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Gianluca Tombolini, FRUIT designer | Made in Italy

Gianluca Tombolini, FRUIT designer | Made in Italy

The bold and extravagant brand FRUIT first saw the light of day thanks to the three brothers Tombolini in 1979 in the famous Marche region of central Italy. Hailing from a dynasty of shoemakers, the brothers Tombolini were well-versed in the subtleties of manufacturing beautiful and high-quality shoes. In record time, FRUIT caught the attention of the fashion-forward, and its first collection was a hit even with choosy Italian consumers. It was not long before FRUIT shoes found their way into stores across Europe, reaching more distant markets such as the US and Japan.

The friendship between FRUIT and DOLITA began 20 years ago. For our customers, it was love at first sight or, to be more precise, love from the very first collection – the brand became part of DOLITA history. So what kind of creative world is this ‘Made in Italy’ brand living and breathing in now?

Designer Gianluca Tombolini

AN INTERVIEW WITH THE DESIGNER Gianluca Tombolini – with love from Italy

Gianluca, please tell us about how you start your day?

A cup of delicious Italian coffee, a yogurt, and a trip to the office.

The beginning. How was your first pair of shoes born? What was your first model of shoe? What inspired you? What was the design like, the color, the material...?

They were denim ankle boots with studs. I was inspired by Vogue, the fashion magazine – its fashion shoots, its covers.

FRUIT factory and the head office

You live in a significant part of Italy, the Marche region. You are surrounded by sunlight, the sea, nature, wine... Can you tell us a little about your creative inspiration? Perhaps you are inspired by art? Architecture? Perhaps other artists?

Yes, you are right... The place I live, work, create, and breathe gives me much freedom and creative drive. But I’m also inspired and delighted by jazz music and painting. I’m especially in awe of Mark Rothko’s paintings: their color palette, brushwork, and the power, expressiveness, and emotion of his colors.

FRUIT factory

What does the brand name FRUIT mean? How did you come up with it?

It all happened very spontaneously! We liked the wordplay. The name is optimistic and automatically makes you think about a bright, sunny day!

What does FRUIT mean to you today?

It means hard work, passion for a job you love, and the goal of never giving up!

How has the portrait of the FRUIT customer changed? What was she like ten years ago, and what is she like now? What does she do? What is she passionate about? What kind of woman is she?

The story of our brand is far from short. We have a history, and we are part of Italian fashion. The important thing is that FRUIT has an identity, and we make every effort to maintain it and develop it! We design contemporary products, so the ‘FRUIT woman’ should be stylish, strong, athletic, feminine, slightly punk, and glowing.

FRUIT factory

Have you considered creating a collection for men?

The woman. She is so interesting. Indescribable, mysterious. Naked, yet undiscovered, predictable, yet also intriguing. Designing for women is more interesting. More creative freedom and drive.

,,What does the ‘Made in Italy’ label mean to you today…?

‘Made in Italy’ means quality, a work ethic, and quality materials used in making the footwear.

Let’s look at what new designs ‘FRUIT’ has in store for us. Dolita is the only retailer of this brand in Lithuania.

Over the decades, FRUIT manufacturing has developed quite a bit: growing production scale, the latest in technology constantly being adopted, and much attention to environmental protection. However, one thing has never changed – the high quality of the product and appealing designs. The secret to the brand’s global success is easily explained: every shoe is hand-crafted.


Artisans meticulously select materials and parts and then make every stitch by hand. Great attention is devoted to the last because FRUIT believes that beauty must come in a comfortable shape. So, throughout the years, the company has developed a unique tradition – to create shoes that people would not want to part with.

Though-out to the last detail, FRUIT collections are renewed every season based on a balance between tradition and trend. Choice of material is also essential to the footwear makers because it guarantees a quality product. This is why all leather materials are hand-selected by the company’s artisans individually.

Bi-colored extra lightweight lace-up shoes? Yes! Feel free to combine this type of lace-up shoes with jeans and suit pants for the office. An excellent investment for a stylish new pair.


These boots may not be embellished with eye-catching details, but this doesn’t mean they are any less luxurious. A unique combination of technical textile and smooth leather makes this design unique, while the two-layered sole is not only wholly on-trend but will also protect your feet from the cold.


