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Autumn treasures - the best loafers and lace-up shoes

Autumn treasures - the best loafers and lace-up shoes

Lace-up shoes or loafers are comfortable, versatile, and elegant footwear that has been on the radar of fashion fans for almost a decade. But now this quick slip-on model is enjoying a real revival and is back on the catwalks with a revamped chunky sole, creating a real buzz in the fashion world.

The chunky sole of both slip-on and lace-up shoes is an essential detail for this season, among other things, making them cold-resistant and allowing you to wear them right up to the first frost.  

Let's take a look at the slip-on and lace-up shoe models we offer, and You decide which ones will become Your essential companions this autumn.

Vic Matie designers strive to combine contemporary trends and luxury in their collections, breaking away from standard clichés. These smooth leather slip-on shoes with a massive, yet elegant buckle are a real discovery for those looking for stylish and comfortable loafers. Pair them with high-waisted trousers, midi dresses, or straight-cut jeans.

Vic Matie

7:AM shoemakers turn classic shoe designs into contemporary luxury, with masterful combinations of materials, colors, and stylish details. With a keen awareness of women's lifestyles and handmade craftsmanship, these manufacturers take everyday routines to the heights of style. These shoes have a textured leather top, while the leather interior and lightweight rubber sole will keep you comfortable even on a cool autumn day. Pair them with a trouser suit, a pleated midi-length skirt, and a loose-fitting raincoat.


“You don't have to wear black shoes all the time,” says Chie Mihara, founder and creative director of Chie Mihara. She believes that footwear is a form of self-expression, a piece of happiness for the person who buys it, and a piece of life for the person who creates it. These soft leather playful shoes, which also have a leather interior and a cushioned insole, will be the perfect accent for autumnal surroundings. Pair them with denim or brightly colored dresses and keep your spirits high. 

Chie Mihara

With fur inside? Definitely! Premiata leather and technical nylon lightweight slip-on shoes with natural fur. The perfect match for men's trousers or denim. Rubberized details and a chunky sole are the season's biggest trends. Believe us, you'll receive compliments.


Vittorio Virgili craftsmen, with their years of experience, convey both the past and pay tribute to the future in every pair of footwear they create. These Italian designers understand what comfortable, quality footwear is all about. These soft patent leather lace-up shoes have a special Vibram sole that provides excellent traction, abrasion resistance, and excellent thermoregulation properties. Pair these shoes with a pair of trousers or “mom jeans” for a sophisticated but rebellious combination.

 Vittorio Virgili

Italian brand often uses rock-inspired details in its collections, such as rivets, chains, and brooches. These slip-on shoes are no exception. They are extremely light and have decorative details. This type of shoe is a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. With extra soft leather and a lightweight rubber foam sole. Comfortable, stylish, and straight from Italy.

Italian shoemakers Moma are renowned for their top-quality leather products and their ability to combine genuine leather with the most modern materials. These graphite-colored lace-up shoes in soft, crinkle-effect patent leather will be the perfect accent for those looking for a unique wardrobe piece. Wear them with black, fine wool trousers or go for a monochrome grey outfit, which will be perfectly complemented by these shoes.


Creativity, art, and work are the three ingredients that Camerlengo shoemakers use to create exquisite Italian shoes. These two-tone lace-up shoes are dedicated to the bold urban woman who loves a dash of extravagance. The smooth leather and matte rubber upper, lightweight rubber sole and leather insole ensure you feel comfortable and confident from dusk to dawn.


Laura Bellariva footwear collections are always accompanied by dynamic design, comfort, and elegant nuances. The comfortable shape and sophisticated manufacturing processes give each shoe model a contemporary feel and make it easy to create a unique and distinctive style. These two pairs of lace-up shoes will add a distinctive yet understated touch to your autumn wardrobe.

Laura Bellariva

Ixos creates for the woman who knows that she can achieve many things on her own, balancing femininity, glamour, and emancipation with modernity. These shoes are for that confident woman. The distinctive geometric sole gives these lace-up shoes an edgy touch while remaining easy to mix and match with both casual and formal attire. Both the upper and the inside of the shoes are made of genuine leather, while the sole is rubber.




For men

Slip-on shoes are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable men's footwear models, so Dolita has made sure that even the pickiest of men can find the perfect pair.

Giampieronicola footwear manufacturers pay the utmost attention to detail and the ideal balance between quality and comfort. These classic slip-on shoes with elastic rubber stitching are made of ultra-soft leather both inside and outside. The rubber sole will keep you comfortable even on rainy autumn days. Like all loafers, the biggest advantage of this model is that it can be easily paired with almost any outfit, trousers, and jeans of any pattern.


Moma footwear designers claim that their shoes are for the man who wants to stand out from the crowd. These slip-on shoes are perfect for the confident and stylish man, and thanks to the thick sole, they'll keep you comfortable even when it's cold. The upper is made of specially dyed leather with an aged effect, which adds a unique touch to each pair of shoes.


Loyal fans of the classics should take note of these Giampieronicola lace-up shoes. The perfect finishing touch to a formal look, they will also ensure maximum comfort for the foot, thanks to the ultra-soft leather and the moisture-wicking rubber outsole. 


Mattia Capezzani shoemakers are based in the Marches region of Italy, famous for their shoemaking tradition. Mattia, the company's founder and designer, says that inspiration for new designs only comes from knowing oneself, which is why his footwear is sophisticated and timeless, and the high quality of his products represents his home region. These uniquely designed, polished leather lace-up shoes will become a real signature in a stylish man's outfit.

Mattia Capezzani

All these models are available on our Online Store or In-stores. We look forward to seeing you there!

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