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Everything you need for a stylish and comfortable vacation!

Everything you need for a stylish and comfortable vacation!

The summer promises an unforgettable vacation and lots of exciting experiences. Whichever travel destination you choose, it is essential to have a good and relaxing time for your body and soul. So while you enjoy planning your vacation, Dolita will make sure that your holiday is stylish and comfortable. 

Sneakers – a stylish vacation for your feet

Choosing the right shoes for your trip is no easy task. However, comfortable shoes will make the whole trip much more enjoyable, whether you are exploring a big city on foot or taking a few hours to visit museums. So choose the sneakers that will allow you to enjoy your vacation without tiring your feet, and look stylish. 

All RUN OF sneakers are made in Italy to ensure quality and sustainability. But the real pride of RUN OF is the patented sole of the sneakers, which adds a distinctive touch and guarantees a comfortable fit. It is manufactured using a 3D printer and the highest quality materials. The middle sole is made of micro-rubber made from polymers derived from recycled raw materials, thus ensuring lightness and flexibility. The design of the sole is equally exceptional. The curve on the heel side provides extra comfort when walking and reduces the strain on the spine. In addition, these sneakers come with a gift – a transparent small clutch bag which will come in handy when traveling. 


The Flower Mountain designers combine the highest quality, handmade craftsmanship, and exotic Far East highlights in their sports footwear. These white sneakers with bright highlights and a colored lining will be your reliable trip companion. These sneakers have technical nylon and leather upper, a textile lining, and an Agion cork insole with antibacterial technology and mineral compounds to protect the feet from dirt and bacteria. 

Flower Mountain

With a century of shoemaking experience, Premiata creates the highest quality footwear, combining uncompromising quality standards and fashion trends. Ideal for summer trips, the soft perforated leather upper allows your foot to breathe. The cushioned heel collar and leather inner sole guarantee that you will be comfortable from morning till night, no matter how many of the city’s landmarks you plan to explore on foot. 


The classically designed sneakers by the P448 Italian designers are inspired by street fashion and are sure to complement your summer vacation wardrobe. The P448 designers believe that self-expression requires design innovation and experimentation and that a person wearing such footwear is not afraid to be unique. The upper of these sneakers is made of specially embossed genuine leather with an exotic animal skin pattern and suede detailing, and the lining is made of leather and textile. Wearing them will allow you to travel in comfort and enjoy a stylish vacation.


Every pair of Hidnander sneakers is made in Italy, which means quality, luxury, and respect for the environment and people. Hidnander encourages disbelief in fashion and rejects the worship of logos. This brand is all about quality and the person who wears its footwear. You can also enjoy the highest quality and comfort when traveling in these sneakers. The upper is made of specially embossed leather and technical nylon. The leather is washed with a unique technique, and the bright midsole and other colorful details add a fresh touch. The ultra-light rubber sole and leather inner sole will keep your feet comfortable throughout your trip.


Sandals or slippers? That is the question.

You never go with just one pair of shoes on vacation, and in summer, sandals are always in the suitcase. Whether buckled or slip-on, flat or platform, they are hotter than ever this year. So let’s see what Dolita offers for your vacation. 

Platform sandals not only optically lengthen your legs but also make your feet feel comfortable, whether you are wearing them for brunch or a day in the park. Italian footwear manufacturer Moma is renowned for its top-quality products and ability to combine genuine leather with the most modern materials. The upper of these sandals is made of washed cushioned leather, treated with unique technology, making each pair different. In addition, the rubber sole and leather inner sole will make your every step comfortable and light.


Laura Bellariva footwear models are always dynamic in design, extremely comfortable, and complemented by elegant nuances. The comfortable shape and perfected manufacturing processes give each shoe model a modern twist and add unique and distinctive touches to your vacation capsule. The upper of these slip-on sandals is made of ultra-soft leather, and the width is adjustable with Velcro fasteners. In addition, the molded leather inner sole and lightweight porous rubber sole make them irreplaceable vacation companions. 

