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Footwear for VACATION

Footwear for VACATION

Now that we’re counting the last days until vacation and secretly crossing out days on the calendar, it’s time to take care of proper footwear. In designer collections at Dolita, you’ll find minimalism, eclecticism and subtle incompleteness. It’s like the faded colors, loose threads and rough materials instantly take you to the jungle, the desert, the mountains or other places you love. Where sophisticated high heels lose their meaning and the emphasis is placed solely on comfort and style. It was precisely trips like these that inspired the newest spring and summer leisure footwear collection. Here, slippers, ballerinas, sandals and sneakers are dominant.

Gianfranco Butteri ir Del Carlo

When traveling, choosing proper footwear is becoming one of the most important attributes of a comfortable vacation, so it’s very important to think in advance about what type of footwear you’ll need and pay attention to the specifics of particular footwear.

Choose sandals with an extra light rubber foam or leather sole and sneakers that are soft and light. Also, be sure throw some slippers into your suitcase which will not only look stylish with your swimsuit but will also be perfect for summer trips in the city.

#1 Evenings on the Riviera wearing loafers

This footwear is simply a must-have in your holiday suitcase. Comfortable, light, compact and perfect with jeans, wide lightweight pants, shorts or even long dresses. Loafersare ideal not only for traveling and exploring thecity but also for looking stylish at dinner as a substitute for high heels.

Pomme D‘Or and and INK designers in Italy are firstly dedicated to comfort. A woman’s freedom of movement, charm of simplicity, minimalistic shapes, highest-quality leather - all of this reflects the identity of these brands.

The flexible “sacchetto“ sole construction ensures maximum comfort throughout your vacation. Your feet will be much less tired and you’ll be able to walk longer distances. Leather soles and extra soft leather which range in color from sunkissed sail white to terracotta, reminiscent of the roofs of Italian resort towns.

Pomme D'Or and Ink

Pomme D'Or and Ink

Del Carlo offers modern classics this season. Pointed shoes with leather resembling reptileskin. and Halmanera – bright, bold, shiny leather and textile.

Halmanera and

Did you know that slip-on moccasins and loafers are the most popular shoes worldwide among men after sneakers?  Moccasins were loved by the Native Americans and can be made from one or three pieces of leather. This type of footwear can easily be combined with both lightweight pants and shorts. For vacation, choose moccasins or loafersmade with perforated or extra soft leather from Gianfranco Butteri, Giampieronicola, Rocco P. collections.

Gianfranco Butteri and Gianfranconicola

Premiata and Rocco P.

#2 Romantic and comfortable ballerinas

A large woven raffia hat, a light silk dress and ballerinas decorating your feet. These shoes are most often chosen by those who want a perfect alternative for both comfortable everyday sneakers and high heels for the evening. If you choose nude or black ballerinas, you’ll easily match them to your vacation wardrobe. For those who like a romantic image, we recommend choosing marine style ballerinas.

Pretty Ballerinas

Halmanera and Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas

#3 and #4 Most importantly - sandals and slippers

Surely, the second most important item in your suitcase after your swimsuit is sandals or slippers. Time for a fresh pair? Yes!

This season, we offer a wide assortmentof sandals: from minimalistic - laminated leather to eclectic or decorated with rocker details: rivets, buckles and more. When choosing sandals, it’s extremely important to pay attention to the sole and insole by inspecting and evaluating the padding and orthopedic shapes. There’s a great selection from Laura Bellariva, Pomme D‘Or, collections.

An alternative to sandals - slippers that have been appearing on fashion podiums for several seasons now and which surely won’t be leaving the fashion world anytime soon. It’s like the aesthetics of boredom. We recommend choosing from Rocco P. or Pomme D‘Or collections.

Laura Bellariva

Pomme D'Or



Laura Bellariva

Premiata, Moma and Ixos

Moma and

Giampieronicola and Moma

Rocco P.

It’s time to destroy the myth that rubber slippers are only suitable for the pool. Surely, men and women appreciate not only the comfort and lightness of rubber slippers but also the opportunity to wear this stylish footwear along with a nice bronze tan. Stylists say that such footwear is not only suitable to wear with a swimsuit but also with shorts, sweaters, dresses. This is one of the most striking trends for several seasons now - the world is simply obsessed with this footwear!

This season, we offer men Greek style sandals from Moma, minimalistic sandals from Gianfranco Butteri, and beach style sandals from Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto, MWTS, Doria Maria, Giampieronicola and Bruno Bordese.

Premiata and Beyond

#5 Everywhere and always - sneakers

How could we possibly do without sneakers? Perhaps you’ve always thought that sneakers are mostly suitable for exploring big cities? Well, don’t be fooled. If you choose sneakers from perforated leather, nylon or textile for your vacation - expect excellent thermoregulation, comfort and style.

Voile Blanche



NYLON is at the center of attention. Not only is this one of the most prominent trends which has been popular for several seasons now but it’s also a very practical and functional material.

Vic Matie and Philippe Model

Today, nylon reigns in fashion as a symbol of comfort and durability. Nylon shoes ensure maximum comfort.

Nylon features elasticity, strength, durability, resistance to chemical solutions and water. Also, nylon allows your foot to breath and the material is easily cleaned and maintained.

This season, Premiata, Voile Blanche, MyGrey, Philippe Model, Flower Mountain, among other brands, offer a wide selection of summer shoes.

Premiata and Voile Blanche

Voile Blanche

Before choosing shoes for your vacation, pay attention not only to comfort but also to practicality. Remember that today’s world of fashion has eliminated the rules that you can’t wear sneakers to dinner during vacation or that you can’t wear beach slippers anywhere but to the beach or pool. Today, footwear is not only a matter of comfort but a matter of your imagination.

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