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Autumn showcase: which ankle-high boots and boots will we choose?

Autumn showcase: which ankle-high boots and boots will we choose?

ANKLE-HIGH BOOTS AND BOOTS! A must-have in autumn - comfortable and stylish anytime - exactly the ones we offer you!

Ankle-high boots and boots with a massive sole are the absolute favourites of this season. And for those, who seek unique style, a special collection of high heels and various color tones. Enjoy!

Black shoes for autumn are, of course, a must-have for many. But if you’re looking for a replacement, take a look at these models, especially as they will continue to be relevant for next spring and beyond. Ankle-high boots with an elasticated side panel, also known as Chelsea boots, became popular during the reign of Queen Victoria when they were designed for long walks. Their current name came about in the 1950s, when young and driven artists, dubbed the Chelsea Set by the media, began to dictate lifestyle and dress trends in London.

These Chelsea boots with elasticated side panels are a real gem from Italian manufacturer Premiata. The soft leather upper, decorated with specially embossed patterns imitating the skin of an exotic animal, and the rough rubber sole is a true example of the latest innovation and design. Pair them with natural, earth-colored midi-length dresses.


Italian Laura Bellariva ankle-high boots are a unique variation on the same Chelsea boot theme. The elastic side panels allow you to slip them on comfortably, while the exclusive leather-covered and rubber platform sole accentuates your style. A midi-length skirt and a white loose-fitting shirt are the best company for these beauties.

Laura Bellariva

Ixos footwear is designed for the modern, independent woman who finds balance with her inner self. A confident woman, we believe, will love to wear these classically styled ankle-high boots with modern accents. The soft leather and lightweight leather sole will make you feel comfortable and stylish from dusk to dawn.


These Mattia Capezzani ankle-high boots with elastic side panels are as sophisticated as any of the designer’s creations. The metal zipper at the back of the shoe adds a touch of exclusivity as well as comfort, and the decorative metal ring at the front of the shoe is another signature of the designer. Smooth leather and a lightweight sole will keep your feet comfortable and ensure easy maintenance.

Mattia Capezzani

Lace-up shoes are another footwear classics that are as comfortable as they are stylish, and are the perfect complement to fashionable autumn and winter outfits.

The modern luxury experts at 7:AM put classic footwear models in a 21st century light, making the wearer stand out from the crowd. The wrinkled effect, soft patent leather ankle-high boots can be fastened on the heel side or can be laced up to give a special comfort to the foot. Wear them all days of the week, as they go well with both jeans and floral dresses.


Mara Bini designs shoes for an elegant woman who loves stylish yet comfortable footwear. High quality and elegance — that’s the short description of this designer’s models. The upper is made of soft leather and matt rubber, while the sole is rubber and ultra-light. The zipper on the side ensures that you can get these shoes on quickly, while the lace-up front keeps your feet comfortable.

 Mara Bini

Premiata has also prepared more stunning surprises. With elegance and style, these smooth leather shoes decorated with textile stripes will instantly take any outfit combination to the next level.




Through creativity and meticulous work, Camerlengo creates footwear dedicated to the courageous city girl. These graphite-colored lace-up and zip-fastening sneakers with a chunky sole and decorative stitching at the top are made of ultra-soft textured leather with a leather interior and a lightweight rubber sole. Wear them with a loose-fitting raincoat or a coat with an elevated silhouette, and you’ll face the cold not only safely, but also in style.


“Wearing the shoes of your dreams means starting to make your dreams come true in real life,” said Roger Vivier, a French designer and footwear maker whose clients have included Hollywood actors, The Beatles, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II herself. And what do you dream about? Let’s take a look at the shoe models that are sure to brighten and lift your mood.

Unsure if white shoes can also be worn in winter? Don’t hesitate, pair them with everything that’s on trend this season for an eye-catching look. Go for a chunky knit cozy jumper and a wool skirt, but avoid black tights. These white, textured leather Vittorio Virgili ankle-high boots are the perfect choice for autumn and spring.

Vittorio Virgili

Sometimes our choice of footwear becomes a statement, an expression of how we feel, what we want, and what we dream about. That’s where these Anna Baiguera ankle-high boots come in. The leather is specially tanned with plant-based tanning agents to ensure it is exceptionally soft and breathable. The ankle-high boot insole is made from tanned leather and the ultra-flexible insole, cushioned with special adaptive foam, ensures ideal comfort even when wearing shoes with a heel. The almost seamless construction of the Sacchetto shoe makes it soft, flexible, and lightweight, while the comfort of the shoe is guaranteed.

 Anna Baiguera

Another set of ankle-high boots by Halmanera is the work of creators with a distinct identity and an appreciation for minimalism. These ankle-high boots will be a touch of spice in your autumn wardrobe combinations. The ultra-soft leather interior of the zip-up shoes is also made using Sacchetto construction.


Let’s look at the men’s side

Specially shaped shoes from nature expeditions have long since arrived on the streets and established themselves as men’s fashion favorites. Hiking-inspired men’s ankle-high boots will look great with jeans, no matter what activity you decide to do.

Attimonelli’s shoemakers know how to combine comfort and luxury, and what a stylish and quality-conscious man needs. With a soft, textured leather upper, leather insole and lightweight sole, these lace-up ankle-high boots with contrasting shoelaces will become every man’s loyal companion.


Camerlengo shoemakers create Italian shoes of exceptional quality and design for the modern urban man. These textured and smooth leather combination ankle-high boots are also the creators’ homage to hikers’ footwear. These shoes will undoubtedly find a place in the wardrobe of a man who values comfort and aesthetics.


Chunky-soled shoes are an indispensable part of a man’s wardrobe. Cold-proof, comfortable, and practical — everything you need this autumn and winter. Made from leather, they quickly adapt to the shape of the foot, making them even more comfortable, and with proper care, they will last for years to come.

These Premiata boots are made of specially aged and waxed leather, have a zip fastening and a leather interior. The special St. Moritz rubber sole is ideal for temperature control, grip, and abrasion resistance. 


Moma footwear is for the man who doesn’t want to blend in. These combat-style boots will become an exclusive wardrobe staple and will complement the season’s combinations, while the rough, moisture-wicking sole will ensure maximum comfort for the foot.


We’ve listed just a small selection of ankle-high boots and boots here, for more please visit us in our Stores or Online. Walk-in style! Let the shoes speak for themselves.


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