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Gold, diamonds, and pearls make luxury jewelry and create unique shoes for music, film, sports stars, or the whimsical rich. The value of such shoes is measured first in terms of the fineness of precious metals, carats of precious stones, hours of long and detailed work, and only then money. They are true works of art, breathtaking not only in their beauty but also in their price.

Kathryn Wilson diamond pumps

A classic shape, no style experiments, just 21.18 carats of diamonds, and a price tag that put these pumps on the list of the world’s most expensive shoes. They were auctioned off for $420,000. New Zealand shoe designer Kathryn Wilson created this artwork to raise funds for the children’s aid foundation she represents. In addition to the precious stones, the shoes took the designer 50 hours of detailed handcrafting.

3JUIN pumps and Kathryn Wilson diamond pumps

Marilyn Monroe sandals

American actress and director Regina King arrived at the 2005 Oscars in a pair of champagne-heeled sandals valued at $1 million. The shoes are succinctly named Marilyn Monroe, and their crucial element is the legendary actress’ earrings, hidden in the satin roses that adorned the front of the high heels. After the ceremony, the original jewels were replaced with replicas, and the shoes were successfully sold at a charity auction.

3JUIN sandals and Marilyn Monroe sandals

Harry Winston ruby slippers 

A luxury copy of Dorothy’s slippers was created to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of The Wizard of Oz in 1989. Ronald, the famous jeweler Harry Winston’s son, supervised making these shoes. They required 1,350 carats of rubies, 50 diamonds, and two months of painstaking work to create. The cost of the shoes is $3 million. By the way, the original slippers in the film cost a pretty penny, although they are covered in sequins instead of rubies. The antiquarian David Elkouby bought the shoes for $666,000.

KALLISTÉ sandals and Dorothy’s slippers 


In 2013, the Belgian fashion house A.F.VANDEVORST introduced the world to a pair of boots that are not meant to wear daily. These women’s shoes in size 39 are made with 4.7 kg of gold and nearly 40,000 diamonds. In addition, the designers used champagne and pink diamonds, and the shoes cost $3.2 million.


Debbie Wingham sandals

British designer Debbie Wingham created these slightly cake-like shoes in 2017. An unnamed family from Dubai, UAE, ordered this pair of luxurious high heels as a birthday present. The stiletto heels are encrusted with rare pink and blue diamonds, each costing at least $128,000. What is more, the outsoles of these shoes are made of pure gold. As a result, these high heels, worth $15.1 million, were included in the list of the world’s most expensive shoes.

DOVE SQUALI sandals and Debbie Wingham sandals

Passion Diamond pumps

And the world’s most expensive shoes on our list and in the history of footwear cost $17 million. The footwear manufacturer Jada Dubai teamed up with jewelers from Passion Diamond to enthrall the world with these elegant and shockingly expensive gold, leather, and silk stiletto heel pumps. The shoes are adorned with 236 of the highest quality diamonds and two 15-carat diamonds on the front. And although the shoes were made in size 36, the designers said they would quickly adjust the high heels to fit a lady who decided to buy them. The fact that Italian shoemakers were entrusted with making these high heels speaks for itself. No wonder, as the best shoes in the world are made in Italy.

DEL CARLO pumps and Passion Diamond pumps

The most expensive men’s shoes

Although the most expensive men’s shoes are nowhere near the prices of women’s shoes, there are some impressive examples here too.

Indian Prince’s shoes

The Indian Prince Nizam Sikandar Jah wore these shoes only once, but that does not make them any less valuable. Made in the 18th century, the shoes are encrusted with rubies and diamonds and valued at $160,000. Still, rarity hunters will not be able to buy them, as they are on display at the Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada.

GIAMPIERONICOLA loafers and Indian Prince’s shoes

The world’s most expensive football trainers

In 2019, three England national football team players wore custom Nike cleats that cost $218,000 each. Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, and John Terry have all said that the trainers are very comfortable running on the pitch despite the diamonds, sapphires, and white gold detailing.

PREMIATA sneakers and the world’s most expensive football trainers

The most expensive sneakers ever auctioned

A pair of sneakers specially made for the basketball player Michael Jordan in 1984 was auctioned off at Sotheby’s for $1.5 million in 2021. Interestingly, these sneakers are half a size apart, as the legendary basketball player is said to have worn sneakers of different sizes on the court.

HIDNANDER sneakers and the most expensive sneakers ever auctioned

America’s Got Talent loafers  

The world’s most expensive men’s slip-on shoes, valued at $2 million, were worn by Nick Cannon, a host of the American TV show America’s Got Talent, during the finale in 2014. These men’s loafers are encrusted with white gold and over 14,000 diamonds weighing 350 carats. It is said to have taken 2,000 hours of jewelry handcrafting to make the shoes.

PANTANETTI loafers and Nick Cannon’s loafers

Shoes that have earned their price thanks to an incident

Do you remember the scandalous press conference held by then-US President George W. Bush in Baghdad, Iraq 2008, when an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at the US leader? One shoe flew over the President’s head; another hit the US flag. The journalist was sentenced to two years in prison, but his shoe story had only gained momentum. The Turkish shoe manufacturer whose shoes were at the center of the political scandal was flooded with orders, and a Saudi businessman bought the journalist’s shoes for $10 million. We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post about the most expensive shoes in the world. To remind you that the actual value of footwear can be measured not only in money but also in the comfort of the shoe, the high quality of the materials used, and, of course, the precise craftsmanship – all of which DOLITA has been offering its customers for over 20 years.

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