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Magical 17 Spring Summer Trends You Need To Know About

Magical 17 Spring Summer Trends You Need To Know About

The thing that surprised us the most in preparation of 2017 shoe trend list was how fashion continues to break its own standards. Fashion industry has long held great upheavals, the designers themselves went out of their creativity and fantasy frames, there is no more demarcation between purified forms, as sneakers turn to flip-flops, sandals are being replaced by beach slippers.

So the question what shoes to choose for the new season comes naturally. There is no longer time to think – choose whatever your fantasy tells you to.

And the fantasy takes us to places we have never been before. With this sentence we launch our new 2017 Spring/Summer season and the trends list.

2016 pink and blue is green with envy for 2017 green

What says "Spring" more that color green? „Pantone“  Color Institute‘s mystical code „18-0107 Kale“ shouts nothing else but this season's most fashionable color.

Vitamins C, E, A, D, B6... Or simply perhaps the healthiest color in fashion this season. Kale color has become this season‘s number 1. Fresh, vibrant, healthy, exclusive – these are several key epithets that describe this color that has already conquered the runways.

From rich, almost shading off to black, to bleached by the sun and pastel. Color green dominates in „Paloma Barcelo“, „Officine Creative“, „Premiata“, „Silvano Sassetti“, „Fiori Francesi“, „Vic Matie, „Elena Iachi“, „Moma“ and other footwear designer collections.

Summery, Spanish, touched by the Sun green - a color that dominates in „Paloma Barcelo“ collection as this color has a symbolic meaning in Spanish culture and art. „Vic Matie‘s“ green is of very gentle tone a bit evoking the tone of moss. „Le Mare‘s“ green – deep and opaque. „Philippe Model‘s“ - tropical and alive. „Officine Creative‘s“ - ombre, shadowing off into black. „Moma'' collection - bohemian, almost as if the artist painted the whole picture. „Strategia“ dived into the night glow, „Alexander Hotto '' and „Fiori Francesi‘s“ chose grape leave green.

Combine green tone footwear with your outfits by creating your style from „Tropical“ and „City Safari“ to „Royal Green for the evening“.

Color nude once only seen in art, now has become a trend.

No, we are not talking about nudity or erotica, but the body color used in fashion.

Light pink and easy, blushed body color dominates in both women and men collections.

From satin to leather, from chamois to polish - a reddish-brown color dominates in „James Mascaro“, „Officine Creative“, „Grey Mer“, „“, „Laura Bellariva“, „Fiori Francesi“, „Le Mare“, „Philippe Model“ and „Moma“ collections.

The palette of this color is very feminine and elegant, daring and unexpected - like the naked body itself depicted in different era paintings from Sandro Botticelli, Ludwig Feuerbach to Henri Matisse.

Pastel brown - beige reveals in „“ collection‘s lightness and seasonality. „Giampaolo Viozzi‘s“ and „Mascaro‘s“ dessert brown and pink breathes femininity, and purple satin in „Le Mare“ collection - youthfulness and playfulness.

Sneakers + sandals + ...

Sneakers are sneakers, sandals are sandals, high-heels are high-heels. Seems simple and clear. However, designers refuse to follow stereotypes for a while now and turn everything 360 degrees. „Less theory, more passion for life“ - the slogan designers are following this season and transform sneakers into sandals.

„Grey Mer“ and „Philippe Model“ – an example of a truly unique design. Controversial, non-stereotyped, feminine but also a free, non-binding, bold design, where sports-type double platform is matched with sandal type straps, decorated with black flowers. Eternal classical duet - powder pink and black.


„Elena Iachi“ predisposes woman for a cosmic journey. While this season is dominated by lurex in sports-type slingbacks, designers offered an unexpected solution, almost as ethereally bloomed cherry blossom in a satin flower shape. Japanese, brittle, but very modern and contemporary - "To be too sweet is not good. The shoes are the expression of this impossible dream."

This brand‘s exclusivity is their game with the shape and texture. As these playful sandals decorated with beads and details. One pair - different shoes!

„“,,Ixos" and „Laura Bellariva“ presented gladiator-type sandals in the twenty-first century context: shiny leather, delicate buckles, ultra-light, rubber foam platform sole – an exceptional guarantee of style and comfort.

Spanish „Paloma Barcelo“  and Italian ,,Premiata", ,,Strategia" presented a novelty - a sports-type sandals. While the espadrille sole has not disappeared this season, a new form and a new breakthrough does not leave anyone indifferent: lemon yellow and ocean green, a massive foam rubber platform and minimalist leather details.

Sea, added sun, divided by the sand - espadrilles

Henri Salvador song‘s „Sea, Sex and Sun“ lyrics reflected everything that fits into this very summery trend - espadrilles. Sun touched legs almost ask to be decorated with this season's must-have shoes or sandals.

Unexpected, surprising, different „Rocco P.“ collection touch takes you straight to summer. Glossy, exotic animal leather-like textures combined with jute thread woven sole. A double sole light espadrille-type flip-flops and moccasin-like espadrilles should definitely be in your travel bag.


