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Kick-off the holiday season with Dolita shoes!

Kick-off the holiday season with Dolita shoes!

With the smell of Christmas trees and tangerines, the sound of wrapping paper, and the sparkle of Christmas lights, the biggest holidays of the year are quickly approaching. We'll soon meet up with old friends, visit loved ones, and wish for all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. So, once you're done wrapping your gifts and preparing your holiday menu, it's time to get your holiday wardrobe ready. We've selected some shoes for you that will perfectly complete your holiday outfit and make you stand out – which is one of the essential things in any festive look.

High heels - choose elegance for the holidays


Do you have a classic black or colourful cocktail dress patiently waiting for you in your closet? You have plenty of possible dress and heel combination ideas, and you need to choose the best one according to the type of event you're going to. In other words, some high heels may be perfect for dinner, others - for theatre, and others - for a picture at the photo wall of an event. Then, all you need to do is choose the most fitting shoes and celebrate!
Inspired by the 60s and fully reborn this year, these high heels bring us back to the scenes of Breakfast at Tiffany's as the iconic Audrey Hepburn walks the streets of New York. These 3JUIN high heels with a so-called "kitten" heel look like they've come straight from the filming set. The polished leather surface, contrasting silk and leather insides, and the leather sole create a combination of elegance and comfort.


The moss green Del Carlo heels will perfectly fit a black or light dress. The surface of these shoes is made from aged and extra soft suede, and the front of the shoes are decorated with jewelry strips, paying tribute to the craftsmanship of Italian shoemakers.

Del Carlo

You are looking for some shoes that would give your evening outfit some classic and festive elements? In that case, choose these Pretty Ballerinas high heels with a comfortable 4,5 cm heel. The suede surface of the shoes is decorated with an elegant shiny textile ribbon, and the rubber sole will allow you to feel stable even outdoors.

Pretty Ballerinas

Could you imagine a holiday season without nostalgic movies, gingerbread cookies, or Christmas candles? Probably not. Just like it's difficult to imagine a holiday season without these classic Jaime Mascaro high heels, which are perfect for both a formal event and a house party. The low and comfortable heel, leather insides, and the rubber sole will feel comfortable and stable.

Jaime Mascaro

We can't imagine a festive outfit without sparkles! These D·Milano sandals will accent any New Year's outfit. The surface of the sandals is made of ultra-soft shiny leather, and the sole is also leather. Wear them with thin black tights and your favourite cocktail dress.


If you're wearing bright or other eye-cathing clothing, choose nude high heels. This will ensure that you don't overload your outfit, and you'll finish it off with subtle feminine detail. Plus, nude high heels make your legs look longer, and you can wear them with any clothing, all year round. These Halmanera high heels have a comfortable 6 cm heel and feature the seamless Sacchetto construction of ultra-soft patent leather. The leather on the inside and the leather-rubber sole will allow your feet to feel comfortable at all times.


3JUIN nude shoes go great with a bright cocktail dress and will give a refined accent to your entire festive image. The limited-edition B-Veg shoes are made with vegan leather, reflecting the creator's vision to create shoes for a confident woman who expresses her 21st-century femininity through her clothing.


Here's another pair of high heels from the same brand that's impossible to miss. Red shoes deserve a separate chapter in the history of fashion. In the late 17th century, during the reign of King Louis XIV, only male aristocrats were allowed to wear them. But maybe we'll cover that in more detail in future articles. Now, let's take a look at these 3JUINs, which will decorate your outfit like nothing else. The surface is made of light and soft vegan leather, and the inside is made from silk.


Chie Mihara shoes with accent heels will be a fascinating detail in any festive outfit. The surface is made from soft suede, and the heel is covered in fur. The leather insides of the shoes have a soft insole, and the grippy sole will allow you to feel comfortable both indoors and outdoors.

Chie Mihara

A not-too-cheesy romantic image? Mission possible with ankle boots

Have a fun party planned but are not in the mood for high heels? Take some inspiration from the runways – designers suggest combining ankle boots with romantic floral dresses or taffeta/tulle dresses. However, pay attention to the length of your clothing, and match your ankle boots with midi or maxi dresses and skirts.

Premiata - the luxury experts - know how to give even the most democratic of footwear some charm. We're talking about these patent leather boots with a super trendy chunky sole. The surface of the shoes is made from soft patent leather, smooth leather, and rubber details. The shoes have laces and a zipper by the heel, and the chunky sole is very lightweight.


Ixos ankle boots will give your festive look some rock elements with this season's super trendy platform sole. They won't let you forget that the woman wearing them is independent and can easily find balance in every aspect of life. The surface of the boots is made from soft textured leather, and the comfortable leather sole is 5/7,5 cm high.


These ankle boots are another option for your unique festive outfit. They would go perfectly with a super feminine rich-coloured or sparkly dress or skirt. These boots' unique design and chunky sole will match great with the most romantic dress in your closet.

This 7:AM model is for those looking for a compromise in their festive look. The surface of the boots is decorated with sparkly details, the patent leather is aged and wrinkled, and they feature an elegant buckle.