Fall and winter collections are unimaginable without boots. The coming season is no exception – every stylist’s wishlist will include knee-high boots with a chunky sole, just like the ones offered by FRUIT. Feminine, stylish and universal boots are the most comfortable and stylish way to add a touch of luxury to your everyday look. Pair boots with mini or maxi dresses and skirts and gives your fall look a bold accent.

These over-the-knee boots are leather at the front and stretchy eco-leather at the back. The lining is made of leather and technical textile. The crepe rubber sole is light and durable, retains heat, and offers great traction.


For this lace-up design, FRUIT designers drew inspiration from the formal and elegant men’s oxford. The result is a complete and refined design, with the wider front and chunky crepe rubber sole adding a touch of modernity. The polished leather upper has a restrained shine, while the leather lining will ensure your comfort.


These bi-colored knee-high boots will undoubtedly become the centrepiece of your look, whatever you decide to wear. A waxed and distressed leather front combines a stretchy technical textile at the back. The chunky sole is made of rubber and is incredibly light.


For those looking for a slightly higher but still comfortable heel, we recommend you look at this design. The sturdy and comfortable heel is 6.5 cm tall, so you’ll feel not only stylish but comfortable the entire day, however much walking you do. These boots are distressed and waxed suede, while the lining is natural leather.


These ankle boots will not go unnoticed as they are a true manifesto of your style. In the hands of FRUIT artisans, the traditional lace-up design has become a fashion statement with its thought-out details and quality execution. Cuffed jeans, an over-size raincoat, and you’re ready for the damp fall.


This year, the platform reigns supreme not only in the summer season – it has also found its place in the fall footwear collection. The stretchy eco-leather and textured leather upper is, of course, hand-crafted, so quality and comfort are guaranteed.


On the scent of the hottest and most desirable styles from the 2000s, FRUIT designers have come up with their fall tribute – stretchy and sleek knee-highs with a chunky sole. Takes you right back to Pink’s music videos. The leg of the boot is made of eco-leather, while the rest is made of leather. While the sole may look massive, it is surprisingly light.


Black knee-high and ankle boots are the must-have items for every woman’s wardrobe in the cold season. Always comfortable but also stylish and made by artisans in line with their tradition of designing shoes women can’t bear to part with. Wear them every day of the week because they will make every outfit unique, and your feet will feel maximum comfort.

These black lace-up boots are a true discovery for fans of minimalist style. The upper is made of flexible eco-leather and smooth leather, while the lining is made of leather and technical textile. The rubber sole is chunky but light. It will keep your feet warm even when the cold bites.


Slip-on shoes or loafers are a comfortable, easy-to-style, and elegant option that has established itself at the zenith of fashion for over a decade, returning to the streets every fall and spring. This year, this slip-on model follows the lines of the male version more closely, is laconic in detail, and has a more oversized sole. Pair them with high-waisted trousers, a midi dress, or straight-cut jeans. At the same time, a little inventiveness with accessories will allow you to incorporate them easily into work or casual outfits.


Ankle boots are yet another fall footwear staple. These will satisfy girls who prefer trousers, but long skirts will pair with this shoe model. Made of technical nylon and leather and with laces in the front, these ankle boots are a traditional design with a touch of the contemporary provided by a choice of materials and chunky sole.


Hiking boots are no longer solely the footwear choice of hikers – they are also the choice of girls who believe in a lifestyle that combines comfort and style. These distressed and waxed suede ankle boots are embellished with a color fade and laced up in the front with traditional metal lace hooks. The leather lining will keep your feet warm and comfortable as you march along to the city’s rhythm.


Colors! Fur has excellent cold resistance down to –30°C! It is one of the best heat-retaining materials. It warms at shallow temperatures and prevents overheating at high temperatures. Fur is excellent at absorbing and evaporating moisture. Most furs are coated with lanolin, which protects against bacteria and has a soothing effect on our skin.



Find these designs and more hand-crafted footwear by FRUIT, true ambassadors of the Made in Italy label, in our Online and physical Stores. Pick the shoe closest to your heart and welcome the fall in with comfort and style.

Discover our FRUIT collection here.

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