Thousands of years long espadrille manufacturing traditions, hand-woven ropes of jute, linen, straws, esparto combined with massive platform of rubber foam or wood in „Paloma Barcelo“ collections. Some platforms decorated with woven straw (widespread basket weaving way in Spanish villages) elements.


Espadrilles became an inherent wardrobe attribute. Never-aging, unmanageable by time or the mainstream, they are a true symbol of youth and freedom.

It may be 2017, but in my heart - I am Marie Antoinette

„Luxury items that once belonged to the Queen of France Marie Antoinette will be sold in Paris auction. Rarest and most expensive item available on the auction - a pair of green silk shoes decorated with natural white leather strips. The shoes, straight from the 18th century, worn by Marie Antoinette herself, and later given to one of her servants as a gift.“ – This kind of headline takes you to the 17th century, when fashion was dictated by Marie Antoinette.

Peplum, pebble decorated fittings and buckles, tapestries, subdued but luxurious, noble colors. All of this adapted for today's modern Marie Antoinette.

Today‘s Marie Antoinette does not choose an eclair or a morengue cake for a desert. She drinks a double espresso in a hurry, checks her e-mail and rushes to a work meeting. She is feminine, likes to take her time when she can and enjoy life and its predominant colors.

It seems as if „Strategia“ shoe designers carved out their materials straight from „ELLE décor“ magazine pages, under the theme - Parisian interiors. Royal colors, fabrics, texture and facture almost intertwines in the overall décor and creates a unique mood.


Chie Mihara“ and „Fiori Francesi“ sweeten the retro classics with peplum details. Ruffels became the key point. „Pomme d'Or“  presented a new shape of a ballerina shoe and Marie Antoinette style heels.

Your dress code - black is black. Mine is tropical cocktail in the city.

In the summer wardrobe cocktail - jungle. For several seasons designers experimented and borrowed ideas from men's wardrobes, trying to adapt them to women. However, they now return to what fits them most  - feminine shapes of sandals, decorated with jungle patterns, enchanting and sexy espadrilles, lush and bright colors, exotic plant patterns and leathers. As if femininity and Wildlife dance golden beaches, which ends in the summer.

Almost as femininity and wildlife dance somewhere on golden beaches, where the summer never ends.

The metallic gloss leather and contrast to it - linen bag details. Like concrete and jungle reflection in the city rhythm. This Spring/Summer collection stands out with unexpected textures and color matching.

Of course, colors that dominate in the collections have a significant importance. Spanish designer Chie Mihara in her new collection for women this season offers lush, almost cyclamen-colored sneakers, decorated with flowers. And the Italian „Officine Creative“ and „Le Margo“ Spring and Summer - just like tropical flowers.

Italian „Pomme D'or“, „Ixos“, „Vic Matie“ collections vivified with snake skin and safari patterns.

Mega-form platform

A kind of revolution took place in the footwear fashion world. Although it might seem strange, but classic pointy heels and sandals with high heels almost disappeared this season, as they have been replaced by the platform. From sheathed in skin, to mega-popular velour, raffia, woven details and cork tree, decorated with metallic paint strokes.

Straight down from stages to the streets, and this season even brighter and bolder. Almost as disco costume shapes borrowed from David Bowie, „Space Girls“ or „ABBA“ – platform shoes are as loud as never this season.


Black clothes, but not shoes!

Fashion is a form of pleasure, tempting both its creator and followers. When it turns to the colors of the season, steady, a bit trite „black - timeless classic“ or „feminine and elegant - black & white“ are not avoided.

It‘s often forgotten that the specifics and passion of fashion lie in its color and shape. Such a strong passion lies in minimalist, decorated with only a few leather straps, tiny details or in heels in unexpected colors.

Italian and Spanish fashion coloring, shape, silhouette, expression are rarely associated with minimalist, purified, clear forms and color blocks. However, this season‘s oxymoron „Italian or Spanish minimalism“ bravely sits in the first Spring/Summer collection event row and observes how soon the shelves and the streets will be filled with a range of colors.

When „Pantone“ Color Institute elected quartz pink and sky blue as last year‘s colors, it seems, we all shruged our shoulders, thinking „What should we wear now, what shoes to choose, what interior to create in order to keep up with fashion trends“. But this season you can choose from carnation yellow, powder tone, nutty, Icelandic ice blue, white and silver, fresh green, orange, pink and deep blue as Niagara waterfalls. These colors are most fashionable this Spring/Summer season!

You won‘t do much with one line. Time for stencils!

Stencils, patterns, logomania. Horizontals, verticals and zigzags. This season shoe designers decorate their creations with the help of stencil. From Dadaism-like sketches or recurrent strokes to mathematically precise patterns.

Designer duo Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud modernly interpreted „Madame Carven“ in „Carven“ Spring/Summer collection. Printed with classic „Carven“ fashion house patterns, fabric decoratively combines with leather.