Knee-high boots for your festive outfit? Oh yeah! 

We've mentioned in the past that knee-high riding boots have garnered tremendous attention from fashion houses this fall-winter season and firmly remain one of the hottest footwear trends. So why not integrate them into your holiday outfit? Choose knee-high or over-the-knee boots and combine them with long-sleeve midi dresses, and don't forget to add some sparkles. 

These loose, cylinder-shaped Del Carlo knee-high boots will be the true gem of any stylish girls' wardrobe. The slip-on laconic knee-high boots are made from smooth leather, and the unique patented sole provides excellent thermoregulation. Combine these jockey-inspired knee-high boots with loose midi or mini dresses, a small handbag, and accessories, and you'll be ready for the best party in town.

Del Carlo

These 3JUIN jockey-inspired wide and stiff knee-high boots are impossible to miss. The polished leather surface and unique front of the shoes merge to create a particular pair of shoes that will allow you to maneuver between many different styles and images, including formal. 


Vic Matie over-the-knee boots will undoubtedly become the main accent of any holiday outfit. If you match them with a loose or oversized tuxedo dress, your whole outfit will level up. Finish the outfit off with a small formal bag and some subtle jewelry. 

Vic Matie

And here are some more over-the-knee boots that you must wear to this year's Christmas party! These Premiata 6-9 cm platform boots are inspired by the popular 2000s and go hand-in-hand with the hottest runway fashion trends. The surface is made of soft leather, there's a partial zipper on the inside, and the chunky sole is made from extra-lightweight rubber. Combine them with a relaxed cocktail dress and allow these boots to take the spotlight in your holiday outfit.


Details are what make you stand out. This time, these details are leather! Specially embossed leather, stylish shapes, and a modern-shaped stable heel. Handmade in Italy!

Del Carlo


Start the New Year with sneakers!

Sneakers are not going down in popularity one bit, and they keep popping up in the most unexpected of outfits, even formal. How is that possible? Everything depends on the clothes you choose to wear. As the major holidays are approaching, let's take a look at how you can wear sneakers at a New Year's party. The easiest way to prepare for the celebration is to choose a solid-colour or multi-coloured suit and match it with sneakers. Another good option is a black turtleneck with bright (colourful, sparkly, animal-printed) pants and formal sneakers.

White sneakers can make any outfit come to life, and if you choose the retro Iceberg sneakers with fur inside, they'll be irreplaceable during the winter season, too. The surface of the shoes is made of ultra-soft leather, decorated with silver details, and the rubber sole is super lightweight.


The playful and unique Premiata shoes with contrasting details will be a true refreshment for your feet during the big party. They're made from extra-soft leather, and the white rubber sole is super lightweight. So, all you'll need to do is pick out some accessories and have the time of your life!


Are you looking for a colourful accent for your winter outfit? Then you might want to check out these Premiata sneakers. They're made from recycled materials and suede, the sole is also made from recycled materials, and the inner leather is biodegradable. Match these sneakers with a nude suit and printed pants, and a festive mood will be guaranteed.


These hand-painted and super futuristic Iceberg sneakers will be a true discovery to those who want to welcome the holidays not only comfortably but also playfully.


Your festive mood depends on yourself, don't you agree? Well, these RBRSL sneakers will ensure that the holidays are always with you! The translucent sole with confetti elements will give some charm to your entire New Year's outfit. The shoes are made from leather covered with epoxy resin, making each pair unique, and the inside is made from leather and textile.


Holidays for men. Shoes for him

Do you have a Christmas event planned with the dress code smart-casual, and you're feeling a little bit nervous as to what you should wear? Dolita will help you combine the elements of casual and formal clothing. Create the perfect outfit by wearing a classic blazer, a shirt, and add the "casual" touch to your outfit with sneakers. By wearing this, you'll spend the holidays feeling not only comfortable but also stylish!


These RBRSL sneakers represent the super popular basketball shoes, and their translucent vulcanized rubber sole is their most distinctive feature. In addition, the leather is coated in epoxy, making each pair unique. These sneakers will become the true highlight of your formal outfit. 


If you have a formal event coming up, choose a dark blue, brown, or gray suit. If you want to be as subtle as possible, wear a blazer, classic shirt, and, of course, lace-up shoes. 

Attimonelli's dedicates its shoes to a man looking for innovative shapes and exclusive details. So check out these lace-up polished leather shoes with a unique sole. The highest-quality materials match perfectly with the individual forms.


The classic black Giampieronicola lace-up shoes not only go great with any outfit, but they'll also protect your feet from the cold because of their thick sole. The surface and inside are made from natural leather, and the rubber sole is super lightweight.


You can probably agree that the selection of footwear is endless when you're looking for some shoes to wear to a restaurant, party, or theatre during the winter holidays. Shoemakers have thought about every single trend and style, and we're sure that Dolita will allow you to choose the best shoes to reflect your festive mood. 

Merry Christmas – Yours, Dolita

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