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Ballerinas. You’ll feel like you’re barefoot!

Ballerinas. You’ll feel like you’re barefoot!

Ballerinas are hands down some of the most popular shoes among women and an inseparable part of any wardrobe. Elegant, comfortable, and suitable with a wide array of clothing: jeans, office attire, or even evening wear – you’ll always feel comfortable in these shoes. Since they can easily fit into your bag, they can be a life-saver for when your feet are exhausted from wearing heels.

Here’s what you’re about to learn:

  • A bit of history;
  • Naturally tanned leather;
  • The flexible Sacchetto construction;
  • Irreplaceable design.

A bit of history

Although flats date back to the Middle Ages, for a long time ballet dancers danced in high heels. That is until Marie Camargo appeared on stage in the middle of the 18th century wearing modern-day ballerinas, which grew in popularity after the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century.

However, these shoes truly became iconic must-haves in 1956, when Brigette Bardot appeared in the movie “And God Created Woman” wearing red ballerinas, and even more when a year later, Audrey Hepburn appeared in the musical “Funny Face” wearing black ballerinas.

Vic Matie

Anna Baiguera

Ballerinas - a combination of comfort and style

One of the main reasons for the never-ending popularity of ballerinas is their comfort. Manufacturers of quality footwear use advanced technologies that ensure maximum comfort.

Anna Baiguera

Naturally tanned leather

Italian brand Anna Baiguera always pays special attention to their leather. The exceptionally high-quality leather used in their ballerinas has pretty much become their signature. Their special vegetable-tanned leather makes the shoes soft and breathable. The insides of Anna Baiguera shoes are also unique, made with naturally tanned leather and an extra flexible insole covered with special memory foam which guarantees maximum comfort even after a long walk. The hand-tied ribbon at the front of the shoes gives them some extra elegance – another element of dance shoes adopted by modern footwear.

Anna Baiguera

The flexible Sacchetto construction

The term “Sachetto” just has to be mentioned when speaking about ballerinas. The Sachetto construction is a true legacy of Italian shoemaking mastery. Translated from Italian, “Sachetto” means “small pouch”. This technique requires lots of care, knowledge, and precision. Each piece of leather is cut by hand and then a leather pouch is sewn that is turned inside out and sewn to the sole of the shoe. This nearly seamless construction makes the shoes soft, flexible, and lightweight, and comfort is a guarantee. Italian brand Pomme D‘Or uses this sewing technique in their ballerinas. All of their models are made from extra soft leather and since they’re nearly seamless inside, you can comfortably wear them barefoot.

Pomme D'Or
Pomme D'Or
Pomme D'Or

Some other brands also use this flexible construction. Here’s one of the most popular models of the season from with extra soft leather, a minimalistic design, leather sole, and, of course, impeccable comfort. These are simply must-haves for this season!

Irreplaceable design

All fashion-conscious celebrities from Kate Middleton to Kate Moss know the brand Pretty Ballerinas, which was founded in 1918 in Spain and initially offered handmade dance shoes. Pretty Ballerinas are famous for their large variety of products, wide color palette, and interesting texture combinations. All you need to do is choose a pair of ballerinas that best fit your personality and finish off your outfit in style.

Pretty Ballerinas
Pretty Ballerinas
Pretty Ballerinas

Do you like exotic animal prints, solid colors, and exclusive decorations? The cute design of ballerinas, along with their impeccable comfort make them irreplaceable from early spring all the way to the fall. These shoes will be great not only for a business meeting but also for a mini getaway or a day at the beach. Pick out your new loyal companions – ballerinas, at Dolita Stores or Online here.

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