Fashion is most intriguing when there are more interpretations left than one would expect. It is also most interesting when, seemingly against its own will, it crosses the line between “beautiful“ and “strange“, as well as “fashionable“ and “too much“. It undoubtedly becomes most intriguing when we can name it a game, whilst all of us become the players of this game.

Let’s play a little game. Imagine that you need to put together a trend collage from two different pieces or even create a distinct footwear model. You would need to think carefully and dive into the fantasy world, especially if the game pieces were: sports shoe details, ethnic patterns, timeless black/white combination, several pastel colours, a few fluorescent ones, such exaggerated details as ribbons and buckles, cowboy, or even architectural elements. The aim of the game is to create several footwear trends for this season and a few models for each of them. The winner is the designer who has a unique style and plays with a lot of different ones, or you, who have set your imagination free and started playing hand in hand with fashion.

Are you ready to start the spring/summer game? Let’s do this!

THEME | #flower gardens

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Henri Matisse.

Henri Matisse was a French artist and sculptor, the pioneer and leader of fauvism style. He used to express artistic quests through the play of shapes and colours. He is appreciated as the most remarkable artist of the 20th century France and one of the most significant contemporary art creators. The artist who used to apply bright and rich colours in his paintings is a true inspiration for the collections of this season.

Henri Matisse works and Pretty Ballerinas model

Can you imagine summer without flowers? Moreover, this year they form flower gardens and entire floral compositions. Separate flowers are more constructive and geometrical, enlarged and become the focal point of the footwear.

“Pretty Ballerinas” leathers are decorated with flower patterns and at the same time resemble intense pieces of art by Henri Matisse. Models with floral embroiders are unique. Every embroidered piece is executed extremely cautiously and it takes dozens of hours to create such shoe model.

Pretty Ballerinas model and Henri Matisse works

In “Premiata Sneakers” collection flowers take up new shapes: some of them are embroidered, others become a bit more constructive, geometrical, as if kids have cut them out from paper to decorate their postcards.

Premiata Sneakers model

Premiata models

Some “Premiata” sandal models are decorated with flower leaf motifs and remind of carnations.

Leisure shoes form “O.X.S” collection and retro classic “Chie Mihara” models look like luxurious tapestries from the palace of Versailles.

O.X.S model

Chie Mihara models

In “” collection flowers seem to have been brought straight from the meadows. Massive and volumetric. This designer has always loved flowers. While subtly portraying femininity in his collection, he often softens rough shoe forms with flower motifs. Black/white flowers from textile and leather, and shiny ones which look like covered in pearl dominate in this collection.

Henri Matisse works and models models

New in DOLITA: Flower Mountain”. The game brings us to Japan. Designers Yang Chao and Keisuke Ota are inspired by Japanese music, nature, and “Fuji” flora. In collaboration with climbers association, designers have created a collection which combines Japanese design and functionality. In this collection, as in Urashima Taro tale about a fisherman, nature and water motifs are predominant: water world, mystic flowers, and colours.

A sculptural sole which resembles climber shoes is coupled with printed fabric. Modern… Mystical… Fabulously beautiful…

Flower Mountain models

Flower Mountain models

This trend is like games in a summer meadow. In the meadow full of all kinds of flowers and looks endless like a sea.

SHAPE: single flowers are enlarged and geometrical. Patterns resemble bouquet compositions or tapestries.

MATERIALS: embroidered textile and leather.

COLOURS: all typical to wild and exotic flowers.

WEAR WITH: dresses, jeans, shorts, and pants.

NOTE: if you want to, feel free to cover yourself in flowers from head to toes, but do not forget that daisies do not grow in the same soil as strelitzias. 

THEME | code #logomania

Logomania against minimalistic design. In this game, minimalism makes place in the game for current trends. Such brands as “Vic Matie” or “O.X.S” go straight to the finish line in spring/summer trend game, because their shoe and accessory collections are vividly, but at the same time subtly and stylishly, dominated by brands and logos.

Vic Matie models

O.X.S models

They say that fashion becomes most attractive to society when the topics it uncovers touch upon everyday-life conversations in streets or cafés. We believe that we will not make a mistake saying that trends this season uncover the dialogue between society and fashion better than ever. Conversations tackle plenty of current issues: from everyday life to politics, from feminism to sexuality. By the way, the latter erases boundaries between masculinity and femininity and their attributes, Yin and yang even stronger than ever before. Individuality and identity remain the most important ingredients. But we will follow up on that a bit later.

