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No matter whether you wear high heels every day to work or just keep them in your closet for the right occasion, we all have our own reasons to love them. High heels are very popular all around the world among women of all ages. For many decades, they have been a true attribute of fashion and style, taking over our hearts and feet. It’s hard to imagine a wedding, birthday party or any other special occasion without high heels. So why are they so loved and so popular?

Why do women wear high heels? When we think about fashion and style, the first thing popping into our heads is often shoes. And it’s no secret that most women can’t even tell how many pairs of shoes they have. Although high heels aren’t the most practical choice of shoes in which to run in fields carelessly but how much time do you actually spend in fields? If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in nature, choose sneakers or… just be barefoot! But if you spend most of your time in the city, often go to events, parties, dates and celebrations, then try swapping your casual flats with fancy heeled shoes! Not only will you grow a few centimeters higher but your back will become straighter, your chin will be raised higher and the whole world will be at your feet! Self-confidence is guaranteed!

“Shoes must be chosen carefully. Many women believe that shoes are not important but a truly elegant woman can be recognized from the shoes she is wearing” –Christian Dior.

High heels make women elegant and charming… When speaking about a red carpet or another special occasion, it’s important to choose your image smartly. That’s why many women choose high heels that create an elegant and feminine image. It’s a good idea to invest in an exclusive pair of shoes that may become the main detail of your outfit. Don’t forget that you are a woman, so spread as much charm and elegance as you can and leave the boy’s image to the boys...

What is happiness? Happiness is another new pair of high heels.

They give you confidence... High heels make you brace up, take a straight and strong step, they highlight your gait and give you more confidence. Do you want to be strong and self-reliant? Then, you’ll need some heeled shoes. Not without a reason did Marilyn Monroe say: “give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. So, are you ready to conquer the world? Which pair will you choose? The charming Strategia model? Or the elegant and soft Chie Mihara? Or maybe you want to look like an independent and strong woman? Then, choose Vic Matie and Premiata!

High heels highlight your figure... A woman wearing high heels naturally straightens up more. She doesn’t hunch her back while walking, she takes smaller but firmer steps. The heel visually makes the legs, waist and hips skinnier. So can you name another good reason why not to wear high heels?

Follow your dreams… wearing high heels, of course!

Women want to be a few centimeters taller… It’s obvious that some women want to be taller, especially when looking at models and other celebrities. Being tall seems to be a huge advantage to them. What should tall women do when there are so many strikingly beautiful pairs of high heels at stores?

There really are many reasons to wear high heels. And with the huge selection of them, it’s a sin not to have at least one pair.

The true symbol of femininity is the Chie Mihara high heel models. These shoes with a retro classic style are a great choice for both older and younger women. Mixed textures and materials, curls and ribbons make the shoes look both playful and elegant.

Chie Mihara models

Chie models

In order to highlight your femininity, you only need one detail -- the undoubtedly charming and original Premiata high heels. When going to a business meeting, choose shoes with a thick heel and closed front. Match them with classic cut trousers or a trapezoid skirt. The rugged and curved heel will be perfect for official occasions.

Premiata models

If an eventful night is awaiting, choose the stylish, open-front Premiata sandals and be calm because not only men but also women won’t be able to take their eyes off of you all night. A femme fatale woman with a free soul chooses her shoes bravely. She chooses footwear that she knows no other woman will be wearing - a narrow heel, simple details that aren’t too overwhelming but will emphasize her personality.

Premiata models

Slip-on high heels are another interesting and unexpected choice. Slip-on Mules are especially popular this season. Most importantly, the comfort is unbelievable. Just put them on and you’ll never want to take them off! In the Strategia collection, narrow, intricate geometric patterns and metalized leather with exotic prints are dominant.

Strategia models

Pastel colors, massive details and intricate heels are dominant in the Vic Matie collection. Who said that the heel needs to be whole? And if you don’t have a mirror anywhere close, just grab your heel and check your lipstick. That’s right, a mirrored heel - a unique and surprising detail. It seems that pastel models are made for sensitive, soft and sweet women. However, Vic Matie presents a bold decision in their summer collection that not all women are ready for. If you’re independent, brave and have a romantic soul, these pastel-colored models and the massive, exclusive heels must find their place in your closet this season. 

Vic Matie models

Classic and bright colors are dominant in the Laura Bellariva and Ixos collections. Black, red and laminated silver leather. The combination of colors and materials are perfect for independent, self-confident and mature women. The 5-7 cm heels are extremely comfortable, they feature a classic design and different textures. 

Laura Bellariva models

Ixos models

Halmanera and Moma models

Pastel, soft and feminine colors are dominant in the Pretty Ballerinas collections. If you’re tall but want to wear high heels or if your job requires you to walk a lot, you’ll never go wrong with Pretty Ballerinas. Comfortable, beautiful and very feminine. They feature a wide color palette, smooth leather, suede or lacquered leather according to your taste and needs.

Pretty Ballerinas models

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes!

To finalize, the subject of high heels is so interesting to scientists that they conducted research on how high heels affect men. And guess what? Dr. Nicolas conducted an experiment that proved that men act more like gentlemen in front of women wearing high heels. 62% of men picked up a glove a woman wearing flats dropped, whereas 93% of men picked up a glove of the same woman wearing high heels. You must be thinking: wow, what a huge difference? In fact, this study lead to another hypothesis suggesting that women wearing heels feel stronger and more confident which means they spread stronger energy, resulting in the attraction of more attention. Well, we look forward to more research and news. Now, don’t forget that high heels decorate us, women, so don’t miss the opportunity to wear them more often!

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