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And she said YES! Wedding shoes for newlyweds and more

And she said YES! Wedding shoes for newlyweds and more

Along with the summer comes the wedding season. If you’ve already chosen your special dress, Dolita is here to help find the perfect shoes to match. When choosing footwear for your wedding, pay attention to your own personal style, your wedding dress, and the location of the wedding. Remember, there’s no such thing as the wrong wedding shoes. We believe that not only high heels but also flats or even sneakers can work perfectly in certain situations. Plus, don’t forget that summertime is perfect for open sandals and lots of different shoe models that just need to be shown off on your wedding day.

The white classics

White or cream shoes have deservedly become a wedding classic. They can easily be matched with any wedding dress and elegantly complement your entire image.

Italian brand Kallisté coded its mission – to create high-quality and stylish footwear – in the name itself, which translates from Greek as “the most beautiful”.  You’ll easily be the most beautiful at the wedding with these soft leather lace-up shoes. Wearing these shoes that feature leather on the inside and a 10,5 cm heel will make you feel like the queen of the event!


Are you having your wedding in nature wearing a lightweight, summery dress? Well, then these Strategia sandals with a massive sole are exactly what you need to finish off your look. Luxury Italian footwear for women by Strategia features lots of handmade details, playful designs, and a sense of fashion. Soft lacquered leather on top, leather on the inside, and a lightweight, braided leather sole is the perfect choice for a cozy summer wedding.


Here’s another great choice for a blissful summer wedding. If your wedding is going to be at a beach and you’ll be wearing a natural, lightweight dress, then these Paloma Barcelo sandals-espadrilles with a massive sole covered in jute rope will be the true accent of your look. These ankle-length sandals with a soft leather top will go perfectly with a shorter dress because, after all, we shouldn’t hide our beauty, right?

Paloma Barcelo

These sandals will pretty much never go out of style and they’re also super comfortable! We can ensure you that you’ll continue to wear them long after your special day is over. If you’re wearing a short dress or suit, then these soft sandals with leather on the inside and outside will become your true “wedding assistant”.

When it comes to weddings, you absolutely must dance until the morning, which is why a prudent bride always has an extra pair of dancing shoes for her celebration. These Pretty Ballerinas are hands down the best choice. With a soft, braided leather top, leather inside and rubber sole, they’ll give you the comfort that you’ll desperately need and they’ll also stick around long after your wedding.

Pretty Ballerinas

As we already mentioned, there’s no such thing as the wrong wedding shoes. If you feel best wearing sneakers, then why should your wedding be any exception? These Rocco P. sneakers are unique in their style, just like any other model made by this Italian brand. The tops of the shoes are made from leather with specially embossed prints reminiscent of exotic animals. The leather and elastic rubber lining on the inside guarantee maximum comfort from dusk till dawn.

Rocco P.

A color bouquet

If you don’t want to be all white and want your shoes to stand out, then we’ve got you a colorful offer. These shoes will also be great for wedding guests looking for something to wear at a summer wedding.

D·Milano focuses on an extravagant woman who wants to be in style every season of the year. These deep green, soft and shiny leather shoes are doomed to be the main accent of any outfit. The diligent design will guarantee that you feel comfortable wearing these sparkly beauties barefoot.


3JUIN offers a true summer bouquet made from colorful wedding shoes. Their shoes feature a combination of vigor and romance, and modernity and sensuality. Is this what you’ve been looking for? The soft leather tops, leather insides and leather sole will guarantee that much-needed comfort for when you’re having the time of your life at a wedding.





The groom’s final challenge

To make sure that the groom’s final challenge isn’t searching for shoes, we’ve prepared a little guide for him as well.

Classics never die and Italian brand a.testoni knows everything about classic men’s footwear. The company, which was founded in 1929 in Bologna, Italy, started by designing shoes for the biggest legends of Italian film and art. The unique sewing technique that is made up of over 200 steps is what hides behind the amazing seamless insole that always fits perfectly. The result? Lightweight shoes that protect against the cold, heat, and moisture.


Roberto Botticelli is another synonym for classic luxury and elegance.  Combining a polished leather top, leather inside and a rubber/leather sole is a sign of true quality. Plus, you’ll definitely wear these lace-up shoes on many more occasions after your wedding day.

Roberto Botticelli

When choosing men’s footwear for a wedding, the same rules apply – match your shoes to your outfit and wedding venue. So if you’re not planning on dancing the waltz at city hall and your wedding atmosphere is generally not very strict, then you should choose these a.testoni slip-ons. Their tops are made from smooth and specially-dyed leather, making each pair unique. The sole is made from leather and features rubber stitching and the front is decorated with a metal detail.


“Today is a very good day“, according to a handwritten inscription on a pair of white classic Primabase sneakers. If you want to remember your wedding as a fun celebration filled with laughter and greetings from friends, then we’ve put aside these pure, aged leather shoes just for you.


Weddings usually last all day long, so wearing comfortable shoes is especially important. Dolita would like to remind you that you should always purchase your wedding shoes in advance and break them in at home to make sure they fit perfectly on your special day!

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