Vic Matie models

The question of individuality and identity is one of the most important ones in contemporary fashion. Actually, it is not has become indisputable. Choices are based on fashion house history, designer style, and brand. The latter becomes a trend too. “Vic Matie” collection is predominated with sporty stripes with brand logo. They cover neoprene sports shoes or even ankle boots with “kittenheel” shape heel. Oversized handbags and back packs are also decorated with such stripes. 

Designer Yohji Yamomoto has chosen “Y-3“ (Y stands for the first letter of his name Yohji, while 3 is a number of iconic “Adidas” stripes) as his collection signature and uses it to decorate everything: from slippers or trainers to accessories.

Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto models

Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto models


This readable trend without any doubts is brave and controversial. Such fashion and trend game is interesting because it raises plenty of discussions and is accurate to everybody.

Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto models

SHAPE: modern classic mixed with sports decor elements.

MATERIALS: neoprene, nylon, leather, textile, laminated, and shiny leathers.

COLOURS: black and white logomania is vividly dominant.

WEAR WITH: oversized clothes, masculine blazers, wide-leg pants, and jeans. Do not hesitate to match suits with trainers or dresses with “kittenheel” high heels.

NOTE: make sure the shoes or an accessory becomes the focal point of your image, otherwise you will cross the aesthetics line.

THEME | oversized #ribbon

Believe it or not, but footwear decorated with ribbons first became popular among men. There used to be a time in the history of the world when such fashion was predominant among males and it also signified a particular status. Even though medieval Europe was not famous for its clean streets, male and female shoes used to be made from expensive materials: sateen, silk, tweed, or deer skin. By the way, such shoes were protected from dust by a heel and platform. High heels of such type first became common among riders, because this ensured a firm foot position in the stirrup.

Halmanera model

Decoration with bands used to be widespread in clothes, footwear, and interior fashion. A ribbon was a symbol of honour, dignity, and majesty. In 13th century, The Order of the Band was established. The order was named after band (Spanish “Banda” means “band/ribbon”). At first it was golden, later red. Knights had to wear a red band over the right shoulder under the left hand. In Queen Victoria times, a band as a decorative element was most common in fashion as a symbol of femininity and elegance.

Halmanera model

Pomme D’or model

Nowadays the symbolism of a band ranges from girly and elegant to brave and unseen. This season designers play with ribbon size and materials it is made from. From massive pastel and sateen to linen or leather. Bands are popular in “Vic Matie”, “Tippe e Tacchi”, “Pomme D’or”, “Halmanera”, “Fiori Francesi”, and “Chie Mihara” collections.

In their collection “Pomme D’or“ use exquisitely soft, but at the same time highly sustainable leathers. Most of them are so soft that they also make gloves from them.

Pomme D’or model

Chie model

Footwear decorated with bands speaks for itself. The main focus here is on its size and material it is made from. This gorgeous footwear element dictates one of the most vivid seasonal trends. To those who want a more modern look, we offer to wear high heels with a band together with over-the-knee socks, match step-in slippers with broad pants or torn jeans and nylon raincoat. A romantic image can be easily created by putting on band-decorated ballerinas and a floral dress.

Tipe e Tacchi model

SHAPE: this season’s key piece: an oversized band  

MATERIALS: sateen, leather, linen, or textile

COLOURS: black and pink

NOTE: make a ribbon the focal point of your outfit. Remember that several bands combined together may look too childish. 

THEME | #chess and #domino

Black and white. Or is it white and black? The dialogue of these colours and their combinations in fashion are a timeless classic. This spring these combinations dominate in most collections more than ever. We dare you to play one more round of the fashion game. 

O.X.S Rubber Soul and Vic Matie models

If we had to name colours which hide most symbolism, these would definitely be black and white. Such colour combination is very easy to match, always looks impeccable, and dominates in both sports footwear and evening line. However, a question arises, if only two colours are playing, is there any space left for games? Be patient and we will reveal the answer with examples.

“O.X.S Rubber Soul” collection models look as if a modern artist has sprinkled leather with expressive paint strokes. Shoes covered in epoxyd resin are real piece of art. A unique transparent rubber sole resembles hedgehog spikes. This is a unique, patented technology.