Laura Bellariva

The creators of the Italian brand Vittorio Virgili understand what makes footwear comfortable and high-quality. Although sandals have been with mankind for thousands of years, with a touch by Italian shoemakers, they are reborn with a new, very feminine style and maximum comfort. The straps of these sandals are made of animal-printed leather and decorated with crystals. The cushioned inner sole is made of leather, and the sole combines leather and rubber.

Vittorio Virgili

The Del Carlo footwear is characterized by clean and timeless lines complemented by tasteful and unprovoking details. We can confidently say that a vacation in Southern Europe this year is unthinkable without these Del Carlo slip-on sandals. The inner sole and upper of the sandals are made of genuine, specially embossed leather, and the padded strips guarantee a comfortable fit and maximum style points!

Del Carlo

Mara Bini handmade shoes are chosen by elegant women who prefer stylish and comfortable footwear. Years of shoemaking experience and an elegant interpretation of contemporary trends make every pair of Mara Bini footwear unique. The upper of these slip-on sandals is made of ultra-soft leather, and the padded woven strips add a stylish touch to even the simplest summer outfit.

Mara Bini

And here are the rule-breakers from London – Acupuncture 1993. Their origins in the fashion industry date back to the London punk subculture of the 1990s, and today they are true street fashion gurus. With their massive rubber sole, these slip-on sandals radiate vacation mood and are guaranteed not to go unnoticed in any Spanish resort. The upper is made of: nubuck, nylon, TPU, and phylon rubber. The inner sole is made of phylon rubber. 

Acupuncture 1993

Shoes are a means of self-expression, according to the Italian creators of 7:AM footwear. They combine maximum quality, comfort, and design with a commitment to balance in their models. So you will feel not only comfortable in these sandals but also stylish every day of your vacation. The upper is made of ultra-soft leather and fastened with a Velcro fastener. The rubber platform sole is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the leather inner sole will keep your feet cool. 


For men

Which shoes will be more comfortable for traveling? First, of course, the ones do not need to be tied after the airport security check. So these Flower Mountain sneakers, fixed with a buckle fastening, make traveling more comfortable. The upper is made of leather and technical textile, and the lining is made of textile. The Agion cork inner sole, with antibacterial mineral compound technology that protects your feet from dirt and bacteria, deserves a special mention. Travel not only in comfort and style but also in a healthy way. 

Flower Mountain

The Premiata model, reminiscent of retro tennis shoes, is a classic way to refresh your look with a fashionable highlight and feel comfortable. The white sneakers are a must-have pair of summer shoes in every man’s wardrobe. These sneakers have a washed leather upper decorated with colored details and a genuine leather inner sole.


The Hidnander sports shoe model Tenkei is dedicated to running, precisely the 10 km distance, which is an absolute pleasure for every runner. You can walk long distances and explore unfamiliar cities and old towns without worries with these shoes. These sneakers have a leather, suede, and technical nylon upper, a leather inner sole, and a rubber sole specially designed for running. 


If your vacation itinerary takes you to Southern Europe or where the sun and the sea await you – don’t forget to pack a pair of slip-on sandals in your suitcase. Vittorio Virgili’s long tradition of craftsmanship, the experience it has fostered, and its drive and constant need for innovation are the driving forces that make its products true ambassadors of “Made in Italy” worldwide. Vittorio Virgili offers a unique pair of slippers for this season, with a slightly chunkier sole and a buckle of industrial design. They have a smooth leather upper and a leather inner sole with a comfortable orthopedic molded. The sole is lightweight and made of rubber. 

Vittorio Virgili

Attimonelli’s shoemakers know how to combine comfort and luxury and a stylish and quality-conscious man’s needs. These adjustable width sandals have a matte leather upper and are fastened with a Velcro fastener. In addition, the sandals have an orthopedically molded leather inner sole and a lightweight rubber sole. 


All these sneakers, sandals, and many other exclusive models can be found in Dolita Online or in Stores. So enjoy your holidays with Dolita shoes! 

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