The gloomy autumn scenery through the early morning window probably just makes you want to get comfortable on the couch with a hot cup of tea and calmly wait for spring. No going outside and no walks, just your warm home, fireplace and holiday planning. Unfortunately, many of you associate humidity, rain and sleet with the dark and dreary autumn period which causes cold hands and feet and a red nose. But aren’t you wondering how to avoid constantly feeling so cold and enjoy the amazing autumn nature? After all, this is the perfect time to wear your favorite wool coat, a stylish beret and go for a walk with your dog in a park covered with soft and colorful autumn leaves. I mean, isn’t this a better choice than sitting at home waiting for better weather?

When your feet are cold, your whole body becomes cold. So when planning your autumn wardrobe, firstly invest in high-quality and stylish footwear which will not only be good for your health but will make sure you look amazing even when the autumn storms will be breaking trees and blowing off hats. You’ll remain warm and also look amazing! But why do you need this, you may be wondering? Well, life is too short to wear boring shoes and not look the best that you can. It’s a mistake to believe that all of the most beautiful shoes are suitable only for the warm season. This is certainly not true! Thanks to the great fashion taste of Italian shoemakers and designers, boring rain boots aren’t the only option for rainy weather. Instead, you can wear exclusive and uniquely-designed handmade footwear which is made using the most advanced technologies.

So which footwear should you choose to protect your feet from moisture and to maintain its initial look and beauty?

The sole and footwear materiality - these are the two most important criteria to consider when choosing footwear for rainy autumn weather. In order to protect your feet from moisture and the cold, we recommend choosing non-slip soles from creperubber, “EVA” andrubber foam, footwear with a “Vibram” sole and sole protectors. Crepe/rubber and leather soles with stitched rubber have hydrophobic properties which allow your foot to remain dry even during the most unfavorable weather conditions. For wet and unpredictable autumn weather, avoid fabric and velour shoes and smooth leather soles. These materials will not protect against water and moisture, they will let water through and wear out much faster.

Vic Matie models for women

Although it is often said that autumn and winter footwear must have a thick sole, actually, the most important thing is that the sole is made from materials with high thermal resistance and a high friction level. Rubber foam and vulcanized rubber soles are characterized by extremely good thermoregulatory and hydro regulatory properties and are therefore considered to be some the most sustainable and high-quality soles. Waterproof soles indicate that the footwear is made from materials that did not let water through when tested. Such shoes will undoubtedly protect your feet against moisture.

O.X.S Rubber Soul models for women

Voile Blanche and Fruit models for women

Moma model for men

The materiality of footwear is an extremely important criterion when choosing shoes for the rainy season. It is well-known that textile will let water through and velour will quickly wear out on rainy days. So naturally, when choosing shoes, we avoid fabric shoes and replace them with durable, time-tested leather. However, not this season! In the autumn collection of Dolita, you will find high-quality fabric shoe models made with waterproof textile. From now on, you’ll be able to wear your favorite shoes even during the rainy weather.

Jaime Mascaro models

Jamie Mascaro model

Fiori Francesi and Strategia models

Sporty and extremely comfortable leisure shoes - these are Jog Dog shoes. Non-slip soles, waterproof textile and a thick sole will make sure your feet remain dry even in the most unpleasant weather conditions. 

Jog Dog models for women

Lemargo and Moma autumn footwear with a non-slip partially rubber sole is adapted for the slippery and unpleasant weather of the cold season. 

Lemargo model for men

Lemargo and Moma models for women

Rubber foam soles are insulated and have hydrophobic properties. Shoes with such soles do not let water through and are flexible. The soles don’t tire your feet, they provide comfort and are also stylish. ”EVA” or ”EXTRA LIGHT” is a flexible and soft sole made using a special technology (a mix between rubber and foam rubber), it reduces the impact on your feet by absorbing it, and also reduces the load on your feet. These soles are light and flexible and allow natural foot movements.

Rocco P. model

O.X.S. models for men

Laura Bellariva for women

Laura Bellariva models

Durability, stability and adhesion are the features of footwear with “VIBRAM” soles. Initially, these soles were only used for mountaineering shoes. However, today, they are used in footwear for water sports, fishermen, runners, and leisure time. Also, this sole is preferred among footwear designers due to its unique technological features and the fact that the sole is easily transformed, exceptionally stylish and very comfortable. If you are looking for durable and light shoes, do not hesitate - shoes with “Vibram” soles provide friction, are resistant to shock and temperature changes, are lightweight and extremely durable. Trademarks such as Premiata, Premiata Sneakers and Bruno Bordese use waterproof “Vibram” soles along with traditional and new technologies in the production of their footwear. So comfort, durability and trendiness are guaranteed.

Bruno Bordese for men

Premiata for men

Premiata Sneakers for men

Premiata Sneakers for women

For those of you who refuse to give up high heels even on the dreariest autumn day - Premiata footwear with a non-slip, waterproof “Vibram” sole is the best choice. Warm, safe and stylish.

Premiata models for women

Fruit model for women

Once you’ve chosen an amazing pair of autumn shoes, don’t forget that even the most expensive and high-quality shoes may lose their initial look and beauty due to moisture, rain and dirt. Therefore, shoes must be taken care of and cleaned regularly, especially during rainy weather. Also, never dry your wet shoes on a heater or any other dryers. We strictly advise against this because the sole may peel off and the leather may become hard and wrinkled. Dry at room temperature and if needed, use natural shoe trees which absorb the moisture. Professional Collonil footwear care products can be found at all Dolita salons. With the help of consultants, you will be able to find the most suitable products for your shoes and enjoy your new footwear for a very long time.

All mentioned designers and their brands can be found here: DOLITASHOES.COM  

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