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BRUNO BORDESE | Master of classic design and fashion

BRUNO BORDESE | Master of classic design and fashion

We’re welcoming the fall in with great news! The DOLITA range now boasts another brand entirely new to the Lithuanian market – the rebellious BRUNO BORDESE. The founder of his namesake company began his creative career in Milan. BRUNO BORDESE is primarily known for its original execution of footwear designs and can be recognized by its blend of classical and fashionable elements, born of constant experimentation with various materials.

BRUNO BORDESE himself is no newcomer to the world of fashion. For many years, the designer collaborated with brands such as Levi’s, Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood, and Testoni. Having created footwear collections for the fashion houses of Roberto Cavalli and Casadei in 1994, Bruno set out to make his brand. He did not have to wait long for success to find him. He started his brand with a footwear collection for men, and consumers quickly noticed its quality and creative design. It was a great design and an innovative approach that became the key that unlocked the gates to success and popularity for the BRUNO BORDESE brand. Soon enough, the company began to design footwear for the fairer sex, which was also met with widespread success.


The designer himself is no ordinary man. Bruno balances creativity with business acumen and personally oversees the entire footwear production process: from the search for materials to the distribution of the collection. The designer describes himself as a sponge that draws inspiration from street art, flea markets, and youth culture. Bordese’s first rule is to never fall behind the times and constantly improve. For this reason, his field of interest encompasses the art and music of several generations.

The main characteristic of BRUNO BORDESE footwear is its unique approach to processing natural leather. Using bold and unorthodox solutions, the shoemaker produces classic models for everyday life that are unconventional, stylish, and relevant. Emanating charm and style, these shoes will easily find their way into fashion lovers’ wardrobes. BRUNO BORDESE likes to play with detailing, and he leaves a small sign of this on every shoe – a fun message for the wearer, whether it be the lining with a decorative band or a small imprint on the sole.

Below are various BRUNO BORDESE footwear designs inspired by interesting moments in the designer’s life.

Grunge style once declared itself apart from fashion, but those days are long gone – attributes of the subculture have become true fashion highlights. As Y2K trends retake the stage, this fall will see the resurgence of chunky lace-up ankle boots. Contrasting colors, metal hooks, and a chunky and rough sole give this design, and any outfit you might be wearing, plenty of edges.



Biker apparel from the noisy streets of Milan inspired BRUNO BORDESE to create boots for daily wear with a touch of designer charm. Experiments with color and material boost this brand, which will gladden the heart of any girl looking to buy a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes for the fall. The upper and lining are made of leather, while the zips will allow you to put the shoes on quickly and conveniently.


Bored of your regular black ankle boots but have no idea what to replace them with? Take note of this design – a modern interpretation of combat boots. The platform sole has no intention of relinquishing its status as a top trend, and during the colder months, it will be a stylish accent and protect you reliably from the cold. Furthermore, smooth white leather and black detailing will let you combine this design easily with various everyday outfits.



Midway through the 20th century, the winds of change began blowing in the direction of men’s fashion. Classic models that had dominated the stage for a long time began to be replaced by footwear inspired by athletic, military, and work apparel. Increasingly less restricted by official dress codes, men gladly wore these comfortable, sturdy, and reliable models in their free time and to work. BRUNO BORDESE added a few new touches to the faithful lace-up boot – a chunky sole and a combination of various materials. Pair this shoe with dark denim jeans, a warm sweater, or a turtleneck.


Basketball shoes have also become a staple beyond the court, spreading in countless variations across men’s wardrobes. A unique design inspired by this type of shoe with some added height to the upper, a chunky uniform sole, and convenient lacing is BRUNO BORDESE’S gift to the modern man who appreciates comfort and perfect design. In addition, the shoes are made of genuine leather, so comfort is guaranteed.


BRUNO BORDESE has expanded the established attitude to men's footwear by offering biker-inspired boots. It's not hard to understand why these shoes will find their place in modern men's wardrobes. Exceptionally designed yet comfortable and lightweight – a winning combination for modern city life. With its leather upper and lining and light rubber sole. The design is for those who appreciate comfort in mind.


Men who lean towards more athletic and comfortable designs should take note of this BRUNO BORDESE shoe. The combination of different materials on the upper, the cushioning at the arch, and the comfortable slip-on design are reasons enough to make this shoe a fall favorite. But, of course, this model makes no pretenses of formality, so pair it with casual apparel.


The theme of street fashion dominates the BRUNO BORDESE design aesthetic. This classic lace-up with an athletic twist is no exception. The combination of different textures – the designer’s calling card – is especially pronounced in this design, even though everything comes together to make a uniform whole. The chunky sole and natural materials will make your foot feel comfortable even when the cold bites.


From now on, you can find BRUNO BORDESE shoes in all DOLITA Stores and Online. So drop by, and make your pick – we’ve just introduced you to a brand that draws inspiration from the temperamental present and desires to create perfect footwear for stylish people.

BRUNO BORDESE collection for women and men.

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