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Footwear is an integral part of our image, but the aesthetic look is not the most important part of it. Comfortable and high-quality shoes are needed to protect you against adverse external factors, temperature changes, uneven surfaces that overload your feet and may distort your posture, long walks or work that requires you to stay on your feet for long hours.

The human foot consists of 26 different bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. These different parts of the foot operate and shoot their bolt when you stand, walk or run. If you are wearing high-quality footwear, your movements shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If you do feel any foot pain or back pain, you should really start thinking about whether your shoes are suitable for everyday wear. The best way to ensure the health of your feet is by choosing high-quality and comfortable footwear.

The footwear market is heavily influenced by the needs of consumers, which determine the direction in which manufacturers will continue to move. Fast-paced fashion trends and improved economic conditions encourage mass production. People seem to be rushing along with the rapidly changing fashion, buying more and more pairs of undoubtedly high-quality shoes rather than less. However, with speedy decisions to buy shoes, people do not take into account the qualities that are crucial to keeping their feet and spine healthy.

Improperly selected shoes are the most common cause of foot deformities. Long-term wear of uncomfortable footwear or daily wear of high-heeled footwear may provoke foot deformities, various changes in the spine, and disrupted blood flow in the legs. In order to avoid unnecessary tension in your body and to maintain your posture, choose footwear according to your lifestyle and career.

Here are the most important tips to help you choose comfortable and high-quality footwear:

The sole. The sole, the sole and, again, the sole. Because a person’s foot is constantly in contact with the ground while walking, running, or jumping, tension is put on the tendons and ligaments. However, you can ease this tension by choosing shoes with a soft and high-quality sole. The sole should absorb the impact so that the spine doesn’t feel overloaded. Also, it should firmly hold the foot so that it doesn’t slide around. Every step should be pleasant and easy.

”EVA” or “EXTRA LIGHT” is a flexible, soft sole made with a special technology (rubber and foam rubber blend). It reduces the impact on the sole, absorbs and decreases the pressure on the foot. Soles like this ensure stability, comfort and ease, prevent impact, make the shoe more flexible, and allow you to replicate natural movements of the foot. In the Dolita collection, you will find different footwear for women and men made using the “EVA” technology.

O.X.S. models for women

O.X.S. models for men

Moma models for women

More than 5 years ago, the revolutionary “Boost” technology was introduced with shock-absorbing cushions becoming a real symbol of comfort. The Y-3 collection by Yohji Yamamoto is a great example which proves that the technology used for amortization and shock absorption not only perfectly performs its function but is also a stylish choice.

Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto models for women and men

In collaboration with a climbing association, Flower Mountain's designers have created a collection that combines Japanese design and functionality. The sculptural sole, reminiscent of mountaineering shoes, is combined with a patterned fabric. Flower Mountain uses high-quality leather in accordance with the highest standards of health. This footwear has an extra, comfortable cork insole that is made using the AGION antibacterial technology with natural mineral compounds that protect against dirt and bacterial growth. This footwear is light, healthy, and very comfortable. Long-lasting, slip-resistant, and exceptionally comfortable soles are the perfect choice for mountain hiking and for walking long distances.  

Flower Mountain models

Footwear made with the “sacchetto” construction is soft, flexible and lightweight, and it guarantees 100% comfort. The “sacchetto” sewing technique requires a lot of precision because each piece of leather is hand-cut. Then, a leather bag is sewn which is turned inside out and then, hand sewn to the sole. To keep your feet healthy and to maintain a reliable and classic image at work, choose the Pomme D'Or. Halmanera models, which are handmade shoes that use the sophisticated “sacchetto” technology. The brand Pomme D'Or is particularly dedicated to manufacturing technologies and materials. Lightweight, one-layer thick leather soles and innovative leather processing is the perfect choice for people who value comfort. It will seem as if you’re walking barefoot! 

Pomme D’Or models

The insole. Choose shoes with a leather insole, or with a sheepskin/wool insole for the winter. During the warm season, the leather insole protects the feet from moisture and sweating. During the cold season, the insole made from sheepskin or wool will keep your foot warm and protect it against moisture. In addition to the fact that the insole absorbs the impact force and evenly distributes it throughout the shoes, the insole also reduces pressure on the ligaments and tendons. Because of these reasons, the legs don’t get tired as fast and the foot structure is not harmed. A lot of pressure and weight wearing uncomfortable and improper footwear causes the foot to be pushed more and more towards the ground, so the natural curvature of the foot begins to disappear and the foot may become flat. Always pay attention to the insole!

The Chie Mihara insoles are designed in such a way that when women wear shoes, they are guaranteed total comfort which is extremely needed for everyday wear. Also, the orthopedic precision of the insoles will make it possible to wear high heels every day! Without any hassle or pain, you will be able to put on your high heels and stay with them all day! Is this really possible? Well, try out Chie Mihara and you will not want to trade them for anything.

Chie Mihara models

Pomme D’Or models

For sneaker lovers: the collection inspired by running shoes of the ‘80s. This is lightweight, modern footwear with an extremely durable and comfortable sole and with a taste from the past. models models

Footwear size. If you choose winter footwear with fur or with warming, it is recommended to choose a size larger because a compressed foot gets cold and sweaty much faster. If the shoes are loose enough, you can choose thicker socks or use the Collonil insole made from natural wool. During the summer, the feet are often swollen and sometimes a bit larger, so don’t be fooled when trying on shoes in a cool room because on a hot day, when your foot becomes swollen, sandal straps or other shoes may squeeze your foot and prevent normal blood flow. 

Premiata Sneakers sports shoes for women and men is not only a stylish but also a very comfortable choice. A double platform that appeared a few years ago ensured the sense of design and comfort. Plus, each Premiata Sneakers model is patented. This means that you are truly wearing a unique design of footwear. Warmed male models made with sheepskin and an insole of natural leather for a warm and healthy foot.

Premiata Sneakers for men

Premiata Sneakers for women

The shape of footwear and Your foot. It is very important to pay attention to the model of footwear you choose, never choose footwear that is not comfortable when you first try it on. If the shoe is too small but made out of leather, it will stretch out over time. In this case, you can use the Collonil leather stretcher. Shoes with a pointed nose should be chosen a size larger as these shoes themselves are a bit smaller. If you have a high instep, pay attention to models with a zipper on the side or on part of the heel. If you have an especially wide foot, avoid choosing pointed shoes or shoes with a connecting seam at the widest part of your foot. 

Elena Iachi models

Lemargo models

Halmanera features feminine and high-quality footwear. Exceptional and limited production, a minimalistic and modern design. The high-quality materials used give the footwear flexibility and softness, so you’ll be guaranteed comfort all day long! Stylish and comfortable from morning to evening. 

Halmanera models

Halmanera models

The correct footwear choice will not only emphasize your appearance but it will also protect your health, especially the health of your feet. Therefore, it’s very important to find comfortable footwear which is both lightweight and durable, doesn’t cause any inconveniences or unwanted pain. It should be footwear that makes you forget you’re even wearing shoes and it should never cause you to reach for bandages or call the doctor. 

All mentioned designers and their brands can be found here: DOLITASHOES.COM  

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