking when wearing the comfortable JOG DOG shoes designed for your active and stylish leisure. JOG DOG moon boots are made out of innovative membrane fabric. Thanks to this fabric, the footwear stays dry, water, wind and cold resistant (protects from the cold at temperatures as low as -25°C!).

JOG DOG uses innovative membrane fabrics for footwear production. Here is why:

– Water and wind resistant “breathing” fabric. The membrane consists of tiny pores, each of which is approximately 20,000 times smaller than the smallest drop of water, but about 700 times bigger than the particle of water vapor.
– The footwear stays dry. 100% impregnated materials are used. Products manufactured under this technology are processed in a vacuum chamber with a chemical that penetrates into the product by creating a water-resistant microscopic layer that reliably protects against water.
– Cold and wind resistance. Thermoregulation and wind-resistant materials are used.

JOG DOG for women

JOG DOG for men


Natural fur has been associated with warmth and safety since ancient times, even back in the Stone Age. Natural fur on the inside of the shoe is ideal protection against cold weather. Sheep fur is one of the most suitable furs for the inside of your shoes. Because of its softness and density, it will not only adapt to your foot perfectly, but the shoe will not be heavy or appear visually massive.

Veal leather. It's incredibly soft and undoubtedly one of the most popular types of leather on the fashion market.
Cow leather.  Cow leather is one of the most commonly used types of leather. This leather is very durable and long-lasting.  It is strong and friction-resistant. Due to the thermoregulation qualities, this footwear is perfect for winter.

Horse leather. This leather is exceptionally shiny, firm and long-lasting. It is resistant to temperature changes and water. Due to how long-lasting and durable it is, this leather is perfect for winter footwear.
Sheep leather This is soft, durable and easy-to-maintain leather. Sheep leather is used both on the inside and outside of shoes, so it is cold-resistant.

MyGrey and Ixos ankle boots with calfskin

Sheep fur. Sheep fur has great thermoregulation and cold resistance. It is one of the best heat-maintaining thermoregulators. Sheep fur has exceptional qualities and is dynamic. When exposed to temperature changes it is able to shrink and expand. At extremely low temperatures it heats up, in high temperatures, it prevents overheating. Sheep fur perfectly absorbs and evaporates water. Most sheep furs are covered with lanolin which protects against germs and soothes our skin.

Rocco P. and Silavno Sassetti with sheep fur


Choosing warm and stylish designer shoes is really easy if it's the work of Italian craftsmen. Whatever the weather is outside, you always want to be stylish, and it is worth it to invest in winter shoes. If you want to look stylish and also protect yourself from the cold, you don’t necessarily have to choose boots with the inside completely covered with fur. But the shoes should have fur on the inner sole and up to the ankle. Trademarks such as “”, “Strategia”, and “Vic Matie” offer not only boots and sports shoes with sheep fur for this season, but also booties with fur on the inside!  knee high boots with fur

In order to both look stylish and make it through the cold season, we recommend choosing models with fur up to the ankles or knee-high boots with a bit of wool/fur, but with extra soft leather (veal or deer). These shoes will not visually widen your legs. Although deer leather is one of the softest types of leather, it is in the top five strongest types of leather.

Giampieronicola shoes with fur ankle high boot with rabbit fur and wool lined boot from Kelton 

Italian designers offer thick-soled boots, but this isn’t enough for our winters. Not all countries have snowy winters, and in some European countries, winter temperatures are as high as 5°C (or even higher).

Most models with fur are ordered by DOLITA especially for cold Lithuanian winters. For cold winters and harsh climates, we order shoes with fur up to the ankles. So, when ordering shoes for the winter, we offer protection against the cold, comfort, uniqueness, and exceptional designer style.

Model with fur ordered by DOLITA for cold winters. Shoes with fur up to the ankles.


SIZE/INSTEP. It is very important to choose the right size. Some types of leather can stretch a bit during wear (cow, veal, etc.), but other types of leather are very strong (horse, buffalo).  If your foot has a high instep, avoid slip-on shoes without laces or zippers. If your instep is too tight, the shoes will be uncomfortable and cause abnormal blood flow.
MAINTENANCE. When buying winter shoes, do not forget to buy suitable products for their care. First of all, use impregnators. Many people think that they only help with water resistance. But the new-generation “Collonil” impregnator Carbon Pro will protect against dirt, water, snow, salt, fading. Nanotechnologies and innovative formulas used in “Collonil” leather care products will perfectly protect your shoes during the winter. 
SALT. If your shoes have been damaged by salt, it is important to wipe it off right away. Clean the top layer of dirt with a dry or damp cotton cloth. For suede shoes, first, brush them off and then use other special tools and brushes to clean the stains.
DRYING. Dry at room temperature (shoes can be dried on heated floors that are not hotter than 35°C). You can also use natural shoe trees that will absorb water.
Do not dry wet shoes on radiators or other dryers. We strongly advise against this: the shoe sole can slip off, and the leather can wrinkle or harden.

“Collonil“ impregnator: Carbon Pro

DOLITA is an official distributor of “Collonil“ products in Lithuania.
All “Collonil“ products can be found at  DOLITA stores.
More models for the cold season at DOLITA stores and online.


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