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A dialogue between leather and rubber

Rubber has a soul. Bold? Yes. Designers of the "O.X.S." brand used this exact motto and vision when creating their new line which they named "O.X.S. Rubber Soul". It seemingly grew out of the limited edition capsule collection and became its own brand, recognized by fashion critics and stylists as one of the most innovative and successful brands that has introduced completely new design techniques.

Rubber has a soul. It is alive. The name is not only a play of letters – it has a clear meaning with rubber ahead of it. And, in this case, rubber becomes not only an integral part of the collection and is used in the production process, but also blends with leather in a way that seemingly gives birth to a beautiful dialogue between leather and rubber.

O.X.S Rubber Soul installation 

The handiwork of shoe makers, their love for footwear and precision, new technologies and the ingenuity of designers enable to present traditionally viewed leather in different ways. When rubber is heated in a certain temperature, it becomes a liquid, viscous mixture, into which shoes are dipped. When a shoe is coated with rubber, it does not lose its form, but instead takes on a new and unfamiliar one. Both shoes of the same pair will never be identical – they are like newly born works of art. The physical characteristics of rubber and the originality of footwear manufacturers are the culprits of such uniqueness.

"It is a particularly close connection. It is how a unique "O.X.S. Rubber Soul" pair is born, where two poles seemingly speak and connect with each other". – state the representatives of the brand.

O.X.S Rubber Soul 

Authenticity. It is characterized not only by the fact that each pair is both the same and different, but also by the fact that these shoes have hand-certified markings. The serial numbers of handmade shoes are marked on the shoe itself, on the shoe box or on the shoe bag. The asymmetrical bumps and bends of rubber seemingly reflect the incomplete production process when casting rubber. Such was the idea of the designers to make each shoe pair unique.

O.X.S Rubber Soul part from collection

Installation in the showroom

O.X.S Rubber Soul showroom

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