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After a long and challenging day at work or college, all you really want to do is take off those official clothes and toss them aside. Classic shapes, colors and lengths corresponding to the etiquette, heels with a precise height and a pointed nose. A great alternative for your formal footwear is leisure shoes. What will you wear today? When your head is filled with calm thoughts and your heart is performing a dance of joy, you can surely tell yourself - it’s finally leisure time! The type of footwear you choose to wear in your free time is a matter of your taste, style and self-expression. Perhaps you’re a fan of sneakers? Or maybe you can’t imagine your day without high heels? Your style is your self-expression. However, it’s extremely important to make sure that your shoes are comfortable because style and comfort must always co-exist.  

Everyone knows that footwear is an integral part of our image, but let’s not forget to take care of our feet. They should always be protected from unfavorable external factors. So make sure your shoes have the correct orthopedic shape, sole, insole, and size. Find out more about this here.

Whatever activities may await you, make sure your footwear is comfortable and that you are overall comfortable. Your feet shouldn’t be sore even after wearing high heels all day long. Speaking of leisure footwear, it should not only be comfortable, allow you to move freely, and protect against water and the cold, but it should also be made out of very high-quality materials which allow your foot to breathe.

Vic Matie models

Sneakers. Perfect for vacations, trips and museums… they’re universal! No doubt, sneakers are both comfortable and easy to match with any outfit. So how could you possibly not choose them for your free time? Sure, there are some women who feel that classiness is an inseparable part of their image and choose sneakers reluctantly and only to the gym. However, we believe that their attitude towards this irreplaceable footwear model is somewhat too strict. Wondering why? Well, sneakers have taken over people’s hearts so much that they have become so normal to wear even to some unbelievable occasions. For example, to a wedding. Plus, sneakers are often matched with a classic outfit. Their popularity has created so many opportunities for different styles, colors, and textures that even the biggest fan of classiness can find a comfortable pair of sneakers that fit their leisure style.

 Voile Blanche model for women


Voile Blanche models for men

Exclusively designed O.X.S. Rubber Soulmodels for men and women are a true masterpiece of design. Don’t be surprised when your footwear will gain more looks, attention, and opinions at an art gallery than the actual displayed pieces of art.

Calfskin is combined with a sole of silicone and rubber. Each model has a serial number which confirms not only authenticity but also quality.

O.X.S. Rubber Soul models for women


O.X.S. Rubber Soul models for men

The models of Premiata Sneakers are a true dialogue of comfort and design and each of them is patented. This means that you are wearing footwear of a truly unique design. This trademark has such a huge variety of models for both men and women that the selection of textures and colors will surely take your breath away. It’s very likely that you won’t be able to choose just one pair and you’ll end up getting two or even more pairs of shoes.

In the Premiata Sneakers collection, massive but very lightweight rubber EVA soles are dominant. EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate. This material is very lightweight and also known as “foam rubber”. It is used in the production of sportswear for water and winter sports: from helmets and footwear to glasses and various sportswear components. Soles made with EVA ensure stability, longevity, lightness, and comfort.      

Premiata Sneakers models for women

Premiata Sneakers models for men

Philippe Model models

Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto models are youthful and extremely comfortable. Convex geometric shapes that resemble a spacecraft, while rich in yellow and red, definitely say that your free time will be spent amazingly! These massive sneakers are designed for people who love their leisure time, and the rubber foam sole and “Boost” technology will provide maximum comfort.

 Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto models for women

Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto  models for men

Ankle boots have become so popular that women not only wear them during the cold season but also with short summer dresses during the warm season. This type of footwear is perhaps one of the most universal ones for your free time. During the cold season, wear these shoes with jeans or pants, in the spring, wear them with a plush skirt, and during in the summer, wear them with a dress. However, always choose high-quality and comfortable ankle boots. For the cold time of the year- militaristic models with a thick sole are most suitable.

 Fruit models

Fruit models

The Flower Mountain game will take us to Japan. Designers Yang Chao and Keisuke Ota were inspired by Japanese music, nature, and the “Fuji” vegetation. In collaboration with a mountaineering association, the designers created a collection that combines Japanese design with functionality. In the collection, prints from works of 9th-century artist William Morris are dominant. They are used for embroidering the textile decorating the sneakers.

The secret of comfort lies in the shape of the cork insole. It is orthopedically convex, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort. The soles meant for mountaineering footwear are fitted for everyday wear.

Flower Mountain models for women

Flower Mountain models for men

The O.X.S. collection for men and women has a flexible and soft sole made with “Amtrac” technology. This sole reduces the load on your foot. In the O.X.S. collection, the never-aging “Frank” ankle boot style is combined with innovative footwear production methods.

 O.X.S. models for women

O.X.S. models for men

The Premiata models combine not only the modern design of Graziano Mazza, but also comfort and quality. Buffalo and calf skin, “Vibram” soles, and natural fur. This season, the designer presents the shapes of the collection through a massive, sometimes quite geometric sole. By the way, this collection is described by some as retrospective.

Footwear with “Vibram” soles.  Today, such soles are used for: leisure, mountaineering, winter sports, fishing, running, skiing footwear.

Benefits of this sole:

  • 100% sustainability for friction, impact;
  • resistant to the cold and temperature changes (rain, snow, ice, etc.);
  • comfort;
  • lightness;
  • adhesion to the surface;
  • longevity.

Premiata models for men

Premiata models for women

Whatever style of shoes you choose for your leisure time, make sure that they’re not only aesthetic and stylish but also comfortable. Whether they’re high heels or militaristic ankle boots, always take into consideration the sole, insole, and choose the correct size. At Dolita, you will find a wide range of different footwear models.

All mentioned designers and their brands can be found here: DOLITASHOES.COM  


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