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Holiday rock ’n’ roll!

Holiday rock ’n’ roll!

The culture of Christmas and New Year’s is finally bringing some changes. Instead of small, meaningless gifts, we buy our friends nice and cozy dinners. Instead of overloaded tables, we have endless conversations with loved ones by the fireplace. Instead of presents which we never even end up using, we buy well-known, high-quality items. Instead of being crazy busy and worried until the New Year arrives, we try to remain calm and not to create a fuss about which clothes and shoes to wear. It’s like we’re starting to follow the sayings:

“Less but better” and “Choose wisely"!

There’s plenty of room for new stylistic discoveries and meaningful gifts. If you’re choosing footwear for a celebration or a gift for a loved one, we hope that this article will feed your imagination and inspire you for the holiday season. We will share some tips on how Dolita footwear can change your holiday image and help answer this common question before the holidays: which gifts should I buy!

Del Carlo ir Premiata


Do you have any friends who are crazy about stylish footwear? Are you looking for some exclusive Italian footwear for your husband or boyfriend? Dolita has prepared some exclusive, festive gift cards for your loved ones which you can buy at our nearest store.

Holiday rock ’n’ roll!

This year, when we were thinking about the footwear to show you on this holiday list, we considered some key criteria. First: bold and maybe even eccentric shoes should be the main accent of your holiday outfit. Second: confidently choose stylish ankle boots with your sparkly outfit. Third: let your hair down, turn on that good mood and celebrate with a smile on your face!

Strategia and Emanuelle Vee

McQ by Alexnader McQueen and Strategia

With the Christmas record spinning, the Christmas tree shining, the fluffy snow falling and the clock showing the last hours until the New Year, show everybody your best self. For this period, we recommend choosing footwear with patent leather, heeled ankle boots decorated with rivets and crystals, bold colors, many sparkly details and modern shoe forms matched with your evening outfit. Such models predominate in, Strategia, Halmanera, Vic Matie, Premiata and other collections.


 Greymer and Del Carlo

Paaaaartyyyyy at work!

How to look formal but also stylish during a business party? Well, the whole purpose of the party is to escape from the classic and restrictive dress code for at least one evening. The team will curiously look down at the new pair of shoes decorating your feet. If you don’t have enough time to get ready at home after a busy day at work, all you’ll need is a few steps which will completely transform your image: some lipstick, shining earrings or a necklace, and, of course, some stylish shoes!

Emanuelle Vee and Sebastian

Let’s briefly forget about work. Make sure you look and feel absolutely glamorous that night and share your favorite memories from the whole year with your colleagues while dancing to the “Jingle Bells” beat.

To create your desired image, check out Emanuelle Vee, Sebastian, Jaime Mascaro, Pretty Ballerinas and other models from the Dolita collection. Here, you’ll find modern, elegant forms, subtle shine, thick soles, and extremely comfortable shoetrees.

 Pretty Ballerinas

The Modern Cinderella story right before New Year’s!

It is said that Christmas time is mysterious and full of surprises. New Year’s night is often frosty, so we don’t recommend wearing sandals to the yearly celebration. For some time now, haute couture masters and editors of the most fashionable magazines have been suggesting matching knee-high boots and retro-style footwear with silk dresses, lace, sparkly fabrics, and to finish off the whole outfit with an oversized coat. By the way, this season, exotic animal prints and Wild West-inspired footwear are dominant. Exclusive, stylish models predominate in, ,Halmanera, Sebastian, Premiata, Chie and other collections.

Halmanera and Chie and Sebatian

A festive business lunch

The image of a modern city’s dandy is unimaginable without some exclusive Italian shoes. During the festive period, swap the tie for a bow tie, don’t avoid choosing boldly different coats, and swap the strict footwear corresponding to the etiquette for modern-shaped shoes with laces or buckles. We recommend footwear from Alexander Hotto, Premiata, Giampieronicola, Del Carlo and other collections.

Alexander Hotto and Moma

Del Carlo and Giampieronicola

A Christmas party with friends

Relax. Play your loved Frank Sinatra record, unbutton your jacket, jump into some jeans and stylish shoes. Nothing restrictive, only stylish outfit details: good shoes + a tweed jacket + a drop of some French niche perfume.

Premiata and Attimonelli's

Del Carlo

The DOLITA team wishes you some warm and happy holidays.

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