Inimitable, almost a single piece. In “Vic Matie” collection silver interferes with black and white. In “O.X.S” collection one can notice an interpretation of sporty black and white: a white sole, black sock, and black grid. Iconic “McQ by Alexander McQueen” trainers have already been decorated with black and white combinations for several years. Such details as crystals and rivets help to emphasize a so-called “McQueenish” neo-Gothic image.

O.X.S Rubber Soul models

Vic Matie model

O.X.S model

O.X.S Rubber Soul model

“Premiata Sneakers”, “Artselab”, and “Attimonelli’s” have chosen their own way. It might seem difficult to think of something new when combining these two colours. However, only the creators themselves and their pieces can answer this question. Here the game is played by stripes, lines, glitter, graphic elements, or even embroidered ballerinas.

Premiata Sneakers models

Premiata Sneakers models 

Premiata Sneakers models

Premiata Sneakers models

“Laura Bellariva“ collection this season is also full of black and white combinations. This time laminated silver leather is perforated with patterns. 

Laura Bellariva models

Laura Bellariva models 

New in DOLITA: “Artselab’’. Sculptural and architectural shapes resembling soles are an exceptional element of this brand. Such forms and seemingly with mathematical precision estimated details are extremely important as every single millimeter counts. This brings exclusivity to these models and black & white combination takes up a new shade.

Artselab models

Artselab models 

Another novelty in DOLITA is “Attimonell’is” brand which cherishes Italian sewing traditions, but is modern at the same time. Brand designers are young and ambitious artists who seek to bring sparkle and modernity to male footwear fashion. Collection is predominated with black & white and epoxy resin details. 

Attimonelli’s models

Architectural and super trendy “Bruno Bordese” step-in sports shoes. The term “Ugly Fashion” so popular among fashion critics has attracted loads of media attention. Designers presented weird, massive, but incredibly popular, and widely-appreciated “Ugly Fashion” footwear models.

A modern “Crocs” shoe which seems to have been transformed. Having gained new momentum, dimensions, and colours such step-in model is this year’s “must have”. Sculptural rubber sole and laminated leathers. The main colours of this collection: black, white, grey, and gold. Another variable and unpredictable designer’s collection.

Bruno Bordese models

Check Mate? No, the game of these two colours never ends, since the variety is so huge!

SHAPE: black and white combinations create optical illusions.

MATERIALS: leather and textile, laminated and shiny leather details.  

COLOURS: black & white, white & black.

WEAR WITH: such footwear matches almost all outfits. A timeless classic.

NOTE: safe and practical choice for those who want to always look stylish. 

THEME | #dad sneakers

“The Dad Sneakers’’ caused a real fashion scandal at the end of 2017. What is that? And why has the world gone crazy about these shoes? Nostalgia to the 90s? In any case, in the recent months it seems that rough retro sneaker silhouette is experiencing an enormous renaissance. Even more, this time it has become the highest class fashion standard.

O.X.S model

It is an unexpected come back, because for many years until know minimalistic and clean silhouette trainers used to be most trendy. Fashion and culture are highly influenced by Instagram. When model and socialite Ian Connor who has more than 976k followers posted a picture of him wearing such shoes, it raised a lot of discussions. It has become not only a sensation, but also a new trend. Unfortunately, fashion and even culture have been highly influenced by number of social media likes for a while. Internet celebrities dictate trends. Also, it might be another proof that fashion game and dialogue take place among those who create and talk about it.

O.X.S models

So, there are some arguments proving that this trend has been encouraged by famous influencers. Even though such brands as “Adidas” introduced their “Ozweego” shoe silhouette in 2013 and this model has always been on demand, after the rise of “Dad Sneakers” trend sales tripled.

Technically, this is not something new. However, newly born shoes have developed a new shape and colour. They have been specially interpreted by designers and today can be seen in all magazines, cities, and on footwear shop shelves. 90s culture, its street kids’ fashion, skateboard shoes, their shape and colours today have acquired new forms. Fashion critics agree that, no matter if you like it or not, “Dad Sneakers” are more popular this season than anyone would have ever expected.

Phillipe Model models

Premiata Sneakers models

The entire “Voile Blanche” trainer shoe collection reminds of the 90s. That is one more NOVELTY in DOLITA. Classic shoe shape, decorative details and colours typical for this decade. As the music tape and the soundtrack of these times, gold colour which dominates in this collection adds spice to overall vintage mood.

