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Combat boots! A fashion protest or a must-have footwear trend?

Combat boots! A fashion protest or a must-have footwear trend?

Combat boots, combat boots, combat boots...?! Oh yeah! The world has just gone crazy over these shoes: model after model wearing them at fashion shows have gained tremendous attention on social media and once the shoes appeared on store shelves or online stores, they were instantly sold out! Combat boots are without a doubt the most popular footwear model this season. But how did they get so popular? And what’s the secret of these “protest” shoes? A trend? Comfort? Read on to learn about the history of combat boots and what led to their never-ending popularity.

Elena Iachi

A bit of history

Although the accent of the season is usually a silhouette, shape, type of leather or color, this season it’s a theme. A theme that isn’t just about ripped and paint-splattered jeans, leather pants or a jacket with bold expressions… Protest clothing and footwear can vary endlessly but one thing is always the same – the ability to silently convey an idea, demonstrate solidarity and spread the message of freedom.


Of course, disapproval can be expressed with small symbols (emblems, studs, buckles, massive shoes, skulls, etc.), but historically, the most significant protest clothing was never subtle. For example, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, this type of fashion was just shocking and unacceptable because women’s clothing etiquette was extremely strict. In that period, women were still wearing long dresses, heavy and uncomfortable underskirts, and extremely tight corsets. Shoes were narrow and tight with an elegant sole made from thin leather and, of course, a heel. And who would have thought that one day women would swap their high heels for massive, thick combat boots?

Premiata for women

The invasion of men’s fashion into women’s wardrobes was a long process heavily influenced by the world’s political and economic situations. The movement for women’s rights, innovations and wars all changed people’s lives and a woman’s position in her family and community.

Laura Bellariva

In the 70s and 80s, protest clothing became much more unconfined. You can say that the modern protest history began with the 1963 Washington March, where hundreds of African-American women fought against their dress codes by wearing denim overalls and letting their curly hair down.

 Later, protest clothing was prevalent in the punk movement with the saying “Punks not dead” written all over walls and jackets. This is precisely the period in which combat boots grew in popularity among both men and women.

Combat boots – the most significant trend of the season!

Fashion has become a powerful weapon and a huge industry. However, it encourages individualism and values women not just as clients but as people who are worthy of self-expression and love multiculturism, freedom and respect. Today, a strong woman wears massive combat boots and knee-high boots. Is this part of the ongoing process? Maybe.

Silvia Curzi, Vic Matie designer, shared her thoughts in an interview about the image of a strong and emancipated woman and the role combat boots play in her work: ”Massive combat boots are the DNA of our brand. Our collections are dominated by models and leather similar to the very first collections of 1987, except that today’s shoes are modern and presented in a new light by combining leather with various fabrics, such as technical nylon”.

In Vic Matie collections, combat boots with rubber soles and tips are prevalent.

Vic Matie

Vic Matie

This season, Strategia and Elena Iachi designers place special focus on boots, where earthly colors, aged and waxed leather, and massive but light soles dominate. Shoes with a length halfway to the knees are extra popular this season!

Elena Iachi

Elena Iachi

Elena Iachi

Elena Iachi

Elena Iachi


In the collection, you’ll find lots of chains, zippers, laser-cut leather, and buckles. But from all of these elements, the chain is the most important part because this season, it dominates as an entirely individual trend! These shoes will give your outfit a whole lot of character and promise!

The Premiata collection features a true “Punks not dead” image and a punkish mood! The bright, energetic, and unstoppable image of the collection has caught many people’s eyes. Massive shapes are combined with extra soft but durable sheepskin, which seems to be deliberately ripped and wrinkled, creating a unique image for every single footwear model.



MyGrey is a modern interpretation of the classic combat boot. The classic white and black combat boots are a great investment to make and a fashionably safe choice. Match them with pants, transparent skirts, midi skirts, shorts, jeans, large masculine blazers, mini skirts, or dresses.



The Laura Bellariva collection is unique because of the untraditional combination of leather and fur they use for their combat boots: laser-cut fur and embossed and patterned leather. Plus, the cherry and green colored strips on the soles give the shoes some personality and playfulness.

Laura Bellariva

Laura Bellariva

Laura Bellariva

A focus on the shape of the sole

The mood of combat boots is given off by the sole. Modern technologies combined with the creativity of designers have given combat boots a new life: through their shape, comfort, lightness of the sole, and longevity. Many designers are now creating combat boots with a massive but extra lightweight sole.

At first, the thick rubber fusion sole not only seemed visually heavy (although it gave the shoe an expressive shape and mood), but it also didn’t provide maximum comfort. In collaboration with professional craftsmen, designers of an Italian brand have created a new kind of sole for combat boots: more flexible, durable, and resistant to friction. What customers would soon see on store shelves can be described as a mini-revolution: visually massive shoes were lighter and extremely comfortable.

Combat boots with a foam rubber sole? Yes. the “EVA” or “EXTRA LIGHT” sole is flexible, soft, and created using a special technology (a mixture of rubber and foam rubber). The sole provides amortization and reduces the load on the feet. These shoes:

  • ensure water resistance;
  • ensure stability;
  • have good thermal insulation;
  • are resistant to friction;
  • are lightweight and stylish.

Laura Bellariva with extra light-weight rubber foam sole

Premiata with light-weight rubber sole.

Eyes are on men’s combat boots

Did you know that most women would choose to buy shoes from the men’s section if they had their size?

Shoes are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe and the first thing people pay attention to. This season, we offer men modern-shape combat boots, as well as lace-up ankle boots with a massive sole and a rubber-covered tip. Brands that offer such models include Vic Matie, RARE, Premiata, Mattia Cappezani and other designer collections.

Voile Blanche

These models have an extra light and durable sole, offer maximum comfort and feature smooth leather combined with neoprene and technical nylon.



Mattia Capezzani


Vic Matie

Fully fur lined Vic Matie boots.

DOLITA shoes are for a stylish man who values quality.

Here are a few practical tips for combat boot lovers!

- Clean your combat boots with our recommended Collonil Carbon LAB Cleaning Foam, use the Protecting Spray and, of course, the Carbon Leather Care to revive the color of your shoes and nourish the leather. By following our recommendations on shoe care, your shoes will be resistant to any type of weather and the leather will be elastic and won’t crack;

Vic Matie | Carbon LAB Protecting Spray

Moma | Carbon LAB Cleaning Foam and Leather/Sneaker Care.

- Don’t use radiators or any type of heater to dry your shoes. Instead, use wooden Collonil shoe trees or let them dry naturally (by inserting absorbent newspaper inside the shoes);

- Remove the laces when drying. This way, you’ll ensure the shape is maintained and avoid wrinkles;

 - Always tie the laces carefully and evenly when putting on your shoes - this also helps maintain the shape of the shoes;

- If you’re looking to make a long-lasting and stylish investment - choose DOLITA collections. Plus, shoes made by professional manufacturers look much more stylish and unique.

The most important thing to remember is that any man or woman can choose combat boots this season and turn them into a new movement for justice. Either way, combat boots will never lose their “rebellious” image.

Women’s and men’s collections.

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