Clean, minimalist sneaker shape combined with classic „Carven“ patterns and decorative pearls and beads. This makes it a duo of past interpretations and contemporary design.


Almost as fluid, marble, plaster or even honeycomb - graphic decorative details that dominate in „“ collection. Like confetti adorned "My Grey" collection, and "Premiata Sneakers" maneuver from classic black and white combination to unexpected variation with cherries (by the way, this is the most fashionable this season decor element!).

Italian „Ink“ and Spanish „Chie Mihara“ trademarks dedicated their collections to summer: from the elements of the nature on the skins to symmetrical lines and streaks, as if borrowed from a retro dress fabric.

Spring/Summer collection of „Primabase“ reminds of graphic art works: from bionics to African tribes, from urban "hipster mood'' to futuristic, reminding of space shuttles.

A few seasons ago inspired by Dadaism Italian „MOMA“ this season, it seems, has been inspired by it once more. „MOMA“ created a footwear collection of new forms and colors.

This season‘s NEWS - McQ by Alexander McQueen. Iconic decor elements such as bright flowers, punk-type metal rivets, laminated leather, romance combined with Gothic - all of this in the new Spring/Summer collection.


How do you see yourself in 5 years?  - All the same, wearing with sneakers.

Sneakers made their way to the heights of fashion and catwalks not so easy. The first combinations of sports shoes and elegant coats or classic costumes had to take an avalanche of criticism, claiming it was anything but stylish and will never take root.
At least a few days after the "haute couture" week ended it was talked about the need of fashion houses to adapt to the whims of the younger generation. Simply put, for a few seasons now, fashion is simpler, less whimsical. And after receiving an invitation to the event of dress code „white tie“ or „black tie“ the client comes wearing sneakers. And her attitude now and after five years, it seems, will remain different from „ladies who lunch“, secretly kicking out from their uncomfortable pointed heels.

According to same shoe designers themselves, fashion posture and statics are no longer relevant today – 21st man appreciates movement. Analogies all over - both in terms of the media's visuality, multi-functionality of fashion, and the body cult. Nothing stands in one place now. No wonder, since this season such brands as „Premiata Sneakers“  turned sneaker into „haute couture“ item. And not necessarily worn with jeans but bravely combined even at weddings.

McQueeen – like antique golden color appeared in this year's collection of sports shoes. As a dedication in honor of the great creator - golden color is combined with a deep and fashion house favorite black. Neoprene combined with aged luster skin, reminds of a past and future dialogue. Very comfortable and exclusive McQueen line of shoes is another novelty in Dolita.

I'll be back later. Get used to it. It‘s +30C by the pool

Let‘s play a little game. When was the last time you thought of what is now in vogue? Perhaps this question was relevant when choosing a coat for fall season? Maybe reviewing next season‘s wardrobe? Or perhaps you were surprised by the fashion magazines with  increasingly appearing photos with models wearing nothing else but beach slippers? And not even with a bathing suit, but with dresses, jeans, suits or even a coat! Did you unintentionally, a bit sarcastically shrugged your shoulders and asked yourself „is this going to trendy now?“

As whimsical and conceptual fashion is, sometimes we wish we could just watch it from the side. As if there was no more desire to look different, follow the trend, look for something undiscovered, unexpected. To wear ripped jeans, oversize blouse, or just a silk dress and cover your shoulders with a colorful raincoat for a cool evening to... and replace sandals with a more comfortable option - slippers. And watch from the side, almost not (not) to be in vogue. Today's fashion chaos looks just like this.

To bring together what is incompatible, to feel comfortable, but mega-stylish. Solution - summer slippers moved straight from the pool side or sand beaches to the streets of the city.

„“ designer, as said by himself, made a tribute to aesthetics of comfort and charm of this season. His season woman runs through water. Designer decorates classic sole slippers with holographic, soap bubble like beads. Even ski shoe soles turn into surreal sandals decorated with woven rope.


„Logan“ starts this season with a completely new inspiration, shape and color. Polka-dots appear in their designs. Polyurethane, perforated leather, soft and easy rubber – a comfort guarantee. Very fashionable this season - green, black-and-white and orange combinations used to create a modern leisure image.

It is interesting to see that such an approach to the present day fashion and image is a fatigue of the whole industry caused by the enormous speed of change. Minimalism is being replaced by „more is more“, and „more is more“ – by a more recent description – „normcore“ or just a normal, non-binding fashion trend that takes commonness and convenience over the permanent fashion whims.

I admit – at the beginning of one more season when new collection appears on the shelves, not the themes of collections or trends but the artifice, creativity and imagination of designers are often what I recall. Starting with bizarre decorations, shapes, colors and finishing with a smile posing solutions, which I once rated with a light irony, and now I want to wear them in a hurry running with a cup of coffee through the city streets.

Spring/Summer by Dolita - time for your fantasies!

This and more available here .

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