Voile Blanche models

Voile Blanche models

By the way, we suggest you looking through your old photo albums. We have no doubt that you will see yourself wearing such shoes. Today you can also find them in DOLITA shops.

SHAPE: massive and enlarged. The focal point focus is the sole. Shoelaces are massive too. 

MATERIALS: leather, textile, sateen, and net fabric.

COLOURS: colour blocks.

WEAR WITH: wide-leg pants, oversized jumpers, raincoats, and denim jackets.

NOTE: vintage footwear matches with modern shape clothes and fabrics.

THEME | #socks

As you probably have already understood, “fashion” term cannot be confined to any terminology. You cannot find any exact and precise definition for it neither in dictionaries, “Google” searches, on “Wikipedia”, nor in the newest “Vogue”, “I-D”, or “Fantastic Man” issues. Its main function is to touch upon something that you would start craving “right here and right now!” Fashion critics, historians, and editors notice that current trends are born almost every day.  All of this reflects in our fashion games and interpretations.

O.X.S model

Sneakers cult, their practicality, and innovative application (even wearing them together with a wedding dress) have been broadly discussed topics for several years now. It is time for so-called “maximal comfortability” which is portrayed by sock-sneakers.

O.X.S model

“New York Times“ critic Cathy Horyn, one of the most competent fashion experts today, compares current industry to the department store where every one chooses what seems to suit them best and looks most appealing. Designer shoe supply and variety of styles have surpassed all expectations. Sock-sneakers have also found their place among classic trainers.

Made from elastic, but firm and shape-retaining knitted fabric top does not only look unusual, but also is extremely comfortable. Foam rubber sole is light, so the sock added to it ensures comfort. “O.X.S” designers offer lush and vivid colour blocks, quite simplified minimalistic design, and architectural sole. In “Strategia” collection you can see plenty of geometric patterns, Lurex threads, and traditional sock stripes around the bootleg. “McQ by Alexander McQueen” shoes transformed, because here the classical trainer shape has been supplemented by a sock.  

Strategia models

Strategia models

SHAPE: attention to the sock and the sole. Predominant light architectural shape soles.  

MATERIALS: solid, shape-retaining fabric.

COLOURS: grey, black, white, and blue.

WEAR WITH: bomber jacket, wide-leg cropped pants or shorts, jeans, and raincoats.  

NOTE: those who seek an even stronger effect, wear them with over-the-knee socks. Ideally, they should be of the same colour as the shoes.

THEME | #travels and discoveries

In this game the rules are set by designer’s vision, uniqueness, and excellence. Two-three-four fundamental fashion trends have been replaced by dozens of new ideas which are changing at an enormous speed. So, how can you get inspired by the newest fashion? Instead of analysing general collection view, look closely at separate styles.  

Moma models

The icon of this collection is a passionate traveller who analyses exotic countries, the life of different tribes, and their traditions. She has a free spirit and lives according to nomad life principles full of romantic mood. She believes that life is a big adventure where she has to feel free and dive into what it has to offer or even get involved in affairs. Her home is a collection of treasures, exotic souvenirs, and rare exhibits. Sounds like a museum? Maybe. However, she knows where to look for the jewel of the real life.  

Leathers which imitate exotic animal skin patterns, woven details which look like traditional Amazon tribe culture motifs, perforated leathers which remind of Moroccan hanging gardens, jute ropes, and dozens of colours, all of this creates one of the most significant spring/summer trends. TRIBES. PATTERNS INSPIRED BY AFRICA. TRAVELS. Like a breathtaking adventure game towards summer pleasures and discoveries.

Moma models

This trend also reflects expertise of thousands of years long espadrille manufacture traditions. They are hand-woven ropes from jute, linen, esparto, raffia, where a part of Spanish culture and art mixes together with contemporary design. And let’s not forget carved leathers!

This season is full of adventures! A real adventure game in the jungle has been created by “MOMA“ designers. In summer 2017, their shoes were covered in butterflies while this year monkeys are going to carry us through the tropics! Some of their “Officine Creative“ models resemble mysterious tribe accessories and woven patterns. Plenty of woven lace motifs can be seen in “Vic Matie“ collection.

Moma models

Moma models 

Officine Creative models

Officine Creative models

Vic Matie models

“Strategia” brings us to the hanging gardens of Morocco: loads of openwork, sophisticated geometrical patterns to create mysterious atmosphere, while metallized leathers covered in exotic patterns remind of a snake jumping out of the basket in the market.

Strategia models


“Pomme D’or“ collection is about all the world and comfort. The sole is made from extremely soft genuine leather.

Pomme D’or models 

Pomme D’or models

“Premiata” has decorated their collection with feathers. By the way, it is one of the most common decorative elements everywhere this season: from head to toes.

Pemiata model 

“Laura Bellariva” collection contains plenty of romantic woven motifs and tassels.

Laura Bellariva models

As always, “Ixos” pays a lot of attention to this trend, because the designer often uses exotic leathers, “string going through the toes” motif, and small heels.

“Voile Blanche“ models for men and women are a real travel full of discoveries. From colours to patterns. Plenty of militaristic motifs, jute rope, aged leather, and light foam rubber sole.

Voile Blanche models

Ixos models

“Chie Mihara” collection contains jute rope, safari colours, and replica of snake skin.

 Chie Mihara model

“Philippe Model” has been decorating their footwear with hummingbirds for several seasons already. This has become their iconic model.

Philippe Model models

The game continues. Let’s move to Madagascar. Many years ago they were already skilled in manufacturing thick camel leather sandals for kings. Due to respectable status and some ceremonies, king’s feet never touched the ground. Therefore the sole used to be made from thick layer of leather and because of high weather temperatures they used to be extremely open, with just a few stripes: one crossing the instep, and another – the toe.

Today’s fashion gets inspiration from the most exotic countries. One of the best examples is “Fiori Francesi” collection.

Fiori Francesi models

SHAPE: from woven leather sandals and high heels with perforated leather to sports style shoes.

MATERIALS: shiny, woven, and carved leathers.

COLOURS: from Amazon to Nile banks.

WEAR WITH: jeans, dresses, safari style apparel details, and long dresses.

RULES: there are none.

THEME | #jewels and #treasures

This season we are going to shine brighter than ever before. Designers feel no limits when decorating shoes with crystals and shiny details. These elements can be found both on high heels and sneakers.

Tippe e Tacchi models

“Tippe e Tacchi” collection is a real treasure chest. Various colour buckles decorated with crystals. They bring an impression of luxury to eclectic sandal and step-in slipper design, so, after integrating them with into appropriate outfit you can wear them even to a party. Comfortable? Extremely. Stylish? Absolutely. Festive? For sure. Fashionable? Without any doubt.

“Strategia” pointed stilettos radiate with elegance and luxury. Even though women choose to wear such shoes with an evening dress, we offer a more practical combination: shiny high heels, blue torn jeans, leather or boyfriend jacket, shiny earrings, and red lips. Trust us, you will look fabulous.

Strategia models

Rebellious “” has decorated their iconic model ankle boots with metal rivets, crystals, and buckles. Aged silver leather and grunge stylistics look completely new this time. models

SHAPE: from step-in slippers to fancy pointed stilettos.

MATERIALS: Lurex, leather, and embroidered fabrics.

COLOURS: vivid, solid, and royal.

WEAR WITH: from jeans to a suit or pantsuit.

NOTE: they say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

THEME | they are back! #kittenheels

The cat-and-mouse game. Very high heels used to be called exactly like that, because women used to look like cats slowly waling on their tiptoes. Marilyn Monroe who is called a fashion icon was a real shoe fan, but even for her “kittenheels” were too high and prevented her from dancing and moving freely. Music and fashion “Mod” subculture which used to be popular in London completely redefined “kittenheels”. High heels turned into low heels and their heel was a few or one centimetre tall. The representatives of “Mod” subculture, also called modernists, changed not only music (times of modern jazz started), but also fashion foundation.

Vic Matie model

Extremely comfortable, not too high architectural heel looks amazing in “Vic Matie” and “Ixos” collections. “Vic Matie” brought some sporty shade to their models by decorating some of them with a stripe on the heel.

Ixos model

Vic Matie model

SHAPE: a low heel and pointed nose.

MATERIALS: leather, metal, and sports fabrics.

COLOURS: colour blocks.

WEAR WITH: wide-leg cropped pants, slim jeans, skirts, and leather jackets.  

NOTE: if you are planning to wear such shoes and put a raincoat instead of a dress, magazine cover will be yours!

THEME | #fluorescent + neon and rewritten game rules

What stands out in today’s fashion? This question is often raised once spring/summer collections hit the podiums. After all, fashion brings together everything that causes plenty of discussions and, of course, attracts attention.

Premiata Sneakers model

This purified colour was created in 1930. An inventor Bob Switzer created fluorescent paint which at first was used in war industry. Later this paint started being applied in the broad industry too for manufacturing toys. Andy Warhol was one of the first artists to bring uniqueness to this colour to such extent. After becoming popular among graphic designers, this colour soon entered fashion and caused much controversy.

Of course, at first this colour appeared in sports clothes and athletics apparel. In “MTV” and “Miami Vice” times it was extremely influential on creating fashion aesthetics which was screaming from all TV screens. Rave culture and eternal youth cult was soaked in Los Angeles heat. This culture inspired designer Jeremy Scott who introduced a high fashion collection with fluorescent fabrics.

Premiata and Premiata Sneakers models

This season it is rather modest, but let us reveal a little secret: this colour will reign in 2018-2019 autumn/winter collections.

Premiata Sneakers


“Voile Blanche“ collections contain bright elements covered in epoxy resin. This is how the 90s image is created.


“The Guardian” magazine fashion journalist Simon Chilvers wrote about fashion week: “Yellow and other fluorescent colours become this season’s focal point. It all started during New York fashion week and continued towards autumn/winter collections.”

This colour in fashion is also called neon.

SHAPE: bright decorative elements.

MATERIALS: leather and plastic.

COLOURS: neon.

WEAR WITH: sports style clothes, black, grey, and white colours.

NOTE: find the thin line between a road worker’s waistcoat vest and modern 90s look.

THEME | #Western games or American classics by Italians

Talking about this extremely distinct timeless trend, it is always tempting to listen to “Ring of Fire“, a song by Johny Cash:

“The taste of love is sweet

When hearts like ours meet.

I feel for You like a child

Oh, but the fire went wild.

I feel into a burning ring of fire,

I went down, down, down and the flames went higher

And it burns, burns, burns,

The ring of fire, the ring of fire.”


Let’s look at this trend a bit differently. Let’s look at it through a timeless prism. When at the beginning of the year we start looking at the most important novelties of the following season and put everything into a book list, place into shelves according to themes, as we display shoes in the shop… We unknowingly start looking for the best definition and place for this ageless trend, and try to comprehend how it is going to reflect this season. However, usually we smile and realize that there is nothing more permanent than classics.

Today fashion wants to shout that it has become independent and does not have to be based on anything, seeking only to experiment and look for novelties itself. However, only self-respecting fashion house and designers combine innovative fashion, design, and creativity style with traditions and base this on history. Perhaps by adding a new tone to it, but at the same time respecting classical shape of a sole.

“Officine Creative” behind which Luca Di Rosa’s name is hidden cherish this trend. It seems that their creative style and manufacturing concept is based on western style footwear. Presenting it in an innovative way, the designer experiments with colour and shape, with details and lengths. The heel takes up a new form, heavy leathers are perforated by giving footwear lightness when wearing or looking at it.

Officine Creative models

The beauty of American western inspires Italians “Fiori Francesi”. Massive heel is combined with perforated leather, while earthly colours predominate. Such detail as massive zipper brings modernity to all your wardrobe.

Fiori Francesi models

An extremely modern heel can be seen in “Halmanera” collection. The heel from thick, natural, and impregnated leather is in geometrical shape. Such type models have entered podiums in the most famous fashion capitals while clients seem to have lost their heads over them. 

Halmanera models


“Pantanetti” designers have conveyed their Italian style through shape and sewing technologies. Extremely soft leather sole, comfortable instep, and heel length. Plenty of wild nature colours: sunburned yellow, evening sun gold, and rust. “Pantanetti” uses high quality cattle leather from Marche region. Manufacture begins from a sketch and continues until the last seam. Everything is hand-made in a single factory using century-old traditions.

Pantanetti models 

“Strategia” designers have reflected the 80s American dream and shiny colours popular at that time. Girls wearing western high heels, leather jackets, and jeans appeared in loads of American commercials and films. Italian design brings new colours into traditional footwear shape.

Strategia models

Italian interpretation of American western shoes is a pop culture and contemporary fashion anthem.  We started this theme with a song, so let’s finish it with another one:

“For this is not America
(Sha la la la la, sha la la la la, sha la la la la)
This is not America, no
This is not, (sha la la la la)” – David Bowie
You can find more models in all DOLITA shops